The Threat to Medicare and the Truth Squad
Vintage TGB: 7 September 2004

Seven Mini Blog Posts

category_bug_journal2.gif Health care reform. Trusts. Medicare. Age discrimination. It's been a heavy week at Time Goes By and I think we should lighten up for a day. Here are some unrelated thoughts and events that are not enough individually for full posts but have been rolling around my mind.

Autumn Although the leaves haven't begun to turn yet in my part of Maine, fall has arrived. For the past week, nighttime temperatures have been down to the low 50s and in the daytime they have struggled to reach 70F. I wish it were possible to photograph the light, fresh breeze tinged with the fragrance of the sea that has been wafting through my windows all week. This is a fine time of year.

Nature's Bounty I overbought at the farmers' market this week, but look at the luscious food I brought home.


Juicy peaches; big, fat tomatoes ripened on the vine; the sweetest raspberries I've eaten in years; miniature, multicolored sweet peppers; extra pungent scallions; arugula picked just the day before. I forgot to include the plums, figs, grapes and corn in the photo and, from the supermarket, a gorgeous salmon steak and the freshest dates I've eaten since I picked them off a tree in Israel some years ago. This all makes me extremely happy.

Overstuffed Refrigerator My refrigerator is satisfying full of good things to eat, but nothing like my mother-in-law, back when I was married. She kept her refrigerator so stuffed you needed to hold out a hand to catch anything that fell out when you opened the door - even when we arrived on a surprise visit.

No matter what you wanted, you could find it – lox, a piece of fried chicken, some meatloaf, an apple, home-made gefilte fish, two or three cheeses, the complete makings of a Dagwood sandwich - and none of it growing green fuzz. I have never known how she did that with only two people in the house.

My Hero If you don't count firemen, heroes are hard to come by these days in our era of greed and (deliberate?) mismanagement in high places. But Wendell Potter has leaped to the top of my list.

He is the reformed insurance company executive who quit his well-paying job to go public, testifying before Congress as a whistleblower against corrupt insurance company practices and, with appearances on television programs with Bill Moyers, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, among others, revealing how the big insurers work to avoid paying claims. He is now a fellow at the Center for Media and Democracy where he keeps a blog.

TGB Subscriptions For those of you who read Time Goes By via an email subscription, please note: when you hit reply, your message comes to me, and only me, by email. But if you click the title of the post, you will be taken to the online site of this blog where you can click “comments” at the bottom of the story and have your say so everyone can read your perceptive contributions to the discussions.

Skype Friends have been urging me to use Skype to phone them for a long time. I've taken the plunge now and can't imagine why I didn't do it before. The software is easy to download, install and use, calls within the United States are clear and they are free. Plus, they cost only a small amount between countries. Marion Vermazen recorded our interview (which you can listen to here) this week via Skype. I'm a convert and I think you will be too. If you haven't done so, give it a try. I need some more people to Skype with.

Elders For Health Care Reform Given the large number of elders who oppose health care reform, it is encouraging to see Jan Adams' photographs taken at a demonstration in San Francisco this week. Here is one of them and you can see more at her blog. They will make you feel good.


Well, okay, it turned out to be a not entirely substance-free day, but at least Crabby Old Lady isn't haranguing you. And now I'm going to up it to eight mini-posts because after I finished writing, this arrived from Darlene Costner of Darlene's Hodgepoodge: The Raging Grannies of Santa Cruz, California, singing about health care reform and a few other little problems that need addressing.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Friko: The Kindness of Strangers


'Ditto' on the "Wendell Potter is my hero"!

And if any of your readers did not see the interview by Bill Moyers you referred to (a must see)- here is the link....

The Bill Moyers / Wendell Potter Interview

Thanks for the post of lightness. And a Happy and safe labor day weekend to all. I may try skype!

Thanks, Ronni - I wish we could get raspberries like those here in Florida. They look so yummy! It's nice to focus on something beautiful and healthful for a change.

I want those raspberries!!

Thanks, I needed a break!

I was in Health Care Reform overload. although I still believe in the cause.

Concerning Skype, I need to get the right mic/headpiece thingy. Any suggestion? I ordered a new computer via BestBuy online,it will be here next week. I'm going to download Skype on it.

It’s always such a treat to see your pictures Ronni. I’m a vegetarian so you can imagine how heavenly this time of year is for me. I bought the most magnificent eggplants last week …the cost… twenty-five cents each. Most times Joe, the farm owner, just lets the customer decide how much to pay for what he’s picked that day in an old coffee can. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

May I join you for dinner? Salmon and those fresh veggies are making my mouth water.

I'll bring the ice cream if you'll let me sprinkle some of those raspberries on it.

Ronni, It was a lot of funding the interview. You are right about Skype. There is something to be said for just calling friends to talk occasionally maybe I'll make a point of doing that. Someone asked about s Skype headset. I have used the internal mic/speaker on my computer but I just got an Ipevo mic/speaker that is like a telephone handset. I just hold it up to my ear. I like it a lot. If anyone would like to Skype with me let me know

I meant fun doing the interview :-)

Re: Skype
I have been advised that I can't use it as I have dialup.

Thanks for the link to Mr. Potter's blog

You can find me on Skype using my skype name vdebolt. Let's gab.

I am listening to the interview, so much fun to hear your voice. It helps to know you better. You are a great, professional, kinding lady!

Ah, but out here on the west coast, the world thinks it's the height of summer. 92 at the beach today....I'm selfish and admit to being miserable. I'm so hot, tho I can see the merit of Skype, I will have to cool off before considering it.

I hate to bother you via email. On the interview you are discussing the photo timeline. Where can I see that? Please post the link.


Thank you, Ronni and Darlene. That was so cute...the Raging Grandma's. How true...Oye Vay!!! Ronni - you can call me anytime via the telephone!!!! I'm in the Book - Halet, Brockton, Ma. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Healthy Jewish New Year, 5770.

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