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Mrs. Hughes - Take Two

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Today is the last day The TGB Elderblogger Survey is open. If you haven't taken it yet, you have until midnight eastern U.S. time to participate. I'll begin posting results next Monday.]

Posts this week, although important, have been long and heavy-going and I think we need to lighten up. If you’re familiar with Mrs. Hughes, you know the treat you’re in for in the video below. If you haven’t seen her before, prepare to laugh a lot.

You can also check out the previous video and the TGB Interview Mrs. Hughes was kind enough to spend time doing with me. And at her website is a list of upcoming live performances.

This video is from Mrs. Hughes’ recent appearance on CBS-TV's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The first minute or so is a reprise of part of her first video, but hang in; all the rest is new material (5:11 minutes).


She's great! Pasadena's Ice House, on Mother's Day -- maybe I should try to go there.

Oh, thank you so much!!! Mom and I laughed till we cried. It certainly improved our moods.

She's a hoot. I enjoyed the video very much and look forward to sharing it with my wife this evening.



Thanks for the video of Mrs. OOOOOs, as they say in France. She is very funny.

I especially liked the part about the gang who went to the IHOP after Weight Watchers.......

What a great way to start the day! I fwd. this to a bunch of friends who I know will enjoy it. Thanks Ronni! Dee

Thanks so much for making me laugh..
I suspect we all need more to laugh about...
She's fantastic and I plan to send this to my old as well as young friends...

It's good to lighten up. :) She's fun!


I love that dame!

I saw her on the Craig Ferguson show. She is funny. Time ran out on him the first night she was scheduled, so he brought her back the next night. It meant staying up past my bedtime two nights in a row, but she was worth it.

Amen to all the Thanks! I sure needed something funny -- starting out the day with NPR is *so* not a good idea ;-

I love her....Thanks, Ronni!!!

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