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Time and Time Again

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category_bug_journal2.gif It's an old aging topic of conversation – how fast time flies. It came up recently during an email exchange with Peter Tibbles who writes the Sunday Elder Music column. He said he'd thought an album had been released about five years ago but when he checked, he was shocked to find it had been 15 years ago.

No kidding. Happens to me all the time, especially every two weeks when I fill up my seven-day vitamin containers. On a suggestion (two years ago? three years ago? who knows) from Millie Garfield of My Mom's Blog, I have two of them because weekly fill-ups seemed to come around every day. But even with two, when I'm counting out a multi-vitamin, two calciums and two fish oil gelcaps into their little boxes, I think, “Didn't I do this just yesterday?”

Because I watch another program on the same television channel, I frequently see promos for a show titled Monk. Now and then I make a mental note to take a look at it one day, but I haven't done so. Last week (a month ago?), a promo announced that the final season is starting soon. Final season? It feels like a new show to me but, obviously, several years have gone by without my noticing.

I remember, during even my not-so-young working life – say, age 40 or 45 - when I was eagerly anticipating a Friday night date or had theater tickets or some other special event, that on Wednesday I'd think, “My god, won't the weekend ever get here.” These days when Wednesday arrives, I think, “Damn, the week is almost over” and sure enough, I turn around – or so it seems – and it's Friday.

There are many explanations for the phenomenon of time speeding up as we get older. In fact, it was discussed on this blog at some length five years ago (I would have guessed two years ago) here and here and here. No one really knows the reason, so you can take your pick among the theories.

There may be no other topic for which “it's all relative” is more apropos.

The experts tell us that as we get old, it is easier to remember what happened 40 years ago than what we had for breakfast yesterday. For me, unless an event is closely attached to another for which I know the date – buying a home, 9/11, getting married, etc. - I can easily be off on when it happened by a decade and even more.

As I told Peter, this is a warning to you readers: when I write something like “10 or 15 years ago,” it is just as likely to have been 25 or 30 years ago.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, William Weatherstone - Alzheimers: Part 2.


For many years (that means more than two or twenty) I've admonished people not to wish their lives away when they told me how long the day...or week...or whatever seemed and how they wished it were Friday...or the 20th...or....But, that hasn't made me less prone to the "It's been how long?" syndrome.

On the other hand, I've never subscribed to the theory that the one character held in "Catch 22" - that if he made himself miserable, life would seem a lot longer. It may be true, but who wants to be miserable?!

I well remember the first time I sent you an email, with much trepidation, feeling abashed at the thought of intruding on such a famous blogger. As you are today, you were most kind to me in your reply. That was a couple of years ago, right? (Well, it was before I retired - and I retired over five years ago!)

Cop Car: tee hee. I would have said a couple of years ago too.

When I searched the archives to find those previous posts about time speeding by, it hit me that I've been writing this blog for more than HALF A DECADE, which sounds longer than five years. I held only one job longer than that.

I know for sure that when I die, I'll be asking where all the time went.

You are quite right, Ronni, about children having a different outlook on time than an adult.

When my Grandson was about three years old and I visited them, when I was packing to leave he would always beg me to wait until Saturday to go. No matter what day of the week it was, even Friday, he asked me to wait until Saturday.

I wondered about this and finally came to the conclusion that everything he was ever looking forward to (Birthday party,trip to the zoo,etc.) usually took place on a Saturday.

Now to a 3 year old, waiting until Saturday was FOREVER, so, in reality he was asking me to stay till Saturday because it took so long for Saturday to get there and he would have his Nanny that much longer.

So my little Andrew and Einstein were on the same page as far as time being relative is concerned.

We will take it at any time. Thank you too.....

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