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category_bug_journal2.gif Blame Ollie the cat for today's lighter-than-air post. Once upon a time, back in 2004, he was a winsome baby kitten, still frightened in his new home far away from mom in Philadelphia, but oh so eager to please.

Ollie as a Kitten

Now, nearly six years later, he has grown into a not-so-tiny tyrant who tolerates no deviation from his personal schedule and desires. Simon's Cat has nothing on Ollie. (Yes, I know – I've posted this video before, maybe even twice, but it perfectly recreates the nightly event at our house that mere words could explain no better.)

There is a reason I keep no baseball bat on the premises. Ollie's substitute – grabbing a hunk of my hair and pulling – is equally compelling, as he proved earlier than ever before on Monday night at 2:30AM.

There was no going back to sleep then but by 7AM, I was so tired, I napped away the rest of Tuesday morning and then scrambled to complete various errands around town in the afternoon.

Now take a look at this more recent animation of Simon's Cat:

It makes me wonder if the video's creator, Simon Tofield, can peak at my life through my webcam. Every morning, after finishing his breakfast, Ollie positions himself for his morning nap under my lamp, having trained me now to keep all my papers and paraphernalia on the left side of my desk to leave room for him.

Ollie Under the Lamp

There you go – Ollie has completely subjugated me to his whims. What about your cat (or dog) - how much do they control you?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ernest Leichter: Alexander and Nouriel: Meet Your Ancestors


my cat Charlie, (female) would get up on the right side of my desk and would insists on putting her paws on the key board of my lap top computer. We had a struggle each time I tried to use it. She was 28 and left me in Dec.
God do I miss her

Don't have any companion animals these days. But for 18 years I had a cat who, if I sat down to write at my desk, made it a habit to park his butt directly on whatever sheet of paper or notebook page I was trying to write on.
Wondering if it was coincidence, and if he simply liked to sit on that particular area of the desk, I tried experimenting. I am right-handed. But when I tried to fool the cat by moving the notebook to the other side of the desk and pretending to write with my left hand, yes, you guessed it! He moved over. It was attention-seeking, pure and simple.
Sometimes I fancy his ghost is right here, balancing on the keyboard of my computer, head-butting me under the chin and purring "Hey, stop typing and look at me!"

My cat would also pull my hair to wake me up or he would start pushing things around the top of the bureau, threatening to crash them to the floor.

Our cat and dog don't do things like that, though I'm sure they'd like to. Julio (the cat) does like to be where his people are and closely inspect everything we are doing. Fixing a broken appliance, he'll be there to ensure it's done properly. Re-potting plants, he's there in the greenhouse. Cleaning out the fire he's right there, under an elbow. They do these things with such style!

My dog completely controls me. It is amazing. If he is sleeping on my bed, I don't make him move. I move. Pathetic!

“Cat Man Do” is my cat, Cassie’s, behavior (minus the baseball bat) on my husband each and every morning anywhere between 4:30 a.m.—6:00 a.m. She also has us trained to sleep a certain way should she decide to spend the evening in our bed. Some days the bed does not get made because of her “do not disturb me” glare.

Oh, delightful. Thank you for the grin to start our morning off. Nope, no critters any more. I miss them but not the dust.

I did spend half an hour watching commercials yesterday evening. Judge Judy was on, and there were sometimes five thirty second commercials in a break and more than twenty during the half hour. I was amazed. Few were aimed at the elders, but lots of mattress, insurance ads, and school ads. There are now vast numbers of "new" schools that I have never heard of before that will teach you a new skill in seconds and make you money too.

I had cats for many years, but now we have Dixie, the ultimate mutt, who moved in with us just yesterday. She's proving to be sweet so far, eager to please, so it remains to be seen what kind of tricks she'll come up with to train us in the long run.

With the large herd of cats that I have I constantly state out loud how they have totally taken over my home life! Always cleaning up after them, refereeing their squabbles, making room on my lap for "just one more," etc.

My dearly departed Butterball takes the cake though. Now I will never admit to snoring, but I had on more than one occasion woken up suddenly to find Butterball's paw in my mouth!!

