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Belated Thanksgiving

blogging bug image Somewhere around Thanksgiving, I meant to write a heartfelt thank you to all the people involved with Time Goes By and The Elder Storytelling Place. But, as we have often discussed here, time speeds by and some things get overlooked. This is a makeup post.

Let me start with the four regular contributors. For anyone unfamiliar with them, Jan Adams writes the monthly Gay and Gray column; Virginia DeBolt writes the semi-monthly Elder Geek column; Saul Friedman writes two columns - the semi-monthly Reflections and the weekly Gray Matters which he recently moved to TGB from Newsday; and Peter Tibbles writes the weekly Elder Music column.

I don't pay these terrific people; they do it because they like to write and they have a lot to say. And I never even need to nudge them; their columns show up in my inbox when they're due. Each of them is an expert on their subject and they give Time Goes By a richness and depth I could not possibly accomplish without them. I am so grateful to each of them.

There are far more contributors (about 130 of them) to The Elder Storytelling Place than I can list here. (You can find them all in the drop down menu headed, “The Storytellers,” in the right sidebar of that site. Clicking any name will bring up a page with links to all the person's stories.)

Thanks to the support from all these elder writers, with new ones joining in all the time, there is a fantastic collection of stories, memoirs, poetry, jokes, remembrances and more that have become an invaluable collection of what life has been through the years and is like now for our generation. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be amazed and maybe you'll be inspired to write your own for others to read.

Part of what you'll be amazed at with the The Elder Storytelling Place is how well written they are. I don't edit the stories except for stray typos and sometimes re-paragraphing to better suit online reading. There is some great writing going on at that blog and I thank every one of you who contributes and all the people who comment. It is a terrific website.

Which brings me to commenters on Time Goes By. You are all wonderful. You keep me going day after day after day. You bring perspectives I've never considered before, expand topics beyond what I've thought about, you give me ideas for future posts, you make me laugh - and I go through every day eager to see what you have said.

I don't respond to comments much; there just isn't time in a day. But I read every one of them and often, when I'm ready to shut down the computer in the evening, I go back to the top, re-read what was written (mine or a contributor's) and then the comments in their order. I never get tired of seeing what a smart, interesting bunch of people stop by here every day. You teach me so much.

I like, too, that you take the time and space to write as much as you feel necessary to make your points. In a Twitter world, blog posts and blog comments elsewhere are becoming shorter and shorter. No one will ever convince me that conversations carried on at 140 characters per comment are worth having or can convey anything worth pondering. So take as much space as you want to have your say.

Thank you, thank you all. Come March, Time Goes By will be officially six years old and it is due to you – contributors, storytellers and commenters - that it still feels fresh and new to me every day. I am so grateful to you – which means even more when you know that I haven't a clue what I would do with myself every day if I didn't have you and this blog to look forward to.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ann Berger: Whisper of a Blizzard


And "Thank You" for your passion and dedication....

TGB is my morning pleasure. Thank you for bringing it all together.

Ronni: I too am thankful for you & all the others on your blog. Or should I say "our blog"? :)I look forward to each early morning visit....my coffee break with like-minded friends. Who knew this would be one of the pleasures of retirement. So, Thank you for helping me to start my day. Dee

And I can't tell you how delighted I am to have found your good work. Aging is hugely disorienting. As one of the elderly neo-nomads of the recession (our loved ones scattered and we, the travelers who bind the ties), I find it hard to discover a frame on which to drape and arrange my old carcass. TGB provides one very sturdy frame that travels remarkably well. I am, indeed, inspired, admiring, and grateful.

And I am thankful you have this blog and keep it flowing with ideas we need to know about, thoughts about what we can do. Like you, I really appreciate commenters, and yours are thoughtful and do add to the subject. Insightful dissent can be as worthwhile as agreement.

For me to be accepted as a story teller and commenter on your blog is a gift. We all know that money can’t buy everything and this is one of those things. What a comfort it is to realize, thanks to your blog, that I’m not alone in so many thoughts and experiences.

I didn't know what a blog was until I found yours. It was the first one I read and it's the one I never fail to check in on each day.

I have learned so much, been inspired to start my own blog, and been supported by cyberspace friends. It is all thanks to TGB and you, Ronni.

