This Week in Elder News: 5 July 2008
Announcement: Retirement Survey

Weekend Blog Changes

The long holiday weekend gave me an opportunity to do a little housekeeping around the ol’ blog homestead.

Elderbloggers List
It’s been a long time since I last updated the Elderbloggers List on the left sidebar. The bookmarks have been piling up and some people became impatient enough to have sent email inquiries about when new additions might appear. Mea culpa.

A number of the blogs I had marked have disappeared or been abandoned, which is why I generally wait until new elderblogs are at least three months old before listing them. A few have not posted in a long while, so I’ve added only those with regular, up-to-date entries. A handful of others are designed with light text on a dark background which isn’t elder-friendly enough for Time Goes By. I make no attempt to read them (or any white-on-black website) and don’t expect anyone else to do so either.

Sadly, the link to Joyceyn Ward's blog, Maya's Granny, has been grayed to indicate that she died last month. The blog is still available and Joycelyn's daughter added some photos from Joycelyn's life.

There are 41 new elderblogs (bringing the total on the list to 302) each marked with a bullet ( • ) in front of its name so you can easily find them. Whatever the topic of the newly-listed blogs, they are all well-done and I recommend them to anyone who wants to expand their elderblog reading. Please keep sending suggestions for future updates.

Join the Quarterstaff Revolution
In his most recent column, The TGB Geriatrician, Dr. Bill Thomas, called for a quarterstaff revolution among elders and suggested readers send in photos of themselves with their staffs to me. Enough have arrived that I have created a new TGB Feature, Quarterstaff Revolution, where the photos are collected in one place. Check it out.

I urge anyone who has a new staff or has been using one for a long time to send in a photo. Instructions are on the main Join the Quarterstaff Revolution page. It works like the Where Elders Blog section.

Where Elders Blog
A reminder that there is a fine collection of photos of blog work spaces in the Where Elders Blog section and more are welcome any time. Links to Where Elders Blog and Quarterstaff sections are always available under the TGB Features header in the right sidebar.

Also, links to clickable lists of The TGB Geriatrician and Gay and Gray columns can be found in the “Category” dropdown menu further down on the right sidebar. I'm proud to have both Dr. Thomas and Jan Adams as regular contributors to Time Goes By.

Remember Personal Info
For all you who have bitched to me about the Comments template not remembering your personal information, I am pretty sure it is now working again. If your information doesn’t show up, try entering it one more time and checking the Remember box before submitting a comment.

That’s it. That’s all the housekeeping I can tolerate in one go.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Nancy Leitz found a clever way to not disappoint the kids which she relates in Have You Ever Been in Sandusky, Mom?]


Miracle! For the first time in months, or is it years? my personal info is remembered! But I never bitched about it or don't think I did. I'm also using new Firefox 3.0, which I find faster and more efficient.

Hurray! Hurray! My personal data is remembered again -- I may have "mentioned" it a couple of times.

Nomadic Creations is still active, just a different address...I just clicked and the link is to the Wordpress version, and not Typepad....
New link:

Thanks for not getting rid of my link, but for any viewers, I did want to clarify....

I can't wait to see the new is such a thrill to have a link on your link list!!!

I'm too embarrassed to post a picture of my blogging rat's nest in Where Elders Blog. I'm embarrassed for my family to see it, much less the public!

Maybe one of these days...

Thanks for all the work on your blog!

I really appreciate your Elderblogs list! I'm sometimes asked how to find elderbloggers, and I am happy to have your list to recommend.

Thanks for the updates, Ronni. I am happy to report that my info is now showing up in the comment windows. THANKS!

I am very happy to be listed as an Elderblogger and have posted the blog badge on my page. WhooHoo!

My info is showing up again, too. I never complained, because like most everything computer-related, I just assumed the problem was at my end.

I'm looking forward to working my way through the new elderblogs. I took several pictures of my workspace, then left the camera (a cheap disposable) in my vacation hotel room. Must try again.

Sorry to hear about Maya's Granny.

Granny Annie and anyone else:

Just to be clear, the Elderbloggers List and the Elderbloggers Badges are unrelated. You can post a badge with or without being on the list or even on another kind of website besides a blog. The idea is to proclaim our presence on a web that it too often assumed to be populated only by young people.

Thanks, Ronni for the thorough "housecleaning." This is one of the many reasons that TGB is the first thing I check each day. It's like checking in with a good friend while having my early morning coffee. Dee

I'm happy to be on your sidebar but being congenitally nosy wondered what the green star is for. Have I been naughty? Surely not.


I don't know why you're seeing a green star; it's a bullet which, as mentioned in the post above, indicates your blog is new to the list.

I clearly don't know my bullets from my green stars. No excuse - I'm just dopey:)
Thanks for including me:)

I am another new blogger that you have listed.
Thank you.
I also added the elderblogger badge to my blog with a link back to your site.
Thank you again.

Thanks for adding my blog to the sidebar. In the few hours it has been there I have seen a significant number of visitors clicking in from your site. I do like the increased traffic! :~D

Yes,Ronni, thanks for including "Having Fun Until I Die" on the blog list. I'm seeing the results, which will keep me blogging.

Hi Ronni,

I could not agree more about the few sites that use light text against a dark background.

I can barely make out the words so it is more of an effort than I care to make. When I see that set up I immediately go to the next site that I want to check out.

Thanks for the housekeeping work. I will soon know if it saved my info but i had at least gotten to a place I remembered my URL :)

Thank you for adding my blog Writerquake to your blogroll.

I can tell that you enjoy technical housekeeping as much as I do (not). For the frustration of receiving: query emails about blogroll status, complaints about disappearing personal information, questions about mysterious green stars, and death notices that you must pass along to your readers sincere appreciation!

A friend's daughter just chose a white-on-black template for her first (and very interesting) blog, and when writing to encourage her I mentioned the effect of that choice on elder eyes. Bless her heart, she immediately changed the template.
At her age I wouldn't have realized it was an issue either, unless someone had pointed it out to me.
So I guess this is yet another part of our role as educators on aging.

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