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A short post today with a few questions that are really bugging Crabby Old Lady.

Stimulus Legislation
Why are people, including the White House, complaining about the stimulus package provision to limit the amount of bonuses for executives of financial institutions? Can anyone really believe in the complainers’ theory that there are no other “talented” bankers who would work for less?

How can Republicans think, for example, that rural waste disposal programs, a new D.C. sewer system, flood reduction on the Mississippi, summer youth job programs, computer centers for community colleges do not create jobs. (See Saul Friedman’s column and the comments.)

Why do Republicans keep saying tax cuts are the better way to go with the stimulus? That’s what the government did for the past eight years and look where we are.

Why has every CFL light bulb Crabby has installed, which cost a fortune and are touted to last for years, burned out in under three months?

Why has Crabby suddenly begun leaving off the “.com” when she is required to leave an email address resulting in annoying little messages to go back and insert a proper address?

Crabby’s just asking…

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I wonder, too about all of that.

One thing that I've taken a stand on is CFL light bulbs. I tripped across this video on YouTube and it's why I refuse to use them. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-LOtKIIKcg

Do you honestly believe that ANYONE dosposes of them properly? Isure as don't.

What about letting the little whiners have their outrageous pay and bonuses then just tax the heck out of them - say 91% minimum. We could get something back at least.

And someday I'mm going to learn to type. That's 'disposes'. lol

I think I know why the Republicans are complaining about everything in the Stimulus Program that isn't a tax cut. First, they have always based their decisions regarding government on ideology and second, they hope the stimulus package will fail. Since they aren't voting for it, they can then claim that it's Obama's program in time for the mid-term elections. Politics as usual and be damned with the country.

Do you have dimmers on your light switches? They will burn out the CPL lights very quickly.

Crabby--Either you got a bad bunch of CFL bulbs or there is an issue with your wiring, dimming switches counting as a part thereof. I have installed nearly two dozen of the little buggers and have yet to have one burn out. And, yes, when they do burn out, they will go to the county's hazardous waste disposal terminal.

I make a trip to the hazardous waste disposal terminal about once every six months. Usually our collected hazardous waste is a small amount; but, fortunately, it is only a total of two miles of extra driving from a restaurant where I meet fellow retirees for breakfast every few weeks.

The Republicans are against capping CEO pay to "bail-out" banks, yet they have demanded of the Big Three auto companies to cut wages of hard-working men and women of the United Auto Workers by as much as half.

Crabby didn't know about dimmer switches, but:

1. since only two are on dimmers, which Crabby hardly ever uses and

2. since this building was renovated three years ago with all new wiring passing all inspections and

3. since Crabby bought her CFLs at several stores (supermarket, Home Depot, CVS, etc.) over time, so she doubts it's a bad batch of bulbs...

Crabby, on a limited budget, is not reinvesting in CFLs. She is waiting for the new LEDs that are expected to be on the market soon and do not have toxic disposal issues.

There are "good" CFL bulbs and there are "bad" CFL bulbs. The good ones last 8-15000 hrs. and have low levels of mercury. The 6 best are produced by Earthmate,Litronics,Sylvania,Feit, Maxlite, and Philips. We had two burn out(not the good ones) and got free replacements.

CFL's - Tried it and didn't like it. I don't know about longevity - we're up to about 8 months using it in a computer/desk lamp. As a "light" for reading, I couldn't and thought it was my problem until others spoke of the same problem.

(dot)com issue - yes, I find I do that often because I don't need dotcom when I sign in for email etc. - so yes, when it is needed I often forget. It seems many of us are more creatures of habits than we would like to think.

Bailouts/stimulus - we are in new ground - the New Deal is a bulding of a cornerstone and I am glad we are in a movement of stimulus rather than remaining stagnant.

I'm convinced the republicans have become meanspirited & pouty since McCain's loss. I fear our president is in for some rough times & it really saddens me. Dee

Only three Republicans in Congress seem to remember how to get some of what you want by giving up some of what you want. It's called negotiation, people. (I have, by the way, never been prouder of our two Maine Senators.)

The rest seem to be under the impression that the last two elections didn't happen and that the GOP can still act in its high- and heavy-handed manner.

Today I am left being a crabby old lady over my meds. In the tinyest print possible they tell me they can't be renewed after the 11th....even if they have 30 days worth of pills left. I acted like a three year old this morning over this. Ah well.

I replaced all of the light bulbs in my apartment with CFL bulbs two years ago, and they are still going strong. You must have gotten into a bad batch.

You have put the arguments quite concisely on this stimulus package. Republican Congresspeople seem to be anti-spending unless they think they are being attacked by unknown enemies and we can dump money into defense contracts. They talk a lot about cutting government but we do know what that has resulted in term of FDA, CDC, FEMA, etc.

Ronni, the Republicans are suddenly anti-spending, since there is a Democratic administration and the new spending is meant to help some of us lower- and middle-income citizens. They were all for wildly over-spending on a destructive and meaningless war, so long as there was a Republican administration, and the money went to their buddies in the so-called defense industries (the military-industrial complex General Eisenhower warned us about).
Borrowing from other countries and putting our children deeply in debt meant nothing to them back then. Now apparently many of them are hoping for the economy to fail so they can get back into office in 2010. The best we can hope for is to see some good results before then, but it might take longer.
Senator McCain has been in lock-step with his party and nasty about the stimulus package, and so have most of his fellow Republicans (Boehner in particular). They despise the three who voted for their country and not with the party. Gee, fellows, not so long ago you all were bragging about mavericks!
I think they crawled out of their nurseries lisping, "Tax cuts--tax cuts--"

Does anyone really know what is in this stimulus bill? It's 1,000 pages.

We have replaced all our bulbs. Our rural electric cooperative gives a package of six away at annual meetings & provides a recycle container. They seem to be working fine and I guess the power company must think they will help them.

Joni--I should think that the rest of the Republicans would love the three who voted for the stimulus package. After all, the three were able to negotiate to get what they wanted to the tune of 45% of the package's being for tax cuts at the expense of schools and other worthwhile spending. After his big show of not following the failed policies of the previous administration, I find it appalling that Pres Obama is willing to sign the horrid bill that the stimulus package has become.

Pete needs to remind me what the three republicans gave up in negotiation. From such an incredible position of weakness, I'd say that they did all right for themselves.

I am having the same bulb problem. They are expensive and they have burned out very, very quickly. In months. I am in an old house. Maybe the wiring?

I must be missing the point but I'll ask you folks to explain this to me: The country is over 1 Trillion dollars in debt, right?

The states are running out of money to pay employees and those 6 million plus people out of work, right?

There is a billion dollar stimulus package on the table to 'jump start' the economy, right?

Uhm, where is this money coming from?! This all sounds like bad math and counterfeiting to me.

What's scary about all this is we have been on the Fiat system since Nixon!

Now we have new bucket heads grinning in our face, 'spitting' on our heads and telling us happy days are here again because it's raining money!

Cop Car, Those GOPers who supported the stimulus bill have basically given up the support of their national party leaders. In a related context, Jonathan Alter of Newsweek gives us a plausible idea of what our moderate Republicans (and Republicans in general) have given up.

Why give the banks money or the homeowners money or GM money? Why single out one particular group and reward it only? Why not distribute money among taxpayers and let us all jump start the economy?

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