This Week in Elder News: 19 July 2008
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A Crabby Old Lady Complains (Again)

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Anyone who has sent an email that needs a response between about last Tuesday and Friday – please resend because it is no longer in my possession. I do have all new contributions for The Elder Storytelling Place.]

Having spent the majority of Saturday and way too much of Sunday recovering from some corrupted email files that required finding and setting up a whole new email program while trying to transfer data before the old program crashed her computer again, Crabby Old Lady is now behind in her regularly-scheduled, household tasks and feeling sour about it all.

It seems a good time, before her bad mood wears off entirely, to air a couple of other irritations.

ITEM 1: If you have a commercial product or service of any kind, you are not welcome to promote it in the comments of Time Goes By.

Crabby is not talking about normal, usually automated, spam that all bloggers are too familiar with. She means troglodytes who post their advertisements in the guise of comments: “Your blog is very interesting. I'm sure your readers would like my new book, 'How to Stay Young Until Hell Freezes Over'. Click here to purchase.”

These fatheads read just enough to see that their product somewhat relates the readership of TGB but not enough to know that Crabby would, in many cases, find the product abhorrent. Their scribbling in the comments amounts to spray painting graffiti on the walls of Crabby’s home. It is rude, inconsiderate and the sales pitches are always deleted as soon as Crabby sees them.

If you have a product or service you think would be of interest, send an email. Crabby almost never writes about commercial products/services/websites, and then usually when she has discovered them herself or they have been recommended by someone she knows and trusts.

But if you want to try, here’s a hint: do not, in your email, tell Crabby where she can purchase the product to read or try out.

ITEM 2: If you want your blog to be included on the Elderbloggers List, it is good to consider saying more in your email than “I have a blog and I’m older than 50. Put me on the list” or “Here’s my blog. How do I get it on the list?”

Crabby Old Lady is always looking for good elderblogs to add and appreciates suggestions, but inclusion is not a right and it cannot be demanded. The list is Crabby’s blogroll which she considers to be personal recommendations. Each listing has been vetted according to her criteria and standards:

  • The blog must be written by someone age 50 or older
  • It must be at least three months old
  • New entries must be posted at least once a week
  • It must be reasonably well-written
  • It must be designed to be easy to read and navigate. (Blogs designed with light text on a dark background are never included)

So if you’ve got a blog, please make sure it meets these criteria. You might want to tell Crabby something about the blog in your email too. Maybe participate in TGB for awhile first. Although it’s never a requirement, you might have already linked to Time Goes By from your blog. And, you could even try being pleasant in your email note.

Until now, Crabby Old Lady has responded to the people who fall into this category with (relatively) polite explanations, but the increased volume lately is taking too much of her time and any such missives will, henceforth, be deleted without a response.

Thank you for your time. Crabby will now try to catch up on her household chores.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ellen Younkins has poem just about anyone can relate to, The Kitchen Blues.]


Those things ARE very annoying and not just for you. Most people find them annoying.

On my little bloglist if I don't read your blog regularly, you don't get in. As for advertising thinly disguised as a comment- it just get's deleted.

Your readership is so much larger than mine and therefore you get a much larger share of the annoying things. To deal with this stuff is the work of a minute. Is that the price one pays for a greater readership?

Re Item 2: I can understand it’s annoying as all-get-out, but I think you can also take it as a great compliment, Ronni. Your blog is so helpful to so many and so well done, that people tend to start thinking of it as a Public Service! It may be in the public domain, but people forget it’s your private blog. (Maybe that’s what happened with Dr. Ron Evans.) You can make whatever rules you want! It’s all YOURS! People need to remember that.

I'm still working on the weekly post requirement. Then I'll meet all your criteria for consideration for inclusion in your Elderblogger List.

ouch, ouch, ouch. You tell em girl! (I'm glad I'm here already:-)

Nothing can ruin my day quicker than computer problems.

If I ever chose a companion that person would have to do two things:
1. Cook
2: Be a computer expert

As for trying to use your blog to advertise on, Ronni. That is just downright tacky.

When I get those spams masquerading as comments, I delete them fast! I know you hate getting them as much as we all do.

By the way.... The fact that you post an entry almost every day is an inspiration

It's amazing to me to see how many hucksters are out there trying to make a buck off someone else's work. There's the comment spammers that bombard your site with links to cheap insurance and casino gambling -- I've had over 1,000 of those just in the past month! Then there are the flaks trying to get you to flog their merchandise for them, such as Ronni mentions today.

What makes me the maddest are those that have the audacity to try to link via my comments to sites that have stolen my content! What brass!

Nikki has a good point. When a site such as Time Goes By becomes popular and authoritative, some people start looking at it as a commodity, something that it is their right to manipulate and take advantage of as they will. They seem to forget that the site is run and OWNED by a flesh-and-blood person whose work and perseverance allows them to enjoy it every day.

I am honored that my blog got added here'way back when' before their were such issues. Your blog is so popular that you will be faced with lots of spam and people trying to get their products out to others. These computers and the blogdom are wonderful...but a pain to maintain!

Crabby-The comments you mention ARE spam. There was a long and interesting discussion on the blog of one of the gurus about it. I don't know what kind of anti-spam ware typepad uses, but definitely add those comments to the spam heap.

And it still amazes me to find my blog over there in the sidebar. :)

You kill me Crabby. I just love ya. But...I agree with every point...and you have a right to make them. Household chores? You are a better crabby old lady than I am. ~Joy xo


These are not normal spam. These are book authors (usually), sometimes commercial websites with blogs and some others who troll the blogosphere looking for sites to advertise their books, websites, etc.

If there weren't so many of them, I'd feel sorry for the poor dears spending their nights click, click, clicking to find places that sort of fit their topic and then trying to write comments that sound like real comments but are really ads.

When I've answered them explaining how rude they are, they become oh-so-innocent. "Oh, I thought that was what comments were for" or "Well, you're depriving your readers of something they would want" etc. etc.

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