The Cat liked to go out and sit on the porch around 10PM and then wander a little before she came back in. A cat door was no option as we'd have many cats buddies in the house by morning. So eventually she trained us to stay up late. She lives happily elsewhere now and the training continues with the new saps, er, owner.

I also have cats. I love them, they seem to be very comfortable with me, and me to them.

We are so totally out numbered by our three. All geriatrics. Two are 19 and the third is 14 this year. And they do have us well trained. The wake Mom up in the morning with cries so loud you wonder how they come out of those fragile old bodies and if the neighbors are wondering if we beat the poor little things. They insist on getting me off the computer to feed them again starting any time after 9am. One insists on spending most of the evening on Mom's lap while the other gives me the evil eye if I keep using the computer after 6 pm when he should have free reign of my lap. They become absolutely unhappy if we both are not in the same room at the same time and will come to persuade whichever of us they deem out of place to get with the program. One will, like Ollie, parade in front of the computers, nudge the screen, and generally make a nuisance of himself until we respond. We have never had cats live this long.

I love this post!!!!! A trip to the light side is good for the soul -- and Ollie is always good copy!!!

I agree--great post. Here, too, cats rule! My husband and I have three, each with a different personality, but they all have their own way of waking us up at 3:00 A.M. Tippi, our lovely Maine Coon girl, is very mischievous and thinks it's time to play. During the day when I'm working in my home office, Tippi loves to help by napping on my work or atop my printer. Bo, a 16 lb. pure-black male who adopted us several years ago, wants to be brushed; yes, at 3:00 A.M.! He has beautiful, shiny, thick fur, probably partly because we brush on-demand. Tazzi, a former shelter kitty, is the oldest at 10+; she wants to ensure that she retains the best position on our bed after her early-morning snack.

Keeping our three felines happy, fed, healthy and cleaned-up-after can take a good chunk of the day. I'm semi-retired now, but I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to fit a full-time job into the schedule. We've always had at least two cats.

I have never been a cat owner, but had to cat-sit my daughter's cat many times. She had three cats that owned her. One (the one I sat for often) was anti-social and would test the waters constantly before entering a room. One was too social and would jump on my chest with the loudest yowl ever heard and would demand constant attention. The one I loved was so sweet. Gail had rescued her as a kitten she found in a wheel hub. She had all sorts of problems and Gail and the Vet kept her alive until she was a beautiful tawny cat with a very sweet disposition. Her name was Rudy until it was discovered that she was Rudi. Gail used to call her and when Gail said Rudi, the cat would immediately turn her head toward Gail and say what sounded like "What?"

I have always had dogs and I ruled them.

Loved this post so much. I have a post about cats at my blog today, too, with a new shot of Willow all grown up. :)
Feather, Shiva Lullaby, and Willow each have to have their "undercover" time with me in the mornings after my husband goes to work. They each bring me such contented peace once settled down but the various maneuvers to get there, to beat one another to the spot, are disconcerting. This is especially true when Shiva walks over me and one of the undercover cats to make her point known. She is HUGE. Shiva and Willow both have their annual exams/shots tomorrow and I am prepared for her to be weighed and for me to consulted about that weight. The other two maintain a regular healthy weight so Shiva's girth is a mystery (and she's kinda cute this way, truth be told).

Ollie by the computer...that is a classic shot. And I adore these videos.

An ex-student wrote me a note about the kittens her mom wanted to give away. I asked if I could go see the kits, ended up choosing one.

Brought her home & walked all around with her on my shoulder. She outlived 2 other cats & has her own quirks, just like her owners.

Every night she waits until we are tightly enclosed in bed, then sends us an early warning signal meow that she's coming to sleep with us, so we must make room. She only likes to sleep on my side of the bed, on one blanket only.

We had to put a little stool on my side so she could easily jump up. She's a senior. Before that, she woke us up meowing from one end of the house to the bedroom- her way of saying "here I come, get ready, I want that hot spot."

Mornings, I pick her up, put her against my ear just to hear the music of her purrs. We check the house that way, close the alarm, turn off porch lights, then go to the bathroom, where she expects, and gets her complete cat rubdown.

