It's Elders For Health Care Reform Day
This Week in Elder News: 22 August 2009

Elders For Health Care Reform – the Day After

category_bug_politics.gif Remember when we talked about our retirement routines last week? You didn't see “write blog post” on my early morning list. That's because my brain is too fuzzy for the first hour or two to think linearly enough to make sense. Usually I am reading at this time of day.

Now, here I sit Friday morning at 4:30AM, awake for only 15 minutes and, having prepared nothing yesterday as a followup to Elders For Health Care Reform Day, straining to write these simple sentences.

It was an amazing turnout yesterday with everyone who participated putting a lot of thought and effort into their work – a committed community of elders so different from the ones television news programs highlight shouting about no health care reform at town hall meetings.

Speaking of media, between reading and posting your essays, I spent a lot of time yesterday contacting various media to alert them to what was happening here. I know some of you did that, too, along with posting to Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. It all contributed to the satisfying turnout of readers.

I was particularly pleased to see essays from people whose names are new to me along with some other excellent stories posted in the comments. I don't know if we have changed the minds of anyone who opposes health care reform, but at the least we made it evident that there are a lot of elders who are not part of the I've-got-mine-so-screw-you crowd.

If you haven't read all the reform posts in the list from yesterday, I urge you to do so. They vary widely from personal stories, debunking lies about reform, urging participation in support of reform and some education about how the legislative process works. (Democracy is messy.) You'll learn a lot about health care - and one another.

I also urge you to keep writing about health care reform. Only elders have the experience and can compare life with private coverage to life with “socialized medicine” under Medicare. And, we are the only people alive who remember the days of our youth when health coverage hardly existed.

Most of all, I want to thank you for participating - writers and commenters and readers. We did a good thing yesterday and I'm so proud to know each one of you. Thank you for all your hard work on this.

This is not what I'd like to have written today, but it is all I can muster at this early hour.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mage Bailey: Sometimes a Bargain


Thank you, Ronni, for organizing us and for all your work in favor of health care reform.

I do plan to read every one of them, but it will have to wait until next week. Thanks for all you do, Ronni.

Add another big thank-you for your work and time for all you do.

I am wondering if there is anyway to track the results of our August 20th blitz?

You deserve a big round of applause for the efforts you made in getting so many elders to write blog posts and comments that reflected their thoughts and experiences with health care.

It was valuable information and we all gained new knowledge from it. We are now better prepared to rebut some of the arguments against health care reform that are continuously thrown at us.

Good for you, Ronni. Thanks!

Kudos to all
Here' another read
another activity
another awareness

Pass 'em on.


That was a wonderful response to your plea for articles on the health care debate. I do hope that it opened many eyes to the correct way forward for your fellow country wo/men.

Thank you for allowing me to take part.

“I’ve got mine so screw you” in your blog today brought me back several months when a friend and I were discussing health care. She did not use those words, but that’s what I perceived her to mean at the time and it did not feel good. I’m going to go with the assumption that she did not understand much about it and I certainly did not so it was dropped. At least now, I’ll have more to say…much more. Thanks to you and all who have contributed.

Thanks for doing this Ronni! I've visited, read and learned from all of you. Every little bit helps.

Folks might like to know that while we were writing out our stories, internet activists have accomplished some hard, real world politicking. They collected over $300,000 to support Congresspeople who support a health care reform with a public plan as a choice.

That is, this campaign is getting folks together to make doing right pay material as well as moral benefits. What a concept!

Ronni, and thank you! It feels much more cohesive to write a blog post as part of the whole collection. I would never have written anything at all, since I think that writing about the US health care reform is not something one can do from the outside. But, since you asked us non-Americans to write, it was easy to put something together. There were such a good variety and such interesting prespectives... thanks to everyone else too.

Thank you for putting it together and making it work. It was a good source for those of us who care and want to be informed. The media on the left or right is quick to write this off or turn it into a big story and they frequently ignore the facts.

I hope we were able to change some minds, but if that didn't happen we at least proved that there is strong support among elders for health care reform and most of the elders favor the Private Option.

We owe it to future generations to give them the kind of reform that previous generations gave to us in the form of Social Security and Medicare.

Thank you Ronni and everyone for contributing. I read and learned a lot by reading everyone's entries. I now have different ways to think about this issue and I feel I can participate more fully in an informed debate. It feels good - if scary - to grow into larger activities than I am accustomed to and I thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks for creating a forum where can share our experience and ideas in an open and respectful place.

Thank you, Ronni. Thank you, everybody. Thank you, Cile, for reminding us that November wasn't just another election. It was a call for US to participate. I'm so proud to tell my friends about this group of friends.

thanx fer the inspiration, al ye elderbloggers! here's my two bits:

Necrotic Insurance Wars

Even fallen-away Catholics
listen to their Consciences
better than do Protestants.

The Sage say,
"Everyone in the Halls of Our Democratic Republic
should vote to pass the HeathCare Reform Bills
so the KOOKS amongst Us can get affordable,
judiciously mandated Mental Health Care Services,
ie: belligerant, cud-chewing, black militia men
with big-time automatic weaponry,
should be shot with a tranquilizer gun,
(NOT a taser since his finger could be on the trigger),
and fitted with a straightjacket, and hauled off to some Cooler,
for the rest of Us Citizens and Our Public Safety."

Thank you's and those coherent sentences are pretty good things for that early hour. Thank you.

I was delighted to participate in the "Elders for Health Care Reform Day" and have had many new readers click the link to read my post. Thanks for organizing the very worthy effort. I hope we don't have to do it again next year!!

I add my thank you to you Ronni and to all who participated. I got comments from people I never had before also and tried to visit and comment on as many blogs as possible.

Great Day! more to come

6o House members signed a letter to Secretary Sebelius stating they wouldn't vote for a health care reform bill that doesn't include a strong public option.

I checked the list and found that my Representative was one of the 60, so I'm sending him an email promising my support, praising his willingness to take a stand, and urging him to not waver. In addition, I'm going to let everyone I know in his district know about it.

I urge others to check if their Representatives have signed the letter, and if they haven't send them an email asking why not and urging them to do so. If they have, send an email thanking them and promising your support in this tough fight.

As long as the House refuses to pass a bill that doesn't contain a public option, the Senate has no choice but to include a public option or take the heat for obstructing health care reform.

I recommended your "Elders For Health Care Reform Day" to Huffington Post.

Actually I think they shoud add you to their Blog Roll.

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