This Week in Elder News: 13 September 2008
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Sunday Election Issues - 14 September 2008

category_bug_politics.gif This Sunday post is a collection of links to elderblog stories about the issues that are important to understand in making our choices on who to vote for in the November election. You can read the original post announcing this feature here.

Senator McCain’s TV Commercials
From Gary White of Having Fun Until I Die: A Lie a Day Keeps the Issues Away

Is it UnAmerican to be Smart and Thoughtful?
From Mort Reichek of Octogenarian: Guns, God, Gays and Abortion

Style and No Substance
From Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles: More of the Same, Second Verse

Political Cautionary Tales From the Movies
From Cynthia Samuels of Don’t Gel Yet: Pigs, Lipstick, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and the movies: “Bob Roberts,” “A Face in the Crowd” and Willie Stark

Disenfranchising Voters
From The New York Times Editorial: Mississippi’s Ballot Tricks

What Palin’s First Interview Tells Us
From Another New York Times Editorial: Gov. Palin’s Worldview

More on What Palin’s First Interview Tells Us
From Bob Herbert: She’s Not Ready


Thanks, Ronni! It's an honor to be included in your Sunday list among such other great bloggers.


I just stumbled onto this site and initially hoped to find a forum where seniors might communicate with each other. Imagine my disappointment! This place is nothing but a far left lunatic asylum. I am a liberal but not a nut case so I'll just say goodbye.

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