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Blog Housekeeping December 2008

blogging bug image This is one of those nuts and bolts stories to explain a couple of things that I’ve been meaning to say for several months.

If you subscribe by email to Time Goes By and want to leave a comment, please click the title of the story in the email. That will take you to this online blog page where you can share your comment with all readers. When you click “Reply,” it arrives in my email inbox and I am the only person who sees it.

If you are new to blogging and/or email subscriptions, there is no reason you should know this, but now you do.

Alternately, if you have something to say only to me, clicking “Reply” will do the job.

Please submit your stories in the body of your email, not as attachments. Over time, many people ask for exceptions to this and other instructions (which are here), but I’ve run out of time to remember, let alone accommodate the different requests.

However, photographs and other images SHOULD be sent as attachments, not inline in the body of the email. Email systems embed images differently and not all of them can be saved for later insertion in the html without a great deal of effort and frustration.

One of the most gratifying things about readers of Time Goes By is the conversations that are carried on in the comments which add new information and often take the day's story in directions I had never considered. Also, as I advise new elderbloggers who send questions, commenting is a good way to help build readership for your own blog.

Comments are set up similarly on all blog platforms: when you fill in the form, if you include the URL of your blog, your name under your comment will automatically become a link to your blog.

Therefore, please do not include your name and URL within the body of your comment. I try to keep a tidy blog and the extra name and web address mean more time for cleanup. (Also, the double link makes you appear to be overly self-serving.)

By the way, the date and time included with the name on each comment is a separate link that will, when you click it, give you a URL at the top of your browser directly to that comment. This is a handy feature when you want to write a blog post about a comment and link to it.

Lately, there have been a growing number of messages in my email inbox that in various forms essentially say, “Tell your readers about my blog” in a tone that assumes it is my job to mention every elder Tom, Dick or Harriet who wants some publicity.

Let me be clear: Time Goes By is not a promotional service and in the future, I will no longer acknowledge these messages with an explanation. They will be deleted.

A variation are those who write wanting to do what they call a "link exchange." I don't know where this phrase originated, but some people apparently believe it is some form of blog tradition. It is not and Time Goes By does not do link exchanges.

On the other hand, I am always eager to hear about new elderblogs which are produced by people 50 and older to add to the Elderbloggers List in the left sidebar. I update the list every couple of months or so with the new ones I’ve been told about or have found on my own. There are some criteria to keep mind in recommending your own or others’ blogs. The short list is:

  • The blog should be at least three month old
  • New posts should be published at least once a week
  • No blogs are listed that are designed with light text on a dark background

I realize I'm sounding a little testy (Crabby Old Lady is dictating over my shoulder), probably due to waiting too long to write this post. Individually, these are minor difficulties, but in the aggregate they suck large amounts of time from the day which I would like to decrease.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Pat Temiz recalls A Magic Childhood that is not just a metaphor.]


Elder -- as in elder blogger."On the other hand, I am always eager to hear about new elderblogs which are produced by people 50 and older to add to the Elderbloggers List in the left sidebar."

Age 50? You really must be kidding. I hope that you pump that minimum up by a few, let's say 10, years. It would shrink the list and map more to today's reality -- 70 year-olds feel like they're 57, and 50 year olds who are called elders in the workplace are victims of discrimination. Besides they'll be working until they're 70.

Times change. When I had my (only) daughter at age 32 in 1984, my chart was noted: "elderly prima gravida". Today, first-time 32-year-old mothers are just getting started.

Read the NY Times study on how people feel about their age.

Maybe you could color code the new blogs for a while or put an asterisk to note that they are new to the list? Extra work, I know, just an idea.

"elderly"? How about my friend Jackie who had her first at 30 back in '67 and labeled as "elderly primipera" at the military hospital. Whew, I was okay at 24 with my first! And, just read that an Indian woman just gave birth to her first at 70!

