Sunday Election Issues - 31 August 2008
Senator McCain's Catastrophic Choice

The Traditional End of the Summer Season

Tomorrow, kids will return to school in the U.S. In fact, some have already. In the country's most northern reaches, there is a whiff of chill in the air and although you would expect that might be so here in Maine, it's been more summer-like than summer was for the past week or ten days. For most of June, July and August, hardly two days passed without thunderstorms or soaking, steady rains.

Labor Day, which has come to have more to do with barbecues than workers, gives us a three-day weekend, the traditional end of beach cottage rentals and for Time Goes By, a day off.

Meanwhile, the nominations for the August Excellence in Storytelling Award have been posted at The Elder Storytelling Place. Maybe you'll have time today to catch up on reading or re-reading the five stories and making your selection for the award.

Enjoy the holiday!


Our school kids, here in the Wichita KS area, have already attended 9 or 10 days of school. Barring their having to take a bunch of snow days off, they will get out earlier than most of the rest of the country, next spring. I always hated that, when I was a school girl in Kansas City MO. The kids on the KS side of the state line got the best summer jobs by getting to the employers earlier than we MO kids could do.

Have a great day off, Ronni!

Like Cop Car I'm in Kansas too, and the kids will be starting week 3 here tomorrow most places. So will most of the universities.

In 1971 I got married on September 8, did a couple weeks of honeymoon, and then went off to grad school. Now the end of September is practically midterms.

I guess that is improvement (?)

It also means no more white shoes, white trousers or skirts until Memorial Day(if anybody still follows those rules).

Have a nice break!

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