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Medicare Sign Up Starts Now, and More on Elderblogs

The annual enrollment in Medicare Part B (Medigap, also called supplemental) and Part D (prescription drug) is open now and until 31 December.

As noted in a post here a month ago, almost all premiums are increasing and some policies are increasing or adding co-pays. Others are adding deductibles and some coverage is being discontinued. So it behooves us all to check our current coverage, see what else is available and decide if we want to make changes.

The Part D Prescription Drug Plan Finder is here, and the Part B Medigap Finder is here. If you missed it on Saturday, Saul Friedman's Gray Matters column has a lot more information about Medicare sign up.

And, serendipitously, Mage Bailey's story at The Elder Storytelling Place today is also about signing up for Medicare (link is at the bottom of this post).

With all the above, you should be well prepared to make your annual decisions about Medicare. You have six weeks to fit this chore into the busy-ness the holidays.

Following Friday's post about the update to the Elderbloggers List, several people suggested their blogs or mentioned disappointment that they were not included. How right the latter are. I had planned to add each of them and I can't say what happened. Perhaps some of my notes got lost during my hard drive failure three weeks ago.

I am most chagrined to have omitted them, so they have now been added along with a couple of the new ones. Also, I forgot to mention in the list of criteria (is this memory thing of mine getting serious, do you think?) that the topic of an elderblog is not a consideration. All are welcome – stamps, cooking, movies, grandchildren, politics, health, bicycling, knitting – anything at all, including no specific topic. And finally, blogs are added at my discretion.

My apologies for the omissions. Here are the newly added elderblogs:

Family Finance

Letters For George

Mature Landscaping

Photoblogging in Paris


Retirement Daze

Self-Sufficient Steward

If other readers want their blogs included on the list or wish to suggest other elderblogs, email me (use the Contact link in the upper left corner of this page). If they meet the criteria, I will include them on the next update sometime early next year.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mage Bailey: Naivety


I just this moment finished signing up a for a new Part D policy - my current one DOUBLED THE PREMIUM for next year and added a deductible.

I had selected a new plan as soon as the Plan Finder was published at the medicare.gov website a few weeks ago, and if you don't count that lengthy contract the customer service person is required to read over the phone, it wasn't onerous at all.

It's nice to have this annual chore done with.


Many thanks for the nod. As I indicated in my email to you, my blog is not specifically focused on elder issues. However, as the years roll by, I spend more and more time thinking about how to prepare for the time when caring for our piece of rural heaven becomes difficult or impossible, due to the ravages of time. Given that, I can see that the theme: 'self sufficiency for the gray-haired' will likely become an increasing component of the blog.

Thanks again and keep up the important work.

So many blogs, so little time. I am so pleased to see there are so many elders who are blogging. It is a wonderful outlet and keeps the mind active.

Oh yes, the long statement. I forgot to mention that. I'm just now heading down with my two forms of picture ID, my SS Medicare number, a good book, and a sense of humor. We are taking the trolley, since there is no parking and make a day of it. Let's hope I have everything they need.

Again......thank you and your resources for being here.

It's relatively easy to enroll in a new Part D plan on the computer. Much quicker than the phone enrollment.

Ronni. Thank you so much for listing Privilege. This is the only place I can trust for information on health care. To say nothing of the great writers on topics across the board.

Hi Ronnie, I am another blogger who sent you an email at least a month ago and probably longer, wanting to be included in your elderblogger list. Wondering whether my request was also lost.

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