This Week in Elder News: 15 November 2008
Taking the Long View of History

Sunday Issues Links: 16 November 2008

category_bug_politics.gif Thank you all for your comments and email in answer to my question last Sunday about whether to continue this weekly feature now that the election is over. I read them all carefully and here’s what I’ve decided:

It will continue with a new title: Sunday Issues Links to be clear that it is different from the essays I publish Monday through Friday. This feature will be a list linking to useful, worthwhile, compelling and/or provocative posts mostly from elderbloggers, but from other sources too when I feel like it.

The “issues” will be the big ones and there are plenty that are of concern: the economy, war(s), the Obama administration, Congress, the judiciary, legislation, education, health care and politics in general. A little humor in regard to our collective problems is good too. And perhaps, when there is one issue of overwhelming interest, as the election campaign was, we’ll concentrate on that for awhile.

Please keep in mind that issues related primarily to elders are reserved for the Saturday Elder News post.

As during the Sunday Election Issues series, I rely on you to send me links to your posts and other suggestions by end of day on Friday. To do that, there is an email link in the upper left corner of every TGB page labeled “Contact”.

I’m so pleased we’ve decided to continue. I would have missed this feature. Now, here a few for this week.

From Elaine Frankonis of Kalilily Time:
Paglia For Palin and Phony Baloney

From Cynthia Samuels at Don’t Gel Too Soon:
Barack Obama, Judith Warner, Explaining History to Kids

From the Washington Post:
A Quiet Windfall for U.S. Banks

More from the Washington Post:
Under Obama, The Web Would Be the Way (The new wired presidency)

From the future
A brilliant spoof of The New York Times. (Don’t miss this, in general and especially the Op-Ed from “Thomas Friedman”)

From Joe the Plumber (god help us):
A website, secureourdreams and book, Joe the Plumber – Fighting for the American Dream, to be released on 1 December.


Thanks for the link to Elaine's piece about Paglia on Palin. Loved it! So much to think about, question, critique. Ron Suskind's piece in the New York Times Magazine section today absolutely blew me away. I adore his writing style and he reminded me that on November 5 we woke up to a new world without the George Bush era.

Here's a link to Suskind's piece.

I think Joe the Plumber could have a great career doing Mr. Clean commercials.

That is an excellent piece in the NY Times. For the first time in years I feel positive and hopeful about my country. I remember when critics were saying Obama had never run anything and Olof and I would say to each other, how about running a great campaign? Doing that is the first test of a leader.
And if you can organize a community you can organize a country.

The New York Times spoof reads like my wish list. Oh, if only it were true.

Joe the Plumber's web site is a joke. I am sure he didn't write it nor will he write a book. A ghost writer will fill the pages and it will probably be a best seller. What a mockery of real news. What a crock!

Ronni, think this is going to be a good continuation of all the interesting posts links you sent us to these last months. Thank you.

The rise of Joe The P. is emblematic of contemporary Republicanism (there's an oxymoron if there ever was one). They extol JTP as an economic savant while ridiculing Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize. That's just about all you need to know.

I totally loved the NY Times spoof. Yes, the Thomas Friedman "column" was the best. I like reading Friedman and often agree with him. He was totally off about the war.

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