This girl likes to spin around, get roughed up with massage. She keeps coming back for more.

When I put my running shoes on at the door, she rubs her paws on the laces, as if to ask "where are you going without me?"

Breakfast? My cat (I created a monster) waits for me to finish my cereal, sticks her paws up and tries to pull my eating arm down. I leave her a mini bit of cereal in the bowl. She slurps that up as if she's starving.

If any bug has the nerve to enter our home, she will hunt it down, rip off its legs, and drop it in her water bowl.

Not a pleasant thing for me to see first thing in the morning.

But she has earned her keep and stripes. I can't imagine losing her.

As I type, she's sleeping in a circle beside me.

I will always have at least one cat.

PLEASE take a look at www.collegehumor.com/video:1916661

Oh this these videos are just too close to home. I have two cats and every morning at 4:30 they team up to wake me up for breakfast. Frisky walks all over my upper body and will try to get her face as close to mine as she can and Clara will sit on the side table and meow so daintily. The both of them are so persistent that there is just no way I can ignore them. If I try Frisky, the tabby, will get aggressive and begin fighting with Clara. Once the hell breaks loose they know they have me up. There's just no way to ignore them. Thankfully I can fall back to sleep rather easily. This winter Frisky has taken to snuggling up to the heating grate. She looks hilarious propped up against the wall with her paws hanging through the grate. That's what a Minnesota winter will do to a cat.

My two cats control me in that I cave in to their every whim. I know about hot spots; one of my cats loves my desk lamp. Mr. kenju laughs everyday about how my cats follow me all over the house from room to room like dogs follow their masters. I had to quit letting them into the bedroom at night, however. I was getting NO sleep at all because they liked to sleep on either side of my legs; pinning me down so I couldn't turn freely.

I have two cats and two dogs. The cats have always my first choice, and I've had up to six at a time (don't ask!) Anyway, it was quite a learning experience to get a couple small dogs, and I love them dearly. My doxie does have one trait that I can't complain about -- he starts whining at just about the time I take him for a walk each day. Gets me out and on a walk, even on days when I would prefer to stay indoors. I call him my "exercise reminder." :-)

Laughing! I needed to read this tonight. We just adopted a new kitten. Her name is Bus.She is not so welcomed home by her roomate, Tiger (our older cat). They're working it out.

Joy, it may take a while. When Bo--he's our 16# all-black longhaired male cat--adopted us, neither Tippi nor Tazzi (both adopted earlier) were the picture of contentment. They were very protective of "their" territory, which often included us. They eventually worked it out but it took about 4 months. Even now, 5 years later, there's an occasional hiss and rumble!

I'm trained but sometimes don't read my cat's mind. She rules the house!

Since I do not nor ever owned a cat, I have to divert this post to my PET Sydney. My husband, Syd loves to curl up in bed with a good and challenging crossword puzzle book. He also enjoys curling up in bed with his wife of nearly 47 years. He hogs the bed and leaves little room for the "little woman." But he sure likes to be cuddled and hugged and kissed especially by his grandaughter. And does he love to paint...his room is a veritable art gallery of his original works. In lieu of kitty - Thank God, I have Sydney.

Our 4-yr old cat Jack is blind. I rescued him from a dairy on the Oregon coast when he was tiny. Now he rules the roost, has the whole house wired, and has a big fenced in pen beyond the garden (when it's not covered with feet & feet of snow, as it is now).

One of Jack's best tricks is to fetch Netflicks wrappers. Apparently they make the perfect crinkly sound, and he amazes guests when he drops the red paper ball faithfully back at our feet. Jack loves it when my hubby takes him for walks on his harness, making the neighbors chuckle. He fearlessly prowls gopher holes and dances around them with glee. He's even caught two mice in the garage, sightless though he be!

Jack has black Mickey Mouse ears and four big Gaia-like blotches on his mostly white coat, which is very smooth. He's a character and one of our favorite kitties, of which we've been the servants of dozens. Hooray for all these special feline spirits; we love 'em!

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