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This Week in Elder News: 21 February 2009

In this regular weekend feature you will find links to news items from the preceding week related to elders and aging, along with whatever else catches my fancy that I think you might like to know. Suggestions are welcome with, however, no promises of publication.

Comment Troubles: I know many of you have run into difficulties posting comments here and at The Elder Storytelling Place for the past week or two, and I know it is really annoying. Typepad, which hosts these blogs, has been notified and is working on a solution which I hope will come soon. I also hope you will be patient until that happens.

UPDATE: I've just received a note from the good folks at Typepad with a tentative solution. They also are offering individual help to readers with commenting difficulties so they "can work with [you] directly to adjust any local settings which may be preventing the comment form from loading correctly." You can do that by reporting your problem in this online form. Be sure to include as much specific information about the problem as possible.

Marie Alcorn alerted me to a service in Knoxville that would be a good thing everywhere. Called One Call Club for Seniors, it gives member access to vetted services such as yard maintenance, home repair, pet sitting, piano tuning and much more. The goal, reports Marie, is to help elders remain in their homes when these chores become difficult to keep up. “We stand in for that son or daughter who doesn’t live in town,” she says.

We should all know by now that one reason too many Americans are overweight is fat-laden fast food and the increase of portion sizes in restaurant meals. An interesting new study reveals that over the past couple of decades calorie creep has infected cook books too. Read about it here.

Paul Boutin, writing in The New York Times this week, has a number of low-tech fixes for high-tech problems like cell phones dropped in the toilet, dirty DVDs, extending Wi-Fi reach at home and more. Very much worth saving.

Boomer casting call. A new television show called Appetite for Life is in the works and is looking for boomers from 45 to 65 who have “made the leap from dreaming about change to making their passion a reality. If you fit the category, you can find out more and apply for the program here.

Everyone knows that to help control cholesterol, we should limit our intake of eggs, right? Well, now that’s wrong. In a new study, researchers find that saturated and trans fats are much worse and that we can eat eggs again. More here.

No link on this, just a funny image. I wondered yesterday morning, as I was checking the day’s temperature before leaving the house, if I’d pulled a Rip Van Winkle and it was now August, not February. Another online weather service gave me true temperature: 22F with a real feel of 9F degrees.



Thank you for the low-tech fixes info. Cool!

Typepad sucks. Some typepad blogs I can comment on, some I can't, and there's absolutely no rhyme or reason for it. On most I've just given up bothering until the blogger changes to another platform.

Sigh. Used to be a good company, too.

Your funny weather forecast could actually be ours today. Our high is supposed to reach 80*. Sorry I can't send some heat your way.

Well, there's some wishful thinking! Like you, I have been watching it snow since this afternoon.

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