New Years Eve at Home


I have a big dream for this coming decade: for America to initiate the "Earth Race" mentality (similar to our Moon Race challenge, but pointed toward the construction of energy sustainability) creating plentiful jobs along the way. My reading on this subject has lifted my '00-to-'09 funk and turned me optimistic. Hope for the planet our children and grandchildren inherit is my dearest wish. Happy New Year to all of you at TGB!

Happy New Year to all! Dee

There is something refreshing and satisfying about getting another new beginning. We get a new do over for all the things we didn't get to accomplish in 2009, we get to improve on things that didn't meet our expectations last year, and we get to reflect on our behavior and its impact on others, our community, and our world. In 2010 we collectively stand at the beginning of new opportunities. Maybe we can't change all that is bad in the world but we can surely begin to hold ourselves ethically and morally accountable and to conduct our lives with integrity. We get another opportunity to leave an encounter with someone and leave the spaces we occupy much better condition and more richer than when we found them. We get a do over, what a gift.




So, let those of us on the dark side of fifty take another look in our mirrors and remind ourselves that our work here is not done. Yes, the generations to come will be shouldering the heavy loads from here on, contributing energy and creativity and powering the economic engine that we all depend on. But they still need to hear our voices and benefit from the long view that only the 'seasoned veterans' can provide. There is much left to do.

Happy New Year's to all!

Happy New Year! May the year be one of discovery and new beginnings. May you and Ollie share many moments of joyful domesticity. May the Crabby Old Lady have occasion to sharpen her wit and be provocatively blasphemes. All the very best, dear friend.

Happy New Year Ronni, Ollie and Crabby!!!!

I'm going to see this as the light side of 50. Just because. Optimism, not pretend but heartfelt, cures many ills. In that spirit, Happy New Year to all on the journey. And thank you Roni for all that you do.

Happy New Year to Ronni, Ollie, and Crabby Old Lady!

Thank you all for making the Old Year more informative, more interesting and more bearable!

Happy New Year to all the TGB readers, and a special "thank you" to Ronni for her hard work, great writing, warmth, and passion.

Happy New Year's to all!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you, Ronni - and my thanks for what you do to keep the rest of us from joining the Dimness of the Uninformed!

Happy New Year!!! to all TGB readers....and my special thanks to Ronni for making this special place! I have truly enjoyed your musings, stories and photos. I think we look like sisters by the way...

I forgot to wish Crabby Old Lady a Happy New Year. I'm seriously amiss in my forgettery. She has enlivened my days, amused my nights, and shed light, humor and rants into some pretty odd corners. Again, Happy New Year to Ronnie and her Fur Crabby Old Lady. We can't have a balance without her.

Happy New Year, Ronni! I very much look forward to another year with you at Time Goes By!!

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