Holiday Hangover
Sunday Issues Links: 30 November 2008

This Week in Elder News: 29 November 2008 (Not)

With apologies, I'm begging off Elder News this week because even after 14 hours straight of sleeping, I'm still not well, still wiped out and still too cotton-headed to think about anything more complicated than pouring juice.

Ollie is better after several vet visits the cost of which I could live on for a month or two. He's not his old self yet, but gaining ground, I think - enough, anyway, to complain loudly when I have a coughing fit. (It's not a pretty picture around this place right now.)

Back soon...


Ronni, I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. Take care and I hope you feel better very soon.

(I'm glad Ollie has recovered from his illness - at least you don't have to worry about him!)

Well I certainly hope you're feeling better by day's end; this is no way to start off the holiday season!

Hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes and purrs to both of you, hope you will better soon,
Harper and Ramona

Get well soon from Mom, Swagimasu, Damarimasu, Kuma, and me. As Ramona and Harper say--best wishes and purrrrs.

Hope you feel better soon. On the road today myself, anticipating with some concern what havoc Frisker (cat) may have managed to create while fed but left alone at home...

Get well, Ronni! Sounds like you have the horrid cold from hell that I've been fighting!

I totally empathize Ronni. I got socked with one of those rotten viruses this fall. Remember the healing properties of chicken soup for the body. Mom was right about that one. I'm going to the vet this afternoon to fill Rosie's monthly prescriptions that keep her going. Can you say "rip off?"

I am glad that Ollie is doing better, now I hope that you are soon as well. Mostly I hope you will both be all better soon.

(Hey, Ollie, now that you are feeling better - take care of her. Sick people need quiet and cuddling and purrs, and while I'd gladly share my Ray's purrs, he's a bit far away for it.)

I was hoping you'd feel better today. These things hang on and make you feel terrible. Hope it goes away soon and you're feeling good again!

Glad about Ollie. Not so much about the cost.

do get some rest, Ronni, it's the best you can do for yourself!

Oh, Ronni, I'm so sorry you're having such a rotten battle with the cold! I do hope you get better quickly! I, too, am glad about Ollie but not the cost! I know when my dog, Sam, has to go to the vet I just plan on eating less for a month!

Oh Ronni, Poop on that shitty old cold...if that's what's making you feel so badly. Just rest as much as you have to sweetie. Whatever it takes. What's the deal? You and Ollie down for the count at the same time.....Cripes! I can bet his vet bills aren't helping you feel better. I'm sending you (((((((BIG HEALING HUGS))))))))Ronni. Sleep tight!!! Love, Joy

No apologies needed!! Just take care of yourself. And Ollie. We'll wait. :)

We wish you both regained health and a delightful day tomorrow.

colds are nature's way of telling us to relax, already. nothing cures like spending hours asleep in the old cot. do feel better. m.e.

My cousin had us over for Thanksgiving and came down with the cold from Hell yesterday. I'm drinking lots of fresh orange juice and hoping for the best. It's a bad one.
Hope you are better soon, Ronni..

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