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Announcement: Retirement Survey

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Even though he thinks it's too messy for public consumption, newly-listed elderblogger, Mike Nichols of Anxiety, Panic & Health, sent in a photo of his blog workspace for the Where Elders Blog feature. How about some of the rest of you who haven't done this yet? And quarterstaff photos too.]

Web searches for various phrases about and including “retirement” return hundreds of thousands of results of which a majority is advice on financial planning for later years primarily aimed at younger workers. Many of the rest are for websites of (usually expensive) retirement communities not infrequently containing the word “active.”

And while news stories abound in regard to workers remaining employed past standard retirement age and, conversely, retiring early, trustworthy statistics are hard to come by.

So I have constructed our own retirement survey. Like the previous survey on elder use of technology and blogging, the results will not be scientifically valid against the U.S. or any other population. But it will give us a sense of retirement in relation to elders who enjoy reading and producing blogs.

It is really three different surveys, one for three different conditions of retirement and you need complete only one. These surveys, for people age 50 and older only, are much shorter than the tech/blog survey – it will take no more than two or three minutes to finish.

The surveys are anonymous. You will not be asked for your name, email address or any other personally identifiable information. The surveys will remain open until 12 midnight, eastern U.S. time on 18 July 2008, and results will appear here on three successive days during the week of 21 July.

As during the last survey, I’ve prepared a little graphic. If you would like to help get as many respondents as possible, you are welcome to post it on your blog and link it to this page. Or, you could write a short post linking to this page. (You can’t link directly to the survey from the badge because there are three different ones.)

Here are links to the three surveys. Choose the one that applies to you, and enjoy.

Currently Retired

Not Retired

Retired, Then Returned to Work

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Granny Annie recalls a most embarrassing moment in Hair Today, Hair Gone – Today.]


Thanks, Ronni. This sounds interesting. I am promoting it on "Never too Late!" I'll eagerly await the results.

I've got it up on my two blogs.

Ronni, I tried to do the "not retired yet" questionaire and it went over to the "already retired" questionaire. You have to put a done button on the bottom, or allow me to press done on the next page without filling in those questions about retirement.

Also, the question about having to sell a house on retirement on includes people who actually own a home. There are some of us who don't.


I've checked the link and it goes to the correct survey. You must have clicked the wrong link by a slip of the mouse. I've put spaces between the links now to make it easier.

And you're right about the housing question. I've removed the "required answer" part.

Hi there. Thank you for listing my blog in with the other elders. I'll check through some of the others when I have a bit of time.

Took the survey.
Just wanted to let you know that your site is still not remembering my personal info.
I made sure I checked the remember me box also.

Oh and I checked out some photos of where *we* blog.
Have to go buy some paint and new curtains before I let anyone see *my spot.* LOL


I removed the check mark in the remember box and type my personal info each time because it was appearing on other sites as well.
Not sure why, but I'm not certain I want that to happen.

lalalia makes a good point. A huge issue for some of us pondering retirement is (in my opinion anyway) the status of our mortgages.

For whatever reasons, many of us will continue to have mortgage or rental payments well into our retirement years. Maybe a subsequent survey can capture data like this. I have a very modest condo, but my payment still comes to ~$1000 a month till I'm 87. That takes a chunk out of social security and significantly impacts retirement planning.

The Currently Retired link returns me to this page. No questionnaire.

I took the survey though guess it's past the closing date. Oh well, I tried.

I spoke too soon on an earlier post about my personal info being remembered as it is forgotten again.

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