Senator Kohl is Taking Your Health Care Reform Questions Right Now

Vote Today For the Free Elderblog Winner

The good people at Typepad, the company that hosts this blog and The Elder Storytelling Place, gave me one, year-long blogging account to give away and last Monday I asked those who are interested to tell us, in the form of a haiku, why they want to start a blog.

The poems poured in by email and I had a great time reading them all. If it were up to me, everyone who entered the contest would win but alas, there can be only one. So...

The three finalists have been selected and today, readers, you get to vote for the winner.

The haikus are below. Please vote in the form where the choices are listed by the first line of each haiku. Voting is open until 6PM eastern U.S. time tomorrow – Tuesday 29 September. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Memory bottle
crammed inside my too-small brain
Time to uncork it

Blogging is a way
for me to bridge the chasm
between the races

Here's a deal for you:
If I become the winner
I'll blog in haiku


IMPORTANT HEALTH CARE REFORM NOTICE: Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee will debate the private public option for inclusion or not in the Baucus Bill. Some of us think this is a crucial component for any reform to succeed. If you think so too, write your senators today.

It doesn't matter if you've done this before. Remind them again that you support a public option and include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid your list of contacts. Here is how to find your Congress members and Harry Reid.

Harry Reid
Email form
Phone 202.224.3542

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Norm Jenson: Big Dog Little Dog


Oh, it is really difficult to decide. Each finalists offers something special.

I like all of them, but one spoke to me as the others didn't.

I voted for the one that spoke to me as well, kenju...
Wonder if it was the same one?

About the health care reform and public option: it is particularly important to contact Harry Reid if you care about it. According to Greg Sargent, a journalist at The Plum Line, Reid plans to exclude any public plan from the Senate bill. May be a rumor, but it doesn't hurt to let him know it if you think that is a bad idea.

You mean the "public" option..More important than Reid, send an avalance of letters to AARP to get off the fence and lobby for the public option.

I sent an e-mail to Harry Reid, called Gabrielle Gifford's office and actually got a live person who asked for the spelling of my last name. I think she was checking me against the voter registration roll and felt like I was actually being paid attention to. As for John McCain and John Kyle (bah- humbug) I always get voice mail and dynamite wouldn't change their minds. But I keep trying.

Well I didn't get to vote at all, 'cause I'm always late in my reading--but that first one on this post sure is a good one. I don't get the cheating though. Anyone can get a free blog through Wordpress plus many others out there. Why cheat!?


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