You Want a White Christmas? I’ll Give You a White Christmas
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Merry Christmas, Ronni!

And a very Merry Christmas to you as well.

Merry Christmas, Ronni!

I'm on my computer several hours every day. I look at many sites and blogs every day. There is only ONE blog that I consider a MUST-READ. Your Time Goes By.

'Nuff said. Now get back to shoveling, woman! Ha.

Merry Christmas, Ronni!

Merry Christmas, Ronni and to Ollie. Your blog is always one of my first reads and thank you for your dedication to not only writing it but putting out so much information for others to find without that much work



Yours is the first site I go to every morning,Ronni.

I am kept very well informed by you and I really appreciate all the time and effort you expend on our behalf.

I'm happy that Ollie is better now and I hope Crabby Old Lady continues having her tirades because whatever SHE is angry about,I should be angry about,too,.Unfortunately, I usually don't even know anything about it until Crabby tells me. Thanks, COL

I also love that you print our stories. That feature alone has changed my life. Now,when I have a memory of days gone by,instead of it being just a fleeting thought, I write it down,expand on it and send it to Elder Story Telling. Thank you for giving us that outlet,Ronni.....

Enjoy your holiday.......

And Merry Christmas to everyone in the homeless women's shelter of a local synagogue, where I volunteered this morning. Estelle, who cofounded the shelter 26 years ago, is, at age eighty, the quintessential Bubbie (Yiddish for grandma... oh, and six of her nine grands popped over to bring cheer to the residents!). "Do you need more yarn?" she asked one resident with eyes glued to the TV and fingers racing through skeins as she crochets an acrylic blanket.

Between bustling in the kitchen, asking me to return with my synagogue, promising me an interview for my blog (she gave me her email for easy access) and insisting that I attend her next book club meeting, Estelle didn't understand my fuss over her. "I was raised this way. It's a no-brainer. You give and help others. Period."

Best holiday wishes to Ronni, Ollie, Crabby, and all their readers.

Merry Christmas Ronni! Thank you for all of your terrific post ...

Merry Christmas Ronni and Ollie,

Your snow photos from the Christmas Eve post were mind-boggling. Oregon got more than we're used to (or prepared for, that's for sure).

Have Ollie pop over to see my latest post about baby Willow, and the latest vid from Nora the Piano Cat.

Merry Christmas!

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