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This Week in Elder News: 3 May 2008

In this regular weekend feature you will find links to news items from the preceding week related to elders and aging, along with whatever else catches my fancy that I think you might like to know. Suggestions are welcome with, however, no promises of publication.

Jon Stewart surpassed himself this week on The Daily Show with his take (or, more accurately, take-down) of the media frenzy surrounding the Reverend Wright / Barack Obama issue. (8:36 minutes)

When I was packing up my New York apartment in 2006, I turned in $1200 in coins at the bank. A nice, little windfall for me but, as it turns out, all those jars of change we keep add up to $10 billion. And because coins are minted from non-renewable resources, we’re contributing to otherwise unnecessary mining, refining and shipping. So turn in your coins and feel good about being a little bit more green. (Hat tip to Kay of Letter From New England)

Certainly you’ve noticed which direction the stock market has been heading in the past year or so. Now imagine that the Social Security privatization plan President Bush tried to foist on us three years ago were in effect now and Americans had invested a portion of their Social Security fund in the market. Aren’t you glad we defeated Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security? Read more at entitledtoknow.com.

Dr. William H. Thomas, who was the subject of a two-part TGB Interview last fall and who blogs at Changing Aging, is an extraordinarily good and influential advocate for elders. I consider his book, What Are Old People For?, one of my personal bibles on aging. Anyone who is old, getting old, knows old people or is concerned with issues of aging in terms of our culture, public policy and politics needs to read this book.

But maybe, like me, you already have too many unread books stacked up. If so, at FORA.tv, there is at a lecture Dr. Thomas gave at the Chautauqua Institution last summer that covers some of the high points of the book. It’s long, worth every minute of your time and Dr. Thomas’s enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. If you don’t have time to view it now, do come back later to watch it.


Before you do that, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT: I am pleased and excited that Dr. Thomas has agreed to become The TGB Geriatrician. Because there are already too few geriatricians in the U.S. and the number of elders will increase dramatically over the coming decades, I'm convinced that we ourselves must take more personal responsibility for our health by educating ourselves and working in collaboration with our physicians who may not have a lot of experience with elder medicine. Dr. Thomas is going to help us do that.

Beginning later this month, his column will appear twice monthly at Time Goes By covering such topics as the myths of aging, exercise, medications, supplements, adaptation to changes, how our bodies age, and our minds, and much more. And as long as you keep it to general topics and not your personal health problems, you will have an opportunity to suggest health issues Dr. Thomas might tackle for us.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to learn from one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and visionary aging experts in the world - and, a guy who really likes old people.

So that's even more reason to make time to watch this video - to get to know Dr. Thomas a little better because he's going to be here at Time Goes By regularly. The video is also available at the FORA.tv website (1:19:47 minutes).


Marvelous idea, and congratulations on inducing Dr Thomas to join you. (Alas! Following repeated attempts to download the Flash Player update, I am unable to view the videos. I think the issue is with the security system that I have installed.

I'm looking forward to having Dr. Thomas adding to our information regarding aging. His book is one of my favorites so I know hearing him speak will be time well spent.

I really like this Saturday round-up.


Just one more comment: that clip from the Daily Show was priceless. We don't get Jon Stewart on cable. This inspires me to check and see if I can watch it on the internet.

Dear Ronni and Dr. Thomas, what a wonderful extension this will be to TGB. Thank you Dr. Thomas for agreeing to help us increase our knowledge about aging.

I also have Dr. Thomas' book on my night stand. He is so informative and I have learned so much from his writings. I am looking forward to his columns. I enjoyed the video and thank you for including it.

I love John Stewart. To be able to point out the idiocy of government policies and politicians with such humor is a true art.

Your column is my first morning read. I will look forward to even more information on elder issues with Dr. Thomas.


Cop Car - I have the same problems with Flash Player.

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