Finding a New Home (Again)
Oregon Day 2

Off to Portland, Oregon Today

category_bug_journal2.gif By the time this is automatically posted this morning, I'll already be at the airport ready to board the plane to Portland, Oregon – well, with a change in New York. There aren't many cities you can get to from Portland, Maine in one hop.

Thank you all - so many of you - for your kind words and well-wishes yesterday. From your fingertips to god's ears, as it were.

If those gods are with me, I'll find a home I want to buy this week. I've been lucky in finding good homes quickly in the past and maybe that luck and my instincts will prevail again.

I'll check in here to see how you're all doing while I'm gone and I'll post something if I can find time. If not, at minimum, there will be a link to the day's new story at The Elder Storytelling Place. I return to Maine late Friday.

“Talk” soon.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Madonna Dries Christensen: Small Town Museum Holds Family History


I'm so excited for you! Please share your experiences with the places you visit; I'm a total sucker for gal-meets-house romance. Have a great and productive trip.

Bon Route! I'm sure you'll recognise your new home when you walk in the door. I predict that you'll be able to "just know" when it's right.

Safe journey, Ronni.

We’re all with you Ronni every step of the way and eager to be filled in with the details as you progress.

It’s so generous of you to share all of this and I’m loving it!

I am excited for you and will be thinking of you as you seek your new and *I hope) permanent home. Godspeed.

Good luck!!!!!

I'm with Peggy! I'm hoping your "just know" faculties will be in full tilt boogie for this endeavor. I'm sure the right place is waiting for you, you just need to recognize it! Have a great adventure.

Good flights and good luck, Ronni!

I will be holding in mind the picture of you in your new home in Portland Oregon.
Let's see: It has a bright sunny window for Ollie to snooze in; a nice small, peaceful balcony for your miniture green thumb.
The entire place will be light filled, simple and efficent with a neutral background for your things, A pleasant small kitchen and breakfast nook, 2 bedrooms, one you will use as den/ office.the condo will be located near a deli, stores, newstands and of course public transportation. There will be a small church just around the corner for whenever you feel the urge to drop in.
Shall we add a bookstore and library close by---Yes.
There....let it be.

Wishing you much sucess in your quest.

Well you sure will get the worst of the weather for your visit. It's been awhile since I've seen this much rain but then we were low and I guess this was needed-- tell that to the livestock. Good luck with your search.

Welcome to River City! Just for perspective, when we were looking for a home here in 2001, we had three days (just prior to Thanksgiving week-end) and we didn't have 18 possibilities to look at. Also, we dumped the first agent after the first day and then found a new agent and the home of our dreams on the second day. You should be so lucky!



Best of luck, Ronni. The criteria you mentioned earlier for a home that allows you to age in place are something we'll need to consider eventually. We love our 2BR townhouse in a Seattle exurb and would like to stay here 'til "the end", but the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and there are stairs from the garage to the walkway, too. That's fine for now but 10-15 years from now? Maybe not so much!

I'm following your story with great interest.

Enjoy your trip, and we will eagerly await all your news.

there are some condos in Milwaukie that are reasonably priced, just happen to know there are 3 or 4 for sale, No, not a realator, I live at the Stockbride condos myself, 2 story town houses, 3bd, 2 1/2 bath, near I205,
Safe trip,(it,s a long one!)

May your trip be safe and smooth; may your arrival feel like getting home; may you find the right place right away. Best wishes and thank you for sharing.

Ronni, wishing you a safe trip and successful house-finding in your new Portland. All the best to you and Ollie. Good luck!

So exciting!

Am keeping my fingers crossed for you, Ronni and hoping you'll find a place fast.

thanks for sharing. good luck, may you recognize your new home rite away.

Speaking of Portland, Oregon, I am going to be there in June and hope they will invite me to do a a few minutse
of standup comedy as I am the oldest standup comic in Seattle area and have been featured on Evening Magazine, Channel 5. What a hoot to be nearing the age of 90 and finally having arrived as a standup comic.

And while I am at it, Happy Birthday Ronni.

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