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For a couple of years, it has bothered me that the Elderbloggers List, which was in the left sidebar, is so long there was hardly any way to choose what to click on except, perhaps, when a blog name happens to catch your fancy. No one, certainly not me, can read all these blogs, but they are carefully chosen for quality and should be – each and every one - spotlighted.

So today, a new Time Goes By section is being launched: Featured Elderblogs. Each Monday, links to five blogs from within the full list will be posted and remain until the following Monday when five different blogs will be featured for a week and so on.

Now don't panic. The full list - and your own blog link - has not disappeared. Instead, note the new graphic link just below the Featured Elderblogs that will take you to the complete list on another page.

The reason to do this is that the number of blogs – up to 377 today with the inclusion of 32 new ones – has become too unwieldy for a sidebar. Moving it to its own page frees up a lot of real estate for other items that will be added from time to time.

I assume you know the list does not contain all the elderbloggers online. It is only the ones I learn of in various ways and that meet certain criteria, among them: written by people who are at least 50 years old and who post new material once a week or more; are reasonably well-designed and well-written; are personal – that is, non-commercial, non-professional – blogs (which doesn't mean there can't be GoogleAds and their ilk).

There are a handful of blogs on the list written by people younger than 50 such as Advanced Age and ElderGuru who make elders their topic and do it well. But generally the list is for old people's blogs.

I once had the idea of organizing the blogs within categories, but was defeated when I realized there are nearly as many topics as there are elderblogs. So the list remains alphabetical.

There are probably a few abandoned blogs in the full list – I removed some, but there may be more. I will gradually delete them as I work my way through the weekly, five Featured Elderblogs.

You are welcome to suggest elderblogs – your own or someone else's - for the wait list. Do keep in mind, however, that they may not be included for various reasons and since I update the list only every few months, there may be a delay before they are added.

The new Featured Elderbloggers list should introduce readers to new blogs they haven't discovered before, reacquaint us with some we may have lost track of, and help spread the word about the many elders who keep excellent blogs. I hope you like the new system.

Here is a list of the newly-added elderblogs:

Birds on a Wire


Boogie Street

Celia's Blue Cottage


Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie

dept. of nance

Eclectic World


Friko's Musings

goldenrod's thoughts

Gooznews on Health


Jive Chalkin'

Kenyo of Pensacola

Kick It Up a Notch

Lewis Grossberger

MamaFlo's Place

Middle Age Ramblings


The New Sixty

Patient's Progress

Peevish Pen

Possumlady Place

Rambling Woods

Realizing Ordinary

Sixty and Single in Seattle

Small Change

The Stamp Collecting Roundup

The Tempered Optimist

Thrifty and Proud of It

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Syney Halet: Interview.


Thank you for the mention. I welcome everyone to stop by! Also very excited to see your full list of blogs and the new blogs.

What a wonderful surprise. Thenk you so much for the mention. Please stop by. I don't mind poking fun at my self or my age. Gotta laugh don't we?
Thanks for the new list of go to places.

Another new fresh & very good idea, Ronni. Thanks. Dee

Thanks, Ronni. I look forward to spending a little time with some of your readers, on this great online front porch we all share. Cheers!

GREAT IDEA. Looking at the long list made me weary, and now, like a preschooler wanting a hand to hold while gazing glazed-eyed at the fare options, I'm elated to have suggestions — bite-size, digestible chunks to chew on... Thanks, Ronni (and you, bloggers).

Your solution sounds like a good idea to me. I don't know how anybody reads a lot of blogs. I have gotten to where I try to keep up on 7 or so and delve into new ones once in awhile, other favorites only irregularly, but it would take a day to keep up on all the blogs that I enjoy reading and end up all I would be doing.

Thank you, Ronni, for encouraging me to start my blog, and for adding it to your list.

Thanks for the link - all traffic warmly welcomed! And what a good spot this is ...

My system for reading the blogs has been to read them alphabetically--all the A's one day, next day all the B's and ao on. By the time I've gotten through them all, it's time to start over and there's a bunch new. I'll give your 5 a day system a try now. Thanks so much!!

Not that I need any new blogs to read (what with over 150 on my daily list) but I will check them out - I promise!!

Thanks for the lists. I will pick out a few for my favorites list.

Oh my! I feel exposed! At just turning 50 in August, I'm afraid my posts are not all that elder related. But, if you're interested in cats, cats, and more cats, and new wicker cushions, come on over!!

Seriously, I'm humbled to be listed.

Hey, thanks a lot for the shout out - much appreciated. Perhaps I can return the favor by offering a helpful hint. If you want to check your blog links page for dead links in one swoop, try entering the html address at this site:

It'll check them for you and spit out the results.


- Derrick

Google Reader makes reading a lot of blogs pretty easy for info junkies like me. Especially since most people don't post that often, maybe once a day.

As the creator of Retirement Rocks I'd like to thank you for featuring my little blog in your first 5 pick. I wondered why my numbers doubled on Monday !

I just hope new visitors return often even though using a reader doesn't show up on my visitor counter.

Welcome all.......

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