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This Week in Elder News: 2 August 2008

This Old Lady’s Takin’ a Break

There is so much wrong, so much awful news, in every sector of society that it is no longer possible to track it all, let alone think about it sanely.

Even when there appears to be one tiny glimmer of hope for a bit of justice – such as a federal judge's order this week that White House aides show up in Congress when subpoenaed (shouldn't that be a given?) – his follow-up stupefies: answering questions is optional; they can claim executive privilege. As Mr. Bumble said, "The law is an ass."

This old lady needs a break from all the crap in the world. So thanks to Melinda Applegate who sent the link to this video, here’s an animated cartoon that will resonate with every cat lover. [2:35 minutes]

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, the five nominees for the July Excellence in Storytelling Award have been posted and voting is open.]


Thank you
I needed something like that this morning.

Bear((( )))

Cute!!! Reminds me of the cat we had when I was a newlywed!

adorable and so evocative for cat worshippers like me. very thoughtful of you to leave this as you put your feet up for a while. rest up, we're looking forward to the next shoe!

yours, naomi

Great cartoon! Something like that goes on every day here at Casa Kenju. We all need a break from the news, and this was a good one.

cute cartoon and I agree. There are simply too many things going wrong and a person could go nuts thinking about the election all the time. I could write an outraged post everyday and what good would that do me or anybody else. We have to live a good life first and then worry about the rest of it.

I hear you loud and clear Ronni! There is so much crap going on in the world that sometimes you just have to take a break from it all... I admit I often "filter" the news so I am not constantly bombarded with negative crap - one can just take so much of it! Glad you liked the cat cartoon... really hit my funny bone too! Best, Melinda

That cartoon was a delight. Keep'um coming. I so enjoy the humor you add to this site--necessary antedote to most of what we hear.see in the media.

Whoever drew this cartoon obviously has a cat. I can sit back and enjoy it too because I finished my project of taking one issue and writing about it. I intended to post it Sunday, but since I finished I just let it fly right onto my blog page.

Now, I would love to ignore the world for awhile. It can really get depressing.

This is wonderful!! We have several cats who are just like that. Thank you.

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