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GAY AND GRAY: Fun in the Sun

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Gay and Gray is a monthly column at Time Goes By written by Jan Adams (bio) in which she thinks out loud for us on issues of aging lesbians and gay men. Jan also writes on many topics at her own blog, Happening-Here.]

Not everyone at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and Celebration this year presented a picture of glowing youth. In fact, quite a few of us were quite mature. Here are some pictures from the day that I thought folks here might enjoy.

I asked Jo from St. Paulus Lutheran Church how many of these events she'd been part of. "About 30," she thought.


This woman thought she'd attended maybe five parades. When I encountered her, she was looking for her young cousins, visiting from Sweden, who she'd lost somewhere.


These fellows were squinting in the sun...


...while this gentleman had taken a seat.


Lots of spectators flock to enjoy the sights. "We come every year!"


These women were staffing a booth for a scuba club.


I expect that The Sequoias, a "life care" community, got a lot of attention when this man was in their booth.


A determined marcher.


And here a multi-generational family group.


A grand time was had by some 500,000 folks - and we, LGBT elders and friends, were very much among the crowd.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Celia Jones: Elinor and Her Dog Stud.


The Pride Parade here in Portland, Maine was considerably smaller. The church I attend calls itself "Open and Affirming," so I've participated in the parade for the last two years as a way of putting my money (or at least my feet) where my mouth is. This year I helped carry the church's banner.

As in San Francisco, there was a lot of gray hair on the street in Portland.

Anyway, a Pride Parade is the best place I know of for a straight dude in a polo shirt to stand out in the crowd.

Here in the heartland, our gay community appears to be rather small -- no celebrations and I think it's sad.

One of my best friends is gay but we don't talk about it which is sad. It just is.

People here are, and probably always will be, in denial. That there are a lot of fundamentalist Christians here is probably why.

Very cool to see the older folks!

I could almost swear that I know the guy in the 4th photo down. Curtis left Raleigh for CA back in the late 70's and that pic looks just like he would if I "mentally aged him".

I almost made it to Chicago this year for the HUGE parade there. Had to postpone...but one of these days.

Ruidoso has a surprisingly large community, especially for a town this size, but no parade. It's very conservative around here, too. But they know we're here; the Lincoln County Social Club (GLBTQ) is on record as a dynamic force and frequently top the list of charitable gifts locally. Yea!

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