This Week in Elder News: 20 September 2008
Elders and the Financial Crisis

Sunday Election Issues - 21 September 2008

category_bug_politics.gif This Sunday post is a collection of links to elderblog stories about the issues that are important to understand in making our choices on who to vote for in the November election. You can read the original post announcing this feature here.

Note to McCain: Watch Your Back - Palin Grabs the Top of the Ticket
From Ronni Bennett (:38 seconds)

The Financial Crisis
From Citizen K: The Scent of Fear

The Importance of Paying Attention
From Sylvia Kirkwood of The View From Over the Hill: A Matter of Urgency

Governor Palin’s Position
From Entitled to Know: Sarah Palin is Ignorant About Social Security and Medicare

Fact Checking the Political News
From Gary White of Having Fun Until I Die: Where to Get the Facts

McCain and the Economy
From Rain at Rainy Day Thoughts: Foxes Guarding Chicken Houses

Learning From the Past
From Guitar Grandma: I Ask Again: Are We So Stupid?

A Lady in Spain Looks at the Campaign
From Ladyluz of Everything and Nothing: U.S. Politics

How a McCainite Changed His Mind
From Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifes: A Conservative for Obama

Funny Partisan Video
From Ronni Bennett (3:28 minutes)


I have my too-long-to-print letter to the editor posted. My local paper won't print more than two hundred words. And then wonders why nobody bothers to read their paper. We can't even express our thoughts about the news properly there!

I love Guitar Grandma's post "I Ask Again: Are We So Stupid?" and also CowTown Pattie's "A Conservative for Obama" - great! Thank you for sharing - and I also love the last video, "I'm Voting Republican" I sent all of these to friends and family and hope they influence maybe one vote, for reason!

This is a great feature; there is so much good writing out there about politics and this is a great way to read some of the most original.

More people need to know about this little "plank" in the McCain platform:

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