Sunday Election Issues: 12 October 2008
When Bad Things Happen to Old People

Semi-Annual Blog Housekeeping and Update

blogging bug image The nuts and bolts of Time Goes By have needed care and repair for some time. There is still more to do, but I have spent a few hours under the hood tidying some sloppy markup that was causing problems and updating a couple of lists.

Geezer Flicks
It’s embarrassing that some of the additions to the Geezer Flicks list have been waiting since February to be included. Here are the 12 new films suggested by readers which are marked with a NEW symbol on the list page. Titles there link to further information at the Internet Movie Database. Thank you to everyone who took the time to email these.

Aurora Borealis
The Bucket List
The Evening Star
Goodnight, We Love You (documentary)
Lonely Hearts
Man of Flowers
Pather Panchali
The Savages
Surfing for Life (documentary)
Tea with Mussolini
Traveling North
A Woman’s Tale

Suggestions are welcome – guidelines are on the Geezer Flicks page which is always available from the right sidebar.

Elderbloggers List
It has been too long since the Elderbloggers List (on the left sidebar) was last updated. I was surprised to find many blogs on the wait list that have not been updated for several months. Among the criteria for inclusion is that a blog publish new material at least once a week. Other requirements are listed in the FAQ which is linked at the upper left sidebar.

I’ve also eliminated the links to reviews of elderblogs we have done in the past. I still like the idea, but it’s so @#$%*^! tedious to update this list by hand that I decided to simplify the code so not to go blind each time I add blogs. For the same reason, I’ve omitted the symbol indicating a blog is new to the list - all of which makes the list less cluttered-looking and easier to use. The newly added blogs are in alphabetical order below.

Recommendations for new elderblogs are always welcome – your own, or others you’ve found that you like. Criteria are in the FAQ mentioned above.

So here are the 25 new elderblogs, bringing the total on the list to 339. Some were launched in the past few months; some have been around awhile and are new only to me. Do visit their blogs, give them a hearty welcome to the world of elderblogging.

85 and Change!

Advanced Style


Babble On

Citizen K

Dad’s Tomato Garden Journal

Down the Lane


Everything and Nothing

The Fabulous Geezersisters’ Blog

Francine Hardaway’s Blog

Gen Plus

Granny Sue’s News and Reviews


HShawJr – My Thoughts

Jerry’s Blog – Because Wit Happens

Never Ending Journey

Robert Reich’s Blog


Saul Friedman

Switched at Birth

Texas to Oregon

The Other Side of Sixty

Under the Lobsterscope

The View From Over the Hill

Speaking of Saul Friedman, whose syndicated column runs in Newsday and elsewhere on Saturdays, I neglected to include his most recent column in the Sunday Election Issues post. You will find it here: Elders' Self-Interest is to Vote For Obama.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, a story from kozenko translated from Russian titled, A Ticketless Passenger.]


Thanks for including ElderExercise, Ronni.
It's done me a lot of good as it has helped keep me moving :)

Thank you for including my blog on your list. I post almost daily, sometimes twice a day, and new readers are always welcome.

Your blog is a great service. I will be spending more time here.

Was seeing ElderExercise added to your blog roll as exciting as Paul Krugman getting the Nobel? Close! Thanks so really all comes back to you and my meeting Claude through TGB.

Thanks for the link to brilliant Mr Reich! I have to read it s-l-o-w-l-y to digest all of that, but he certainly knows how to explain the bailout to the non-economist!

Thanks for adding Switched At Birth to your blogroll. I appreciate your site so much (& especially the Elder Storytelling Site -- both for the opportunity to submit stories and even more for the chance to read such interesting stories written by others). The welcome mat is always out at my place. Stop by for a virtual cup of coffee. Since it's all virtual, why not have a cinnamon muffin, too?

Thanks for mentioning my blog, Babble On. I write about my life, news/politics, and pop culture. If you watch Dancing with the Stars, come by and comment with us.

I'm glad you linked Robert Reich, too!

Even if you don't watch DWTS, come by! I love to have visitors.

What a lot of work your elderblog compilation must have been. Thanks for this, and thank you for putting me on it.
I'm going to start exploring the list now and get some fresh input.

Dear Time Goes By,

I sincerely thank you for including me on this list of most impressive bloggers! I am honored to be in such good company, and motivated by all the other "elderbloggers". I truly believe the best exercise of all for people my age is to exercise the brain - and this list is a great example of wonderful people who are doing just that. Thanks for expanding my horizons.

Most Sincerely,
Granny Gobama -

I nominated "As Time Goes By" for best blog in several categories including (but not solely) "Elder Blog" I hope that everybody will cast their vote for the Blog we know & love.
You can cast your vote at:
(cut&paste I'm afraid, no links shortcuts here)

Please accept another "thank you" for a job that continues to be well done, Ronni. You are fab!

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