This Week in Elder News: 26 April 2008
Retirement Quandaries Redux

Interim Report: The TGB Elderbloggers Survey

Thanks to so many of you who have blogged or emailed friends about The TGB Elderblogger Survey, responses are coming in at a satisfying clip. Hundreds of them.

The survey is still open, so there are no final numbers or conclusions yet, but one of the trends that interests me is how well educated elderbloggers are. More than 32 percent, so far, are college graduates, and an equal number hold advanced degrees.

In a peek into our technology use, an astonishing 45 percent taught themselves how to use a computer; 50 percent have been keeping a blog for three or more years and 68 percent do their banking online.

That’s just a tease and there are four more days until the survey closes at midnight eastern U.S. time on Thursday, 1 May, so those numbers can still change.

If you have not taken the survey, please do and please also pass on the link to any other elders you know.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the survey.


So what it's saying so far is that we're not as dumb as Mark Zuckerberg thinks we are. I still think he needs a good spanking. LOL

Banking online is too scary for me because of all the reported thefts & hacking into bank & other records....I do shop online so maybe I'm kidding myself?

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