This Week in Elder News: 18 October 2008
Irrational Beliefs

Sunday Election Issues: 19 October 2008

category_bug_politics.gif This Sunday post is a collection of links to elderblog stories about the issues that are important to understand in making our choices on who to vote for in the November election. You can read the original post announcing this feature here.

Nixon's Legacy
From Linda Hillin: Remember Nixon?

Considering Fraud
From Gary White: ACORN, Ayers and Republican Voter Suppression

Patriot Claims
From Sylvia Kirkwood: What Defines Patriotism

Democrats' Dilemma
From Deborah Lipstadt: Learning to Love Obama After Hillary Clinton’s Defeat (via Tamar Orvel of Only Connect)

IRAs and 401(k)s
From Saul Friedman: Retirement Accounts and the Financial Bloodbath

Dumbing Down of the Right
From Citizen K: The Decline of Conservative Intellectualism

Perspective on the Gyrating DOW
From janinsanfran: Toward a Dog Food Retirement Future

Overview of the Presidential Campaign
From Andrew Sullivan: Beep, Beep: Road Runner Lets McCain Blow Up

A Democratic Future
From Robert Borosage: The Horror of It

Among the horrors of a Democratic administration he mentions:

“Voters will be registered. Workers organized. Banks regulated. Health care provided for all. Government investment will drive a green revolution that generates millions of jobs. The wealthy will pay more in taxes. Guantanamo will be shut down; torture will end. Net neutrality will be mandated. Citizens may even be able to sue corporations that negligently do them harm.”

Best Political Line of the Week
From Eugene Robinson: Time to be Outward Bound

“It's pathetic to hear right-wing talk radio blowhards try to associate Barack Obama with ‘radical’ or ‘socialist’ views when a Republican administration is tossing aside Atlas Shrugged and speed-reading Das Kapital."


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