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This Week in Elder News: 19 April 2008

Items From Crabby Old Lady's Blog Notebook

Crabby Old Lady has a few things on her mind she’s been meaning to say. They each don’t warrant a complete post or, more likely, she can’t work up the steam for a full post, so here’s a list:

ITEM: One of the pleasures of writing primarily for elders is they understand historical references or know how to look them up. A young reader emailed about yesterday’s post asking who Joe McCarthy is and why Crabby hadn’t explained.

ITEM: Years ago, Crabby stopped listening to President Bush’s speeches (she reads the texts online) because his vocal sneer along with his generally scornful attitude toward the citizenry - as though he thinks we are all idiots who can’t understand all the important things he knows - enrages her. Now she is beginning to feel similarly about Hillary Clinton. The senator’s condescending tone toward Senator Obama when she speaks of him, and her schoolmarm lecture style of speechmaking are becoming as irritating as Bush’s sneer.

ITEM: Some of the elitism charges against Senator Obama from the punditry seem to be directed at the fact that he speaks in complete sentences and paragraphs, and allows his intelligence to show. Maybe the punditry believes that after eight years of Bushisms, we the public have lost our ability to think.

ITEM: The digs and “jokes” about Senator McCain’s age will only become more frequent and poisonous when the general election campaign gets underway. Although they are unfair to McCain, Crabby is thinking now that in the long run this will be good for elders’ place in the culture as it will provide a reason for a wider discussion of aging, ageism and age discrimination.

ITEM: How could our government believe democracy could be exported to other countries when they can’t even run our own elections fairly and, in the past eight years, keep ignoring or undermining the Constitution? Is Crabby the only one who, as an American citizen, finds this embarrassing?

ITEM: Food riots around the world. Unaffordable gasoline. A war that never ends. A global water shortage. Trillions owed by the U.S. to China. Arab countries buying up American businesses and real estate. Maybe Tim LaHaye is right – it’s the end times. The only good thing Crabby’s heard lately is that Alberto Gonzales can’t find a job.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Nancy Leitz explains the circumstances behind Why I Can’t Go to the Library Anymore.]


Thanks, Crabby, for publishing things that nag on my last nerve, too!!!

Campaign rhetoric, as it always does, has descended into sound bite-sized yapping. Every utterance we will hear from any candidate between now and Election Day has already been summarized in this sonnet from e.e. cummings.

“next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims’ and so forth oh
say can you see by the dawn’s early my
country ’tis of centuries come and go
and are no more what of it we should worry
in every languagE. E.ven deafanddumb
thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
iful than these heroic happy dead
who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
they did not stop to think they died instead
then shall the voice of liberty be mute?”

He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water

You say it so very well, Ronni.

Bravo, Crabby. I think I need an alter ego just like you.

I agree with all of your irritations, Ronni, and would add: TV newsmen that have an opportunity to ask meaningful questions of the candidates and focus on irrelevant 'gotchas' instead. George Stephanopolis and Charlie Gibson should hang their heads in shame.

Right on. I agree with them and coincidentally even wrote on one today for my own blog.

I agree with Darlene. The moderators used the debate as a vehicle to sandbag Obama. It was a full 45 minutes before they asked any questions pertaining to the candidates' policy issues. If this is an example of the quality and objectivity of ABC's news, they just lost a viewer. I'll watch the nightly news on some other network.

He can't? How nice.

I've voting democratic.....which ever you get. I'm ignoring the speaches. IU'm struggling to stand at work so the issue is do I take pain meds or not....I no longer care beyond the pain. No time to be crabby here, just living with a vastly shrunk focus.

Are you saying that McCarthyism isn't mentioned in schools anymore?

I can't listen to President Bush anymore either. It's just too awful.

I think I'll go have a little lie down.

My most recent post concerned the debate questions also. I think many of us were on a wavelength! Crabby, you are so right about Hillary's "schoolmarm lecture style," etc. I'm becoming concerned at this point because of news today about the AP-Yahoo News poll results released Thursday, showing McCain in "a tie with the two Democratic presidential contenders a few months after Republicans faced a steep disadvantage." But at least it said 2/3 of the respondents have "grown disenchanted with President Bush despite voting for him in 2004." Guess they are feeling crabby, too.

Oh, boy, how I do agree. especially about Hillary and her condescending tones. ICK!

You are so right about Obama!

I don't like McCain, but it bothers me a lot that people are making such as issue out of his age.

I hope that you are right and that it leads to "a wider discussion of aging, ageism and age discrimination."

Could almost hear the gruffness of Crabby Lady's voice in this post. As always, I love a good "get it off the chest" sort of post.

I couldn't stand to hear Bush's voice even when he was the guv. Not just his voice, his dysfunctional behavior and attitudes were a dead ringer for my ex. Any time Bush came on TV or the radio, I had to immediately turn it off, because it put my stomach in knots. Imagine trying to deal with PTSD from an abusive relationship and having that bozo remind me of why I left that relationship day after day. The only good that came from it is that I knew better than to trust Bush from the start--his twisted words and actions were just a continuation of the nightmare.

Nowadays, I look at Bush and think, "Karma will inevitably catch up with you." Have you noticed how shriveled and ill he looks? All the money and power in the world can't wash away his war and domestic crimes--he is full of poison.

A little over the top, maybe, but my gut reaction to the man tells me everything.

Crabby - I fill just that...when I saw the lavish wedding and all the money that Ivan Trump spent on her wedding to a man 20 years younger, my mind left politics for a moment and thought - how silly!! 20 years younger - like that is going to last - ha ha - and that kind of money could have helped God knows how many poor people with basic needs. As for this never ending campaign...I liked Hillary and felt she could be great for this country and then I started to read your blog and now I am wondering. As for Obama - I have fear for his life. I hope if he makes it - he has a great vp choioce.

Crabby -- Just found your blog and feel you are a great model for many of us crabby old ladies. Older folks are missing out on a whole new culture because many don't even know what how to turn on a computer let alone know what a blog is. I think this division of computer/non-computer users makes it difficult for folks in general to realize that there are smart cookies out there, like you crabby old lady, in the aging population. Your blog is so out there! -- Barbara

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