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This Week in Elder News: 12 July 2008

A Few Short Notes on Friday

Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles sent in her quarterstaff photo. You can see it here.

Regular readers know Darlene Costner from her stories at The Elder Storytelling Place and her many cogent comments around the blogosphere. Now she has taken the leap with her own blog, Darlene's Hodgepodge. Do stop by and give her a welcome hug.

The new Excellence in Storytelling Award poll is open for voting through next Wednesday at The Elder Storytelling Place. You’ll find it in the right sidebar. Please do vote.

The Retirement Survey is also still open. You’ll find information and links here.

That’s it today. Some recent email complaints and a couple of disheartening comments yesterday in regard to the content choices at Time Goes By and The Elder Storytelling Place have left me discouraged, dispirited and weary. It's enough to make an old lady want leave off writing anything but the daily meal report...

BREAKFAST: Cereal with fresh raspberries and skim milk
LUNCH: Arugula salad with honey/balsamic dressing
DINNER: One pint of Haagen-Dazs...

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Celia Jones tells us about a special piece of family clothing in Where Did You Hide My Hat?]


Please, please cheer up! And take courage! Your blog is a pleasant oasis in a morass of self-absorbed ninnies! And complaints? It's your blog, after all, and you have the right to post what you d**n well please. You have many faithful readers who are delighted with the subject matter of your posts, me included.

Although I didn't feel it appropriate to comment on your breasts post, I enjoyed reading it and the comments, even if I could only empathize. I never could understand fellow males' fixation on the female breast!

In regard to your discouragement, I encourage you to persevere. You can only please some of the people some of the time and not all of the people all of the time. Your blog, your topics, and your comments always are pleasing to me. Take heart and keep your skin thick--a must do when in the public eye.

Hmm? Arugula at noon? Sounds to me like the Haagen Dazs was already in the planning stage.

Never forget - Non illegitimus carborundum!

Good Morning Ronni,

Sorry you feel discouraged today. Please remember how much we all love you and Time Goes By.

You are the first thing I look at when I go to my computer each day and you are usually so upbeat and full of good info and opinions.

I hope you feel better as the day goes on and you hear from more and more of us who care about you.

How dare they? It's YOUR blog. Tacky at least -- more probably incredibly rude. Don't let 'em get to ya, Ronni! If you do, they win and we can't have that, can we?

P.S. Maybe it's something in the air. I had a pint of Ben and Jerry's for supper last night -- Cherry Garcia! Yum! And ain't it grand to be single?

Ronni Please do not be discouraged.
I look to you for encouragement, information and morning smiles.
You are appreciated and loved.
Please carry on and tune out the crazies.
I am totally out of it this morning.
Bad Chinese lunch to celebrated soninlaws grandmother's 100th birthday.
Too lengthy to go into. But I sat next to her and it was like we were one. I saw her beauty and elegance in this aging body. I saw her discomfort at silly cards and people she did not know. She welcomed my stroking her shoulders and talking with her. I seemed to notice much that no one else did. I have been shaken every since to the core of my being.
The tears will not leave and I have a condition where I do not have many tears.
Hopefully in my last years there will be one person who listens and truly cares with compassion.

I thought you might get some comments about the "boob" article. LOL I personally enjoyed it! I guess if George Carlin said the "7 Dirty Words"on national television, you are allowed to say "tittie" in your own Blog! :-)

I remember when you said you were going to quit the blog sometime last year. I also remember the MANY of us who begged you to continue!!

Don't let the bast--ds get you down! We must tell our truths as elders in this world that is filled with lies and deceit. What are a few titties next to the monumental lies that kill innocent people that are told every day by our government? This blog is a stand for freedom and truth. Hold that banner high!

Dear Ronni,
As George Carlin often pointed out - words are comprehended according to usage and background. In Britain (in my younger days) a baby's pacifier was called a "dummy teat or tit" so as a young mother when I came to the U.S. I had a big problem. I went to every Drug store in town asking for a "dummy tit" and was met by strange looks from every one. When a kind person finally told me the "proper term" was a "nipple" I was horrified at such a vulgar term. I could give you many more examples of words with different connotations but some would not be aproved. Keep up the good work. I read you every day. Ta-ta from Annsophie.

An executive secretary would be of use here. The person could weed out the crap and pass along the worthy.

"Crap" and "worthiness" is in the eyes of the reader. I don't think we elders need censors of any sort. We've earned the right to tell our truth.

It is funny, but I recently read an article about commenting. In this case it was how to comment on an article whose opinions you do not agree with. There were three rules to follow: present a constructive argument (i.e. don't make personal, don't whine, don't insult), take the high road and not ride on you high horse, question your reasons from voicing your opinion.

We don't necessarily only want to hear comments from readers in agreement with us, but neither do we want to have to put up with people sticking a wrench in our creative gears.

