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Maya’s Granny: Joycelyn Ward

There was a different post planned for today. It can wait because now we must instead celebrate the life of Maya’s Granny, also known as Joycelyn Ward.

Note the spelling of her first name. She gently admonished me – as well she should - a couple of years ago when I addressed an email to her as Jocelyn.

On Sunday, Joycelyn died of a heart attack. She had undergone quintuple bypass surgery in February and moved from Alaska to California to retire. But she never fully recovered from the surgery and a couple of subsequent falls that injured her.

Joycelyn was one of the best storytellers in the elder blogosphere. There are so many terrific tales on her blog that you can choose at random from her archive and find something you will enjoy. As she posted on her banner:

“This is where I share the wisdom that a granny, as an elder of the tribe, accumulates in her journey through life. The reach of my mind is wide, sometimes even a little deep. Sometimes, like Whitman, I contradict myself. Sometimes I wax eloquent. Sometimes I fall on my face. Why not do it in public?”

She certainly didn’t fall on her face when she appeared here as a guest blogger when I was out of town for a week in 2007, contributing Waking Up Sixty, which attracted a ton of comments.

Her daughter has a left a note at Maya’s Granny and her son-in-law has posted a charming remembrance on his blog.

Here is the photo from her banner - Joycelyn with young Maya of her blog’s name.


[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lia shows us how easily, sometimes, a secret can be revealed in Sparks.]


I never read Joycelyn's blog.
I never got to know her.
But I will read her past entries
and probably gain some much needed wisdom from them for my continued journey through this life.
This early morning I send thoughts of comfort to her family.
I know she is deeply loved and will be missed.

That is sad news. Rest in peace, Joycelyn.

I am so glad that Joycelyn's words will stay with us. We will miss her very much.

One of the things I hate most about growing old is that one keeps losing people one likes. I enjoyed Joycelyn immensely and will miss her wisdom. May a gracious and loving God grant her peace.

It was sad news about her death and I feel real sympathy for her family's loss. As we readers followed her struggles to overcome the damage to her heart, I know we hoped for the best. For me, I felt it has been another reminder to enjoy each day and live for the moment as none of us know how long we will have.

That is such sad news. Rest in peace Joycelyn.

The beginning and end of one's life is to draw closer to the fire.
Old Irish saying

Thank you, Ronni, for the very nice tribute and for letting your readers know. Many good thoughts to Joycelyn's family today.

As I read your post today, Ronni, I found myself having the same thoughts that Kay expressed.

A week from today, I turn 62. I really don't mind my own aging so much. It's the family and friends who are gone forever that hurt—a couple of very close friends in particular who have died in the last 3-4 years.

Why do the phone calls always come in the middle of the night? Apparently 3:00 am isn't just depressing; it's lethal as well.

Thanks for the tribute, Ronni. Sad news indeed. She will be missed....

Death is as much a part of life as is birth, but it's the sad part. I send my heartfelt condolences to Jocelyn's family and friends.

Thank you for a lovely tribute to my mom. I miss her terribly. This bloggy community meant so very much to her.

Thank you for this tribute, Ronni. I always enjoyed Joycelyn's blogs. She led such an interesting life! I'm going to miss her blogs.

Thanks for posting this sad news for all to see.
I have been a regular reader of MG's blog for a long time now and knew she was fading fast but when I checked her blog I was not prepared for the shock of losing Joycelyn.

She was a talented writer and an authentic individual who shared her life and times with all of us through her blog.

Rest in peace.

Thank you so much for this. I'm so sorry.

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