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Happy Hanukkah 5770

Somewhere online that I can't possibly recall or find again, I recently read a story about how the internet has been taken over by excessive cuteness. The writer attributed this phenomenon to pursuit of relief from our collective hard times.

I'm not sure I buy that explanation, but I have noticed an uptick in the number of way too adorable cat videos two of which I am inflicting upon you this holiday. The first, of a baby tiger, is stolen from Frank Paynter's blog, listics. The accompanying music raises the saccharine level to near fatal, but the little tiger will melt your heart.

If that didn't send you into sugar shock, this one might. It is mercifully short and nothing as exotic as a baby tiger - just an ordinary house kitten being so silly and wonderful that I promise you'll be grinning from ear to ear.

Hanukkah begins this afternoon at just past 4PM eastern time. I'll be lighting the first-night candle about then. It's not that I do much about being Jewish but if nothing else, I always enjoy the Hanukkah candles for eight nights. And I like the story.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Nancy Leitz: Pop Pop and the Oatmeal


Thank you. I love Hanukah also and so do my grandkids though it will be a meager one this year. But we will all be together. The good news is the younger kids don't care; they love the playing, watching the candles get lit, and singing songs. And eating potato latkes.


My warmest wishes to you for a Happy & Blessed Hanukkah.

Thanks for warning about the music. I watched with the sound off and was very pleased! Tigers are my favorite. (..and cats and dogs..)
Happy Hanukkah.

Yep, sugar shock; but such cute ones. thanks, Ronni, and
Happy Hanukkah.

Love the felines!!! Adorable!!!!

And I enjoy Hanukkah, too. When I was in high school most of my friends were on the Speech and Debate team with me and most were Jewish so I became familiar with their traditions and they with mine.

When I light my Advent candles tonight, I'll say an extra prayer to honor you and my other Jewish friends as you celebrate this special holiday!!

Happy Hanukkah Ronni, Crabby and Ollie!!!!

Happy Hanukkah to you Ronni, Ollie and Crabby Old Lady.

Happy Hanukkah! It is a beautiful set of traditions.

Thanks so much, Ronni. So much to get down about, we need a little Hanukkah! The story is maybe just as important now as ever.

Warmest Hanukkah wishes to Ronni, Ollie and Crabby.

Miracles happen!
Sending eight Hanukkah wishes to the Bennett family with a little extra oil for Crabby, who needs all the joy she can get.

Happy Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, to you and your readers. I just republished my Hanukkah blog post of 2007, and it includes the comment you wrote then;-) Same festival, same history, same messages... just a different start date on the Gregorian calendar;-) The Hebrew date stays firm.

Happy Hannukah to you -- we light candles, eat latkes and party tonight with friends! This is good.

Happy Hanukkah to you, Ronni, and to all your followers.

I will light a candle tonight in your honor and hope for miracles.

Not a religious person, myself, nonetheless, I wish a joyous Hanukkah to you, Ronni, and to any of your readers who may observe the tradition.

Warm wishes for a blessed Hanukkah, Ronnie.

Happy Hanukkah and love to you, Ronni.

Wishing you,Ollie and Crabby the very best of holidays....

About cuteness, we need anything we can get to make us smile! Happy Hanukkah to you and Ollie.

Can't help being curious about why the tiger has no momma tiger. Sure is charming, tho'.

As some of us secular humanist UU's say, "Happy Holidays!" to all.

Happy Hanukkah. Happy festival of lights. Hugs too.

Happy Hanukkah to you!

Most unusual event here recently. Don't know that such things happen, but am wondering if my husband made some religious transition in the hereafter. Or, maybe there was something he never told me when he was living. Have a couple friends who are exploring their long ignored Jewish heritage but that wouldn't effect this. Last week I rec'd a catalog from a gift company my husband and I patronized that I've continued to order from but in my name only since his death. The current catalog was addressed to his name only, preceded by "Rabbi."

I lit candles in my window last year just so my neighborhood would be ecumenical, but surely that wouldn't have caused this. Am putting the candles out again this year, so wonder what next will happen.

Happy Hanukkah, Ronni!

Around about half the houses round where I live will be lighting Hanukkah candles. Okay, the houses won’t be, I imagine folks therein would be doing that. The rest I guess will be doing something Christmasy, although that’s not a real certainty. Me, I’m doing nothing. I remember about 30 years ago I put up some Christmas decorations. They were quite elegant, gold stuff hanging from the ceiling. They were there for two and a half years before I took them down. Haven’t put any up since.
I like the idea of candles, my sister is a great candle maker and I have some of hers. I light them now and them, but as I’m a bit of a clumsy fool, I imagine I’ll forget about them and they’ll burn the house down.

Chag Samayach - Ronni....nice videos. Thanks....Happy Chanukah. I am reading a series of wonderful books called Rashi's Daughters by Maggie Anton....anyone interested in learning more about Judaism and the Talmud in 1079 CE...should read them. (orthodox Judaism)

Happy Hannukah to you Ronni...and all who celebrate.
Tamar, love the photo on your blog looking out the window in Jerusalem.

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