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An Honor and an Elderblogger Invitation

One of the best and most important elder research, policy and advocate organizations in the world is the International Longevity Center (ILC) in New York City. It was founded by renowned gerontologist, Robert N. Butler, the man who coined the term “ageism” in the 1960s and who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his 1975 book, Why Survive? Being Old in America.

I was pleased last year, on publication of his latest book, The Longevity Revolution, when Dr. Butler agreed to an interview for Time Goes By which you can read here.

For the past decade, the ILC has held an annual event called the Age Boom Academy,

“...an intensive week-long seminar designed to deepen journalists' understanding of how the aging of the world's population is affecting politics, the economy, and just about every other aspect of their beats.”

The ILC is producing the 2009 seminar with support from The New York Times Company Foundation and in cooperation with the American Federation for Aging Research with additional support from The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and MetLife Foundation.

It is an invitation-only event for about a dozen journalists and I am honored to tell you that I have been accepted to attend this year – the first-ever blogger. I am eager for the seminar and I know what I learn during that week will deepen my understanding of aging and enrich this blog for months and years to come – so we will all benefit. You can find out more about the agenda here.

The Academy begins on 31 May in New York and I am extending my stay a few days to visit with old friends and soak up the city I miss so much. During my absence, some excellent elders will fill in for me with guest blogs so there will be new posts on Time Goes By every day. And, I had another thought...

How about a New York City elderbloggers get-together. I know of a few of you who live in New York, and undoubtedly there are others who read Time Goes By. We can choose a restaurant and spend an evening over good food and conversation.

The dates I can be available are Sunday 7 June or Monday 8 June. So if you live in New York or its vicinity and are interested in an elderblogger meetup, email me (use the Contact link in the upper left corner of this page), let me know which date is best for you and we'll arrange it. This would be an excellent way to cap a trip I am so looking forward to.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lyn Burnstine has a few poetic words to say about getting old in The Turnstile.


Goosebumps here as I read this--for you, of course, and for us out here. Good thinking by ILC: our bodies may represent the past yet Elderbloggers are also very much about the possibilities in the future. Seems a perfect time for you, an antidote to yesterday's darkness. Congratualations, Ronni.

This is so exciting for you & for us as well, Ronni. Congradulations on the invite. Couldn't happen to a better person. Also hope your plans for a get together work out. What fun! Dee

Ronni - How exciting and what an excellent validation of the thought provoking contributions you continue to make to and for all of us.

An honor, indeed! They'll be lucky to have you... like we are.

Kudos, Ronni! You're the one, when it comes to blogging the issues of my age group. What I can't figure out is how/if you make any money at it, which you richly deserve to do! At least it looks like you're getting the notoriety you've earned.

Sixty and Single...

I don't make a dime from this blog. But what is important is that it gives me the opportunity to speak for elders sometimes on television or radio shows, at technology conferences and in print interviews that reach people who can make a difference.

It also gives me a reason to follow through every day on my continuing interest in "what it's really like to get old" that began more than a dozen years ago and has not flagged in that time.

Plus, I can promote my conviction that blogging is an almost ideal pastime for elders. It keeps our minds limber, creates at atmosphere of community, leads us to new friends and acquaintances and gives us each a public voice in the things we care about.

"They" tell us that blogging is giving way to other social media like MySpace, Twitter, text messaging and Facebook with the younger set. That's just fine. We elders grew up more with the written word than images on screens and quick 140-character shots that pass for communication. And I would be perfectly happy if blogging were to become known as an elder-only enterprise - which I doubt it will.

Congratulations. You are such an inspiration--being yourself, offering your many talents, and leading the way for elderbloggers. I hope your time in New York is a blast and you come back filled to the brim. Peg

This is great news, Ronnie. Congratulations.

(It's Nordette from Blogher.com)

Heard about this through the grapevine. :-) Learned more reading your post. Way to go!

also at http://nola101.com

Ronni, was just asking my Mom, what's up with Ronni? I'm so excited for you--what an opportunity. And you get to go back to NYC! Glad you are staying true to your blogging.

Congratulations, Ronni. Elders could not have a better representative than you.

Enjoy your stay in your favorite city.

What a well deserved honor! I am excited for you!!

So many pluses to this experience. You get to spend time in your beloved New York city, visit with old friends and have a meet up with fellow bloggers.

What a time you are going to have!

I'm excited for all of us because of your generosity in sharing your experiences. No doubt this trip will inspire and rejuvenate! Party on, Ronni.

Ronni, you represent us to the max. Can't wait to read how it all went at the conference. Scope it all out and bring back the news.

If there is ever a conference in Montreal, and I am sure it will happen, come on over for dinner.

Take care.

Congratulations! I know you will learn a lot, but I suspect you would have a few things you could teach them, too!

It's a shame that the number of attendees of the Academy is limited. It is the kind of event that every journalist who even vaguely writes about elders should attend!

I look forward to your sharing with us your experiences!

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing all about it. New York, after all, is still a helluva town!

Way to go Ronni.
Bring us back some large portions of the wisdom you obtain and have a super wonderful time in NYC.

You deserve a break away from the everyday.

Ronni, what exciting news this is. You are going to have a ball of a time while you are there. Imagine all that you can learn, partake upon, and delve into. Can't wait to hear your impressions.

This is great news. On your recommendation I will be reading Dr. Robert's book, *The Longevity Revolution,*which I just downloaded onto my Kindle.

Tried to post yesterday but the server wouldn't let me so I'm trying again. Say hello to everybody for me.

Great! I seem to miss a lot when I'm not here regularly. Now, when are they going to move some big aging conferences to the other side of the country so we, too, can more easily participate???

Am tempted to see if there's a good airline ticket deal to take in the affair, but will likely content myself just reading the agenda and your subsequent blog posts.

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