This Week in Elder News - 23 May 2009
“Old Feeble” People are Kindle Buyers

Elder Music – or Maybe Not

Somehow I omitted “Elder Music” from my to-do list this week and today dawned with nothing to publish.

It wouldn't be a lot of work to hastily cobble together something for you, but it's a pleasant early morning here, the air washed clean from an overnight rain. The birds are twittering and the squirrels are already scrambling about the trees, fences and electrical wires, eagle eyes zeroing in on backyard kitchen gardens and deck farms from which to thieve their breakfast.

It is chilly, just 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but wrapped in a couple of sweater layers sipping a cup of freshly-brewed, hot coffee on the deck, I have no inclination to disturb this morning idyll with electronic sound and a jumble of html code.

So enjoy your Sunday, I'll be back tomorrow and if you are looking for some thoughtful reading to ponder, I recommend this story from today's New York Times Magazine - The Case for Working With Your Hands.


oh, would you mind some quiet company on your porch? I'll even bring my own coffee. enjoy!
hugs from PA

Early morning, mountain lake, hold your breath to hear the peaceful wind, and watch the clouds reflected in the the still water...moments of magic.

Am all for it Ronnie - just be and enjoy.

Excellent article in the NY Times Magazine. In this throw-away society, a good thing for people to begin to think about hands-on DIY repairs, maintenance and learn some useful skills.

Enjoy your day, Ronni!!! If you need an elder music fix, I have Les Brown up on my blog!!!!

A nice morning here also on the West Coast. I checked out the Times article. I have always been impressed with mechanics. My husband has a phd in engineering but retired at 55 and went to a mechanics school at a nearby community college to get what is called an A&P license to work on airplanes. Like the fellow in the article, he tinkered with engines all through high school, intended to become an airplane mechanic until a guidance counselor looked at his SAT scores and steered him to college. He had a good career but is definitely happier working on airplane engines!

I think everyone is entitled to one day a week (minimum) to relax. have a second cuppa' and enjoy the peace of a deck or patio. It was only 65* when I opened my front door this morning and my patio beckoned me to come out for breakfast.

Seems like that Times article touched more than a few people. I just finished reading it (outside on my deck overlooking the Willamette)and was struck by the ever new realization that our society simply underrates the work of those who get their hands dirty. The thesis the author gives concerning the "right way" and the "corporate way" reminds me of a novel I just finished, set in the Soviet Union during the '50's. There was the "right way" too and the government's way and the government almost always won out--even though hundreds of innocent people could be killed the government way. Chilling to compare this with corporate America.



I just love your human-ness, and honesty about forgetting! Just enjoy the weekend. I am enjoying the fact that I now "know" someone in Portland, ME, when I hear of some event taking place there. Makes my day.

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