5.8% Social Security COLA Increase for 2009
Sunday Election Issues: 19 October 2008

This Week in Elder News: 18 October 2008

In this regular weekend feature you will find links to news items from the preceding week related to elders and aging, along with whatever else catches my fancy that I think you might like to know. Suggestions are welcome with, however, no promises of publication.

Ralph Bernstein joined the Peace Corps and is now working in Ghana. No big deal, except that he is 84 years old. The Peace Corps says applications from people 50 and older have jumped nine percent in the past year and they have now created a special website for elders who are thinking of volunteering. More here and at the 50-Plus Peace Corps site.

In a survey done recently in England, more than half of every age group, including elders, believe that different generations find it difficult to communicate with one another. I suspect that has a lot to do with where you live and who you meet. For me, I have friends of all generations – well, except teens. Read more here. (Hat tip to Ian Bertram of Panchromatica)

Twenty-three percent of people between the ages of 65 and 74 are still working, some because they choose to and other because they need to – the latter group will undoubtedly increase now due to the economic crisis. But as this story points out, age discrimination ensures that too many can’t find work in their fields and wind up wasting their talent and years of experience as greeters, crossing guards and grocery baggers.

Australia’s oldest living person, Emily Beatrice “Bea” Riley, turned 112 last Monday. She sounds like quite a woman. Check out the story here. (Hat tip to Peter Tibbles)

Here another Australian elder doing terrific things: Joseph Ciampa has been award a PhD in Spanish literature - at age 91. Dr. Ciampa isn’t resting on his laurels. Now he “intends to go on to do a masters degree on the philosophers Chomsky and Wittgenstein.” More here (and another hat tip to Peter Tibbles).

UCLA scientists report in a new study that searching on the internet has positive effects on elder brain activity:

"A simple, everyday task like searching the Web appears to enhance brain circuitry in older adults, demonstrating that our brains are sensitive and can continue to learn as we grow older."

A whole lot more interesting information about this study is here and here. (Hat tips to Donna Woodka of Changing Places and Suzz of Suzzwords.)

At first, when I started watching the video below forwarded by Millie Garfield’s son Steve of Off on a Tangent, I thought, “What the…” But then it got funny. And funnier. It also makes an important point about next February’s switch to digital television that non-geeks of any age can appreciate.

mythster of Rotten Apples kindly nominated Time Goes By for the Bloggers Choice Awards in three categories:

Best Blog About Blogging

Best Blog About Stuff
Best Blog of All Time

I haven’t figured out how to vote yet and, obviously, neither has anyone else.


I have tried to go to the Bloggers Choice Awards site and haven't got a clue how to vote! My brain must be getting old ;)
The video you found through Steve and Millie cannot be viewed outside the US :(
Out of luck to day! ;)

Yes, yes, the video of me (okay, maybe in a year or two) trying to figure out the switch to digital was hilarious. Now if I can just figure how to embed in my blog...

We must get this to Claude...could she do a voiceover in French? So many Europeans would delight in seeing how in America it's not only politicians who are clueless about elders!

The video gave me my first belly laugh for the day.

We've voted by mail here in Santa Fe. The process was simple and we did it in a few minutes. I liked having the old fashioned paper ballot. It felt more real to me.

I am in my late 20s and I love reading this blog. Today I felt inspired to comment for two reasons.

One is the mentions of Ralph Bernstein and Joseph Ciampa - how inspiring! It is a wonderful reminder to me that I don't have to try to pursue all of my many and diverse interests at once; there is no reason why I can't be pursuing new interests when I am in my 80s and 90s.

Also, with regards to communicating across generations. I love getting to know people of all different ages; I find it much more enriching than only talking to people my own age.


Here's a YouTube URL for the video that might work outside of the US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTSS8E7bKXg

To vote on the blogger awards one must REGISTER on that site first. Then get a confirming email (with a link to click). Then go back to the site & SIGN-IN.
Then choose the category from the list in left sidebar; then find the blog; then click the small "vote" icon in the right sidebar.
Repeat for other categories.
TGB is on p. 124 in 'best blog on blogging" P. 593 in "stuff" and P. 540 in the "all time" category)

Let's make Ronni #1 in all of 'em.
The registration takes only a minute (on DSL).

Nice to see some young'uns here, Sarah. Welcome.

I think the lack of communication across the generations is due in part to the communities that have been built in the last 20-30 years. Houses of all the same size (huge) to accommodate families, or at least couples, both with high incomes. I'm very lucky in my little town of Takoma Park, Maryland. It was founded in the late 1890s and still has a wide variety of large old victorian homes and much smaller craftsman bungalows. I live in a VERY small, just under 900 square foot bungalow but it is the perfect size for me and my cats with a front and back porch. There are a number of smaller homes in my neighborhood that are occupied by singles like myself (at 49 years old), just married couples, or elders. It's so wonderful to see my neighbor Dolly who is going on 90 years old sitting on her front porch and neighbors and their children not just saying hi, but walking up and sitting with her for a chat.

Communities have become just too homogenized for my liking. My only worry is that if I ever sell my home they will either knock it down or pop the top to make it much larger, for yet another couple with 2.5 kids.

And I just voted for Ronni in all three categories on the Best Blog site. I was only number 3 for each category, so get out there and vote--for your favorite candidate and for your favorite blog!

I was number 2 last night ;)

Possumlady's neighborhood sounds so inviting! I've always thought that a mixed-demographic neighborhood encourages understanding amongst the various "groups".

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