Is It Wisdom or Neurobiology?
On the Move


Yes, it's funny. But isn't it validating the same old stereotyping - we need to try to look and act young to be acknowledged?

Love it! Really very funny! Dee

Pity it's an ad for red meat though.
I find I dance better on organic, locally grown veggies.

I think it validates the idea that if you make assumptions based on appearance, you'll often be wrong! Funny video.

I enjoy the responds as much as the video.


What this 70 yr. old has to say---check it out!

youtube: Hip hop grandma in Beijing

< >

I LOVE it!!

I need meat. The flesh of young animals keeps me young.

Oh, lighten up, people! It was funny. Plain and simple funny and you know it.

Lose the ability to laugh at yourself and your old age will be miserable.... although, now that I type that I'll amend it to say that all the ages of your life will be miserable.

Very funny, Ronni... thanks for sharing!

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