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category_bug_eldermusic According to YouTube, Fran and Marlo Cowan had been married 62 years when this video was posted and Fran's 90th birthday was approaching in September 2008. It's obvious they have been doing this together for many years. Enjoy. (Hat tip to kenju of Imagine)

Thanks to Saul Friedman, who writes The TGB Reflections column, we now know about a terrific music website with the unfortunate name of upchucky.com which streams hit songs from individual years beginning with the 1940s. The site is a bit hard to navigate, but if you start here, scroll almost all the way down, the list of years is on the right under the heading, The Music Room.

Peter Tibbles of Melbourne reminded me that today is folk legend Pete Seeger's 90th birthday, and there is an extensive review of his long life at Wikipedia.

Let's celebrate with his performance at the Lincoln Memorial during President Obama's inauguration in January. Pete with Bruce Springsteen, the president and about a half million other people too – Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land. [5:19 minutes]

I have never been a fan of musician, singer, songwriter, poet, novelist, etc., Leonard Cohen. I don't dislike his work but for whatever reason, it doesn't speak to me much. But plenty of people think otherwise. The 74-year-old has been on a world tour – his first in 15 years - for the past year and it continues through the end of 2009. We'll start with a song from his first album, in 1967, that just about everyone is familiar with, Suzanne, this performance recorded during the current tour.

The real reason Leonard Cohen is included today is that my young friend, Stan James, of wanderingstan alerted me to a CBC interview recorded in Cohen's Montreal home in April. It is a leisurely, thoughtful conversation with an excellent interviewer which is long – 42:03 minutes – but worth getting a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying.

If, however, you are rushed for time, this link will take you to a four-minute segment where Cohen speaks quite eloquently about mortality and death. Here below is the full interview.


thank you so much for sharing these. music touches hearts in so many ways and i appreciate this sunday gift.

I didn't like Leonard Cohen when I was a young woman, but I rediscovered him in the last few years and like him very much indeed. So thank you.

Thanks especially for the Cohen post, Ronni. His latest work has been in heavy rotation on my iPod for the last six months. After seeing the interview, I think I am understanding better why that is so. It never occurred to me to look closer at his life these days. I am amazed at his appreciation of his own journey and his presence with the lack of pretense. You gave me that opportunity. I appreciate it.

What a delight to revisit the music of my youth and to hear the TV themes I grew up with. Thanks for the memories.

Fran and Marlo are delightful and I am thrilled to discover the music of Leonard Cohen which I have somehow missed all these years. Thanks for the post.

Yes, loved this post as well. I always loved Judy Collins back in the 60s and 70s, and she sang lots of Leonard Cohen songs -- although I didn't know it then. And a decade ago I found Jennifer Warnes album, "Famous Blue Raincoat," which is all Leonard Cohen songs, and I became a really big Cohen fan. He certainly seems to have made his peace with the fact that Madoff cleaned him out and he had to pretty much start all over again. He's a unique talent and, it turns out, a remarkable man.

This is great! I'm linking to it in my Blogher Midlife CE post Wednesday. Hope the spring has come to Maine, probably not soon enough after a New England winter though.

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