So here's my thanks to you and all the wonderful people who comment. Blogging has saved my life. It has given me an outlet that combats a lonely life. I do not overstate it when I say that I would not be as happy as I am today if you had not been the inspiration for me to start blogging.

And, thank YOU for creating this wonderful community! TGB has brought me several new friends, plus the chance to look back at the music of my life and forward to a richer, fuller elderhood (?). Thank you, Ronni.

Ronni: thank you for creating this affirming community!


We are grateful to you too. Life would be pretty darned boring without you poking us a bit. Yes, I really enjoy all the columnists. One even stopped to visit me. Gosh. And I of heavy tinnitus am enjoying music again. Thank you.

Yes, all those writers over at the Elder Storytelling Place inspire, amuse, and also keep us on our toes. I'd send you more copy, but everything I do goes to my blog first. I hesitate to send you old stuff.

Thank you again.....I'm so very glad you decided not to quit just reformat yourself in the Twenty First Century. :)

PS: Are we soon to get new choices in the "Featured Elderbloggers" space. :)

Ronni, I'm thanking you sincerely for taking the time and energy to write your wonderful blog. I greatly look forward to reading it every day, always knowing you'll have something thought-provoking and interesting to say. I've learned so much from you and your commenters. It helps to know we're not alone in whatever minor or major problems we have to cope with when we're past middle age. Sometimes we even find a better way to cope! You are appreciated, and I hope you'll keep on writing for many years to come.

Thank you! Your blog is consistently entertaining and informative. The posts by your contributors are a terrific bonus. Congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary. May you have many, many more to celebrate in the future!

In our busy life, I always love when I click on TGB and say, Man, I am glad I found this...You enlighten my life....sounds like a song, doesn't it?

Another thanks. This is the classic example of an online community that knocks down traditional barriers of region, religion and race.

Instead, we surround ourselves with a global community of people from which we can all learn.

Thank you.

Gratitude flows through me each day as I open TGB and TESP. I am an admirer of your talent and willingness to keep this wonderful place for us. I am surely grateful for the person that led me to this place.

Thank you for your time, energy, and commitment to continuing your wonderful blog. It's inspiring, instructive, and interesting. As others have said, you've created a community!

Thank you so much!

I'd like to add my thanks too, Ronni. I learn so much about how things get done (or not)in the USA. As an older person it's comforting to know that, although we're oceans apart, there are many topics that bring us together.

So much wisdom, laughter, joy and sadness are shared on this site, thanks to you, dear Ronni, and your readers, of which I am delighted to be one.

Thanks, Ronni, for encouraging me to start a blog, and for publishing my stories on your site. Appreciated. My laptop finally croaked. Good thing I have this tiny net book short term.

I consider myself fortunate that soon after my introduction to blogs I happened on TGB/RB's writing. Soon after that I experienced a life changing event with my husband's unexpected death. Blogging and encouragement I received here eventually had me writing well beyond the manner in which I previously had only corresponded in traditional letters with close friends and family. Some months later I suddenly started my own blog in a premature accidental way.

My process over the next year or more of simultaneously sorting out my new life reflected in my blogging intensity and degree of writing enthusiasm. I experienced erratic fluctuating attitudinal swings from one commitment extreme to another.

In retrospect, this sometimes anchor, other times tenuous thread to TGB, blogging and this community may have helped give me focus. This writing may have been one factor keeping me from the possibility of being enveloped by life's and the Internet's black holes since I was just starting to use a computer.

I learned to appreciate blogging aspects and potential as offering more than just being an entertainment medium. I was disappointed I could never interest any family or friends with whom I had contact to share in this activity with me except on an occasional superficial level.

I like the premise of this blog, enjoy the various points of view expressed here, the tone and generally respectful exchanges.

I value the integrity of your writing, adherence to the highest journalistic standards and determination to maintain this blog's quality. Thank you.

Thanks also for the contributions of those who have agreed to write regularly here, the special segments, the fun elements and humor.

I look forward to the continuation of your focus on various aging topics, also your efforts to facilitate understanding and positive attitude changes throughout our culture toward aging.

Time Goes By has taught me about so many things: aging, remembering, writing, blogging, politics, Maine . . . Thanks so much for the time and research you put in to make the world an easier place to live.

I'm echoing the comments with compliments to all. Thanks for giving of yourself, Ronni, so graciously and abundantly. Keep yourself well and congrats on another successful year!
Cheers and happy peaceful holidays...

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