It's your party, Ronni, you can darn well do what you want here.

Sorry you are feeling discouraged. On a similar vein, I read the blog for the comic strip, 'For Better or Worse, where there is a coffee talk' site. Some of those women come down on Lynn (creator of the strip) for every choice with the characters that they don't like. It seems they want to mold her creative impulses to suit themselves.

Not saying that same thing is true here, but I have seen it true for my own writing that I can't please everyone every time (sometimes I make some really mad).

To me, a good blog is like a smorgasbord. A lot is there and not every entry will please every reader. So be it. Write what you feel good about and let the readers choose what pleases them, don't let anybody else limit your creative juices because what that person didn't like might be exactly what someone else needs.

Hi Dear Ronni........don't take any of that personally. Or seriously. You know how I feel about your blog as part of my day.

So thanks for being there for all of us.

With all the crazy things going on in the world I found it refreshing to read your funny post about breasts. I thought it was a hoot!

When I read what you had for dinner "I had a pint.... the first thing I thought of was "a pint of liquor." omgn!!

Thank goodness it was a pint of ice cream.

Not a bad idea on a hot summer night!

We love you, keep on keeping on!!!

I wanted to let you know that your blog led me to a new career choice. I'm 57 and after reading your posts I investigated geriatric care manager programs and enrolled at my local community college and just finished by first course.

I find your ability to support the larger "elder" community very self less and very helpful. For example, yesterday I went to the photos you have posted of people's work spaces. There I found -- a truly inspirational site of an astonishing women and lately her family since she just passed away. They chronicle her health decline passionately. Maya's granny's writing before she became ill are remarkable stories. I hope her family publishes her blog.

Without you I wouldn't have found that site or a new excitement about our elder world.

Thank you for representing the entire community and not just yourself. I find that inspirational.

Wow - I go away from email for a few hours to get some work done and look what happens.

Aren't you all kind, but I don't want to make too big a deal of this. That my mouth still hurt yesterday from some dental work done earlier in the week, my back was killin' me, the weather was what is more suitable to southern Louisiana and workmen across the street had a noisy generator growling all day probably had something to do with my bad mood.

You know, it's not that there shouldn't be disagreement in comments - that's what makes it all interesting. It's that 99 percent of the time over five years at TGB, people have commented following Lilalia's rules above and I take a little pride in having set the tone for the civil discourse that goes on here.

And Annsophie - that's one of the funniest Brit/US language misunderstandings I've heard in a long time.

Thank you all. You're wonderful.

Thank you so very much, Ronni, for mentioning my blog. I was overwhelmed at the response and have been busy posting in my own blog so am tardy today in visiting yours.

I wondered how so many wonderful people had found my blog and now I know. You are such a sweetheart.

If it weren't for you I would never have had the courage to tackle a blog. You are a great inspiration to so many of us. Don't let the sourpusses get to you. Consider the source; some people are so narrow that they lose their sense of humor. Your blog on 'titties' was even informative. I learned how to enjoy the comfort of going bra-less. Sticky tape on those offending nipples ; ) will solve the problem.

We will both keep writing what we please and if others don't agree they know where the delete button is. Again, thank you.

Dear Ronni;

Sounds like a balanced diet to me!

Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog immensely.

I do believe I was misunderstood. At least by Gary. When I said a secretary could weed out the "crap" and pass on the "worthy", I meant that it could be used by Ronni with regards to her incoming e-mails (not the posted comments). In any event, it was meant to be an expression of commiseration. I know it's not going to be done.

Sorry to have mistaken your comment. I was just feeling the injustice of those who disapprove of our postings and I got a little carried away. Mea culpa.

Kindly done, Gary. You've got class.

Tell the dissenters and/or dissidents to take a hike.
And please keep up your good work.

Perfect dinner choice when you're feeling like this...and we all do sometimes. All these commenters, thinking, contemplative, confident in elderhood...these are readers to be valued. Your writing is excellent. I turn to it daily.

Remember Ronni that people's comments say something about them and very little about you.
I don't agree with everything you say but I enjoy reading you every day you post and admire your creativity.

Maybe you should make a new rule whereby you will only address complaints when they're submitted in the Comments. As long as people can email you with their little complaints, behind the scenes, they will. Let's face it - some people are just small-minded. But if they knew their complaint wouldn't be responded to until it was public, maybe they would keep it to themselves.

Or maybe not. I don't know. You just can't let 'em get you down. Just keep doing what you're doing. And do it YOUR way. It's YOUR blog.

By the way... I picked our first crop of raspberries a couple of days ago. Yippee!

I know how it feels for someone to knock you down with their comments, Just please know that we, your readers, are more than happy to read your thought provoking posts. And p**h on the others...

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