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Where TGB Readers Live and Going Home to New York City

This is a long, long post today, but most of the length is taken up with easy-to-read lists.

Where in the World are Time Goes By Readers
Wow – nice response to the question of where we live. Not everyone I know of checked in, but there are also a lot of people whose names I've never seen before. (Welcome and it's nice to see you.)

The majority who responded are scattered in all but eight U.S. states (I know they are represented too, but those readers didn't happen to stop by during this poll, and 15 countries are represented. They are:

Australia – 4
Canada – 4
England – 4
France – 1
Germany – 1
India – 1
Israel – 1
Japan – 1
Mexico – 1
The Netherlands – 1
Scotland – 1
South Africa - 1
Spain - 1
Sweden – 1
Turkey - 1

Within the U.S., California topped the list of those responding. I was surprised, although I don't know why, to see that Massachusetts followed closely behind and then Arizona. So many different towns are represented that I haven't listed them.

If you're interested to know if anyone is in your city, you'll need to comb through the original responses in the Comments on Wednesday – keep clicking “Next” at the bottom of the comments to see more.

Remember that for people who have blogs and included their URL in the comment form, just click their name to be taken to their blog.

Here is the state list in alphabetical order. Please be sure to check below this list for a special Time Goes By announcement.

Arizona – 7
Arkansas – 1
California – 14
Colorado – 4
Connecticut – 1
Delaware – 1
Florida – 2
Georgia – 3
Hawaii – 1
Illinois – 1
Indiana – 4
Iowa – 1
Kansas – 2
Kentucky – 2
Maine – 2
Maryland – 4
Massachusetts – 10
Michigan – 2
Minnesota – 4
Mississippi – 1
Missouri – 4
Nebraska – 1
Nevada – 2
New Hampshire - 3
New Jersey – 2
New Mexico – 2
New York – 3
North Carolina – 4
Ohio – 4
Oklahoma – 3
Oregon – 5
Pennsylvania – 4
Rhode Island – 2
South Carolina – 1
Tennessee – 2
Texas – 3
Vermont – 1
Virginia – 1
Washington – 5
Wisconsin – 2

Going Home to New York City
A month ago, I told you how honored I am to have been accepted for the week-long Age Boom Academy at the International Longevity Center in New York City – the first blogger among the dozen journalists who attend annually. It is five days of presentations and discussion with experts from a wide variety of areas related to aging.

This year's theme is “A New Deal for Longevity,” with special emphasis on entitlement programs, health care reform, retirement savings, science and technology, and caregiving issues. Saul Friedman, who writes the Reflections column for Time Goes By, attended the Academy ten years ago and says it is intense, packed with information and filled with fodder for future posts.

Well, the day has finally arrived. I leave early tomorrow morning and the sessions begin on Sunday.

Following the Academy, I'm moving from the hotel to a friend's apartment in Greenwich Village (just five blocks from where I lived) to spend a few more days seeing friends and soaking up the city I consider my real home.

While I'm away, some elderbloggers and elder blog readers have prepared excellent posts for you, so there won't be an empty space on these pages while I'm gone. I know you will welcome them with open arms and leave them lots and lots of comments. As I mentioned about The Elder Storytelling Place last week, everyone likes applause - and even a good argument. You will recognize most of the names from their own blogs or their comments here.

I won't be out of touch. I'm taking the little Eee PC I bought last December – its first big-time workout. I'll have access to email and I will check in with you here when I have time and maybe give you an update or two. Or not. Perhaps you'll enjoy a rest from my daily declamations.

See you in about two weeks.

Oh, wait. One more thing: It's Darlene Costner's birthday today - she's 84. Go wish her happy birthday.

EDITORIAL NOTE: While I am away, The Elder Storytelling Place is on hiatus. You can read past stories here. And if you are inclined, you could send in stories for publication when I return. All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.


Hi Ronni, have been away for ten days or so and missed the 'where are you poll' so Turkey didn't get listed. I may not contribute much these days but I am still reading here in south west Turkey.

Hi Pat...

I just added Turkey to the list anyway. Doesn't matter if you're late.

Hi Ronni,
I think there were at least two of us from NH.

You're right, zuleme. I've fixed it. I'm sure there are other errors - I'm dancin' as fast as I can...

Have a great time Ronni. I see 4 people from Maryland. I have to go back and see who they are. We are neighbors!! What fun.

Well Ronni, dance your way to NYC, but hurry back with lots of good stuff for TGB & all your friends. Have a ball! Dee

Hi Ronni. Enjoy every second of your trip, and look around. Maybe, just maybe, you might discover a way of moving back to your fave city. Things change over time. Here's a toast to you.

How exciting not only being invited to attend a program related to aging, but the fact that it’s being held in New York City just puts the entire event over the top.
Although (regrettably) I’ve never lived in NYC, just being a short train ride away suffices as a close second. People seem to either love or hate that city. After all these years, I can’t explain the renewed sense of excitement to just be there.
Have a wonderful time as NYC welcomes back one of its own!

I wonder if Minetta's Tavern is still standing. I mis spent many a happy, hazy hours there in the halcyon days of my youth.

Congratulations on the invitation and Hooray for the opportunity to spend some extra time in NY. Tha biggest city I've ever lived in was about 200K. Can't really even imagine what it would be like to have all that STUFF just laying at your feet.

Soak and savor, dear Ronni. We'll be here when you get back, eager for our vicarious experience!

Thank you for the birthday notice, Ronni.

Have a wonderful time in your city. I am sure it will be hard to leave when the time comes so savor every second while there.


Minetta Tavern is still there - just four block from where I lived. I too have misspent some time there...

Have a wonderful time, Ronni!!!!!
I'm looking forward to reading what you learned and all about your trip!!!

There are 5 of us from Minnesota, which would have pulled us into a three-way tie for fourth place. Alas, we have to get along with just one Senator, then after the next census will probably lose a House seat, and now this. Is there no end to this abusive neglect?

Seriously, have a great time in NYC. I know how much you've missed it.

Congratulations! I look forward to your account of the conference.

Somehow I thought I'd commented on your post asking where TGB readers live, but I bet I clicked on preview and forgot to click on post -- oops. Anyway, I've just added my response there so you can add one more reader to your California total!

Enjoy the Academy and your visit to your old neighborhood. Will also look forward to hearing how that little EeePC works out for you!

Congratulations! Have a great time back home!

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