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Some Needed Relief From the Troubles of the World

category_bug_journal2.gif I don't know if I'm slowing down in my old age or if life is busier than usual, but I have fallen hopelessly behind on the to-do list, which has spilled over to two pages for the first time in months. To lower my stress level, I'm taking a mental health day to catch up.

Meanwhile, perhaps you have been following the climate change follies in Copenhagen. Here is a photo with an interesting perspective on the issue emailed by Jeanne Waite Follett who is a regular contributor to The Elder Storytelling Place. You need to know the headline to appreciate it:



At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Claire Jean: Friends



What a project! Wonder how much time it took to build all those snow people.

I had the same thought, flutterby.

You are only taking one day to catch up? I need at least a week.

I will be taking that week starting next Tuesday when I will be flying to California for the holidays. So if you miss my postings you will know I am still here and have not headed for the ice floe yet.

Mental health is important and those snowmen are amazing!!!!!

I got that in an email - it is the cutest photo!!

I am behind in everything! and I couldn't care less.

Just what we all needed....a smile.

pretty funny! coincidentally my dtr phoned yesterday from Va. telling me I shud get a ticket to fly there 'cause she knows I love to walk in the first snow. One problem, I would be a little late as they already had 7 inches. Now today, Sat., they have over 12 inches and it's heading up the coast, so get ready, RB. I'm content to be here this holiday season -- in the 70's today and expect 78 tomorrow -- perfect for my outdoor jazz concert.

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