This Week in Elder News: 29 November 2008 (Not)
Rethinking Living Arrangements

Sunday Issues Links: 30 November 2008

category_bug_politics.gif Sunday Issues Links is a list linking to useful, worthwhile, compelling and/or provocative posts from elderbloggers and stories from other sources that catch my fancy during the week.

The issues are the big ones and there are plenty: the economy, war(s), the Obama administration, Congress, the judiciary, legislation, education, health care and politics in general. Smaller issues and a little humor are good too. Please send your links for each edition by the end of day on the preceding Friday.

From Sylvia Kirkwood of Sylvia From Over the Hill: Help is Needed

From Citizen K: Alive as You or Me

From joared at Along the Way: An Evening With Maureen Dowd

From Tamar Orvell of Only Connect: Josh Gomes is Scoring Points for Israel

From Alternet: Living the Good Life on $5000 a Year

From Alternet: The Secret of Rachel Maddow’s Success

From Danny Schechter: All the Talk of a Depression is - Depressing

From The New York Times: Bonuses Rejected at Swiss UBS

From The Salt Lake Tribune: “Bailout” is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year

[PERSONAL NOTE: This is a short, unedited version of the Sunday Issues post because since Wednesday I haven’t read anything – online or off – except veterinary instructions. Ollie is on the mend – he’s eating again and even asked demanded to play fetch this morning. I’m watching him closely…

…when I’m not sleeping, which I’ve been doing around the clock since I brought Ollie home from the vet again on Friday afternoon. I seem to be better this morning although I’m going to take it easy for awhile.

There are an overwhelming number of get well messages which I appreciate. And I’ll answer other email as soon as I can do it. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.


I'm just catching up on with my Internet world, and so your sickness, and Ollie's, are news to me. I hope you both feel much better very soon. I admire your ability to make a cat joke in the middle of everything you're going through.

(I lost my Web connection when the phone line just came apart in a heavy snow on Wednesday. They fixed it Saturday, a day later than promised but still 5 days earlier than their first offer, so all in all, I guess it's Yay Verizon.)

I am so sorry to hear of the crud going around your house. Not fun at all, and with you both sick at the same time - that must really be the pits.

Hope you and Ollie are soon mended and back to you old selves soon.

Glad there's some recovery going on at your place. I've learned the hard way that being ill coupled with being the only person in the household is no fun. Guess we learn how to set up and have stuff available at a moments notice, but won't go into detail on all that. Glad you're taking care of yourself and getting rest however many days it takes.

Thanks for the link on my Maureen Dowd posts. If you felt better and able to enjoy reading, you'd probably get a few chuckles from her words.

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