Happy Thanksgiving Day 2008
This Week in Elder News: 29 November 2008 (Not)

Holiday Hangover

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category_bug_journal2.gif It’s not really a hangover, it just feels like it - and the alliteration is nice.

No proper post today. The cat’s sick with who knows what. I’m sick too with a bad cold/flu-ish bug that has left me cotton-headed, chilled, ache-y and with a low, sexy voice a la Kathleen Turner in Body Heat except that words like, “Oh, poor Ollie, did you barf again” are hardly seductive.

Here’s Ollie curled up in “his” chair. Hours pass without a whisker moving.


Cats do this on purpose, you know – get sick on holidays or at other inconvenient times – because they like to wield their power over us and will go to any length, even refusing to eat or pee, to remind us of their superior position in the scheme of things and our position as slave.

Ollie and I spent Wednesday driving back and forth to the animal emergency center, which is about as far from home as possible while still remaining within the city limits of Portland, Maine. After a follow-up phone discussion with the veterinarian yesterday, Ollie and I both spent all of Thanksgiving Day sleeping.

Here’s Ollie on a much healthier day last week.


And now that this is posted, we’re both going back to bed for awhile before more doctor appointments.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marvin Waldman regales us with a story of teenage angst in The Sexual History of Adam Feingold – Part 1: The Breast.]


Hope both you and Ollie are well again soon. In Turkey we say 'Gecmisolsun' which is pronounced 'gech-mish-olsun'. Means 'Let it pass'.

It always amazes me how indoor only cats who eat the same food day after day can get sudden stomach illnesses.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both you and Ollie!

Hope you and Ollie are feeling better soon!

I do hope you and Ollie feel better soon. I know what you're going through, been battling asthma for two weeks now. Fortunately, Sam Schnauzer is well so that helps!

Ronni, We your readers are kind of spoiled--even under the weather, you offer us a sprightly post. And Ollie always does his photo shoots with elan. Hope you both feel much better very soon.

I hope you and Ollie are both feeling better soon. It does seem such things always come on holidays. :(

if i use only lower case letters, perhaps i can sneak in with a feel well wish for you and ollie, without waking you. hope you both are your usual sprightly selves, shortly.

I've had something like that, too, which I suppose is bronchitis. Brigit my cat, however, feels fine and wants me to get up and about. Hope you and Ollie feel better soon. This takes the zip out of things, doesn't it?

I hope you don't get up to read all your well wishers comments until you are feeling a lot better and Ollie is meowing for his supper. Rest and keep warm.

Wishing you quicker get well wishes then this One Woman. First day in 2 weeks I have felt almost normal. Something going around and I surely did not want it.

REFUAH SHLAYMAY - Complete and speedy recovery to both of you. Oye Vay...also went to Dr.'s today - have sciaticca (sp) - another drug to take....aging is fun????

I hope that both you and Ollie are feeling better soon!

Hope you and Ollie are feeling much better very soon.

Hope you and Ollie are feeling better.

How about some chichen soup to help things along.

Get better, get better, get better!

Poor Babies..You and Ollie are too sweet to feel so punk.

Feel better real soon.

Well.....so sorry to hear....Get well sooooon!

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