When I started TGB, I set the low age limit at 50. If I were starting today, I would make it 60, but now there are so many 50-somethings who proudly call themselves elderbloggers, many of whom have become friends, that I won't change it.

I wrote about the study on how old people feel younger less than a week ago here.

At this blog we are careful about the use of words that indicate age. "Elderly" is used only to describe old people who have become frail. "Elder" is used in preference to "senior" or "senior citizen" as it indicates more dignity.

Tabor: In the past, I marked new elderblogs on the list with an asterisk but, as you note, it's way too time consuming to be changing them all the time. Instead, when new blogs are added, I write a story specifically listing, highlighting and linking to the new blogs.

I don't think you sound testy, Ronni. Blogging is time consuming (as we all know) so anything you do to make it easier for yourself makes sense to me.

Yes, mam. And I am actually working on something to send your way. Slowly tho...and in an email with a reduced photo as an attachment.

You stay warm up there now.

I admire how you work these housekeeping posts into your blog from time to time. It can't be fun, in fact, is probably drudgery for you. I just thought I'd say thanks for the foundation you set to make your blog so solid and wonderful.

p.s. Got a new kitten. She's two-months old, name is Willow. Light gray with a tan stripe down her nose that continues into a tuft under her chin. An actual beard! I knew you'd like to know about her..... :)

I woke up this morning thinking about the early days of the internet
(just after Al Gore invented it- 'JOKE!')
and how pioneeering bloggers were dreaming about the blogworld of the future. The key word was "dialogue"- in the brave new blogworld, there would be infinite opportunities for endless exchanges of opinions and ideas on a wide myriad of subjects and every time someone had second thoughts on something he/she posted or read something that sparked a new thought- voila! back to the blog.
For a few years on the original MS chat site(can't remember what they were called -now extinct) and "The Well" there were great opportunities for lengthy exchanges of IDEAS!
Alas, the technology changed and now (in the interests of bandwidth economy and other SIGNIFICANT FACTORS) "It ain't what it used to be"
Now you post your piece and move on - if there's ever a reply you never see it.


I think we should establish new nomenclature for age brackets:

"Kids"= under 30
"Adults"= under 55
"Mature" or "Senior"= 56-74
"Ancient" 75 & Over
/s/ El Viejo

I have been out for cataract surgery (went fine) for 2 weeks. I couldn't read on the computer. What did I miss most? Time Goes By. Have been catching up and trying to get my brain working again.

I agree with everything you said here Ronni, including the term of Elder. An elder is defined as someone who is born earlier than another person, superior to others, either by rank or experience. I'll take it!

I have had a good life. I am older and actually proud of it. Not ashamed to say I am 64, still working (thanks to the economy), with loads of aches and pains, and wrinkles to show for it. The best part: the acquiring of life experiences, even the bad ones, that helped me grow stronger, sometimes more tolerant, sometimes, more intolerant of petty stuff.

I love the discussions here. Yes, I do consider comments a discussion, though I wish we could all meet for tea and talking!

mythster: YOU may post and move on, but I read each and every comment posted here. I don't often comment except to correct misunderstanding - I gotta have SOME time away from the computer.

On "mature and senior" - not on this blog. You're welcome to the designation, but on TGB, it's "old" and "elder."

Hear hear on the "no light on dark background" rule! A couple of years ago, the gym to which I belong dedicated a section of their monthly magazine to "Fit and Fifty+" features and tips. Unfortunately, most of the articles were printed in a miniscule light blue font on a tan background. I would venture to say that not a single member of the target audience read a solitary word.

I like this blog. VW is maybe 60? Anyhow, it meets your criteria

I maintained my blog for two years, stopped cold, which I explain in a recent post and am now starting up again. Is this the way to tell you about it? I am posting a hard post tonight due to the loss of my son and would like if someone might sometime see some of it. And the print is black on white, hooray!
AND i will be 60 in June.
Hopefully submitted, Grammacello

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