This Week in Elder News: 22 November 2008
Post-Election Politics

Sunday Issues Links: 23 November 2008

category_bug_politics.gif Sunday Issues Links is a list linking to useful, worthwhile, compelling and/or provocative posts from elderbloggers and stories from other sources that catch my fancy during the week.

The issues are the big ones and there are plenty: the economy, war(s), the Obama administration, Congress, the judiciary, legislation, education, health care and politics in general. Smaller issues and a little humor are good too. Please send your links for each edition by the end of day on the preceding Friday.

From Mort Reichek of Octogenarian: How Obama Must Cope With Bush Foreign Policy Blunders

From Sylvia Kirkwood of Sylvia From Over the Hill: Rescuing Our Country

From James Whaley of Aging and Disability in America: Change of the Seasons #3

From Saul Friedman of Newsday: A Reporter Recalls the Day JFK Died

From Kathleen Parker: Giving Up on God
(My new favorite conservative columnist has some smart things to say about religion, politics and the Republican Party.)

From HuffingtonPost (via friend, John Brandt): Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences

From The New York Times: Wild Horses

From the International Herald Tribune: Coming to a Zoo Near You: Live Mammoths (Maybe)

From The New York Times: What is the Point of Daylight Time

From the Los Angeles Times: Bush’s Land Mines for Obama

Similarly from the New Yorker: Midnight Hour

From the Washington Post: Obama Raised Half a Billion Online

Cat on a spinning Roomba [:46 seconds]


Thanks for the belly laugh. The cat on the Roomba is too cute.

The cat was just what I needed today. Have you seen the hamsters on Dee's coffee blog.

Ah, thanks so much for this silliness. It's the kind of break that helps me deal with all the other stuff going on, such as the posts that followed this. Now I not only want a Roomba, I want a cat to ride on it! Endless entertainment.

Sorry. 'Shoulda previewed that comment before submitting it. But I think you understand it's not your posts I refer to as "stuff to endure" but the subject matter pertained therein!

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