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Happy 84 years, Millie Garfield

When I started Time Goes By in 2004, and was looking around the internet for other elders who might be blogging, there weren't many. The elder blogosphere has grown large since then, but in the beginning, Millie Garfield of My Mom's Blog was one of the few.

Millie is a pioneer among elderbloggers due, in part, to her son, Steve, who is well known around the internet himself as a blogger, video blogger and soon, an author. Her first post at My Mom's Blog, is dated in October 2003. Not many of us can match that.

Since then, she has has been featured on television for her blogging, spoken at tech conferences and she has a collection of funny YouTube videos – most famously, her “I Can't Open It” series which you can find here, among others.

When Millie was turning 80 in 2005, with the help of other elderbloggers – and some younger ones too – I pulled together a big online celebration. Since then, it has become a tradition on 18 August and today is the fifth anniversary of Millie's blogosphere birthday bashes.

It's no secret that Millie's favorite flower is the sunflower. So, Millie, here are about 84 times a zillion of them (whatever that adds up to) for your birthday this year:

Be sure to stop by Millie's blog to wish her a Happy 84th.

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Happy Birthday Millie!

It's amazing what a new world the Internet in general and blogging in particular have opened up for us all. Thanks Ronni for all your good and needed work in the blogging world.

There's a little blurb about her on my blog too, Ronni.

Ever since I started blogging you have been a mentor and inspiration to me. I was lucky to have found you so early on in my "blogging life."

Blogging has enriched my life in countless way. It keeps me thinkiing, feeling and learning.

Thanks for all you do.

YOM HULEDET SAMACH - TO 120, MILLIE!!! Sorry this post is late, turned 66 August 17th and just sobered up!!!! Simply marvelous.

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