This Week in Elder News: 11 October 2008
Semi-Annual Blog Housekeeping and Update

Sunday Election Issues: 12 October 2008

category_bug_politics.gif This Sunday post is a collection of links to elderblog stories about the issues that are important to understand in making our choices on who to vote for in the November election. You can read the original post announcing this feature here.

What is Enough Information?
From Linda Hillin of Texas to Oregon: Presidential Candidates’ Health Records

Surviving in Hard Times
From Janet Wendy Spiegel of Gen Plus: What a Mess. 6.1% Unemployment Rate

The Negative Campaign
From Darlene at Darlene’s Hodgepodge: Despicable Hatred

Mr. Brokaw: Social Security is Not Broken
From NCPSSM: Drinking the Anti-Establishment Kool-Aid

Feeding the Beast
From Nancy B at Erickson Blogs: Negativity in Election? Racism Rears Its Ugly Head

Attack Ads
From Citizen K: Ad Man

Shooting Ourselves in Both Feet
From Claudia Snowden writing at Blogsisters: You’ve Really Gotten Us Into a Mess This Time, Ollie

Contrasting the Candidates
Mort Reichek at Octogenarian: Thoughts About the Election

The Coming of the American Police State
From Elaine Frankonis of Kalilily Time: Is the 2nd American Revolution Almost Here?

Constitutionally-Challenged Police Target Legal Protesters as Terrorists
From The New York Times: Citizen Deleted

Recalling Father Coughlin
From Cynthia Samuels: Scary Times: Do We Face a New Great Depression (and Does Sarah Palin Still Matter)?

A Candidate’s Temperament
From Brave New PAC: McCain’s Rage [4:21 minutes]

Solution to Saturday’s Matchstick Puzzle
Yesterday, we published a puzzle from a newly reissued 1947 book, Fabulous Fun with Puzzles.


Here is the diabolical solution:



Thanks so much for all of these links Ronni...wonderful to read what people have to say...and disturbing all at the same time. I've been reading so many pieces on so many blogs lately. I really am interested in what people are feeling about this campaign and everything around it. Needless to say...I'm disgusted by the antics of the McCain/Palin camp. I guess ethics just don't matter even in Presidential and VP candidates these days, huh? Is that what we've come to? I sure hope not. We've got to make sure we let them...and the world...know that we stand for more than that when we vote on Nov. 4th. It's pretty crystal clear to me who should be leading our country....and it's not candidates who believe in spreading hatred and racism before they're even voted into office.

I've seen that video about John McCain's temper before...but honestly, it was no surprise. Obama has been my choice from the beginning...and that has become even clearer in these past few weeks. He's the one I feel will help our country get back on it's feet...with honesty and integrity...and will salvage whatever sense of pride we still have left.

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