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category_bug_journal2.gif Remember when we recently discussed how time flies as we get older? After the past week, I have definitely settled on the “novel experience theory” to explain the phenomenon.

For months on end, especially during winter, my days are pretty much the same: work on the blog, play with the cat, get out for a walk, clean the house a bit, read a book, do some research, maybe try a cooking experiment.

Instead, for the past two weeks, my home has been filled with workmen who have made repairs, painted, fixed this and that. They finished on time early last Tuesday morning. Photos of the apartment were scheduled for Friday, so I spent the remainder of the week cleaning this place from top to bottom, winnowing out dirt from all the nooks and crannies, scrubbing, polishing, washing every window including 90 PANES - when you count both sides - of French door windows. (I'll bet French doors were invented by someone with servants!)

Through it all, I kept thinking, “Isn't Friday ever going to get here?” I haven't felt like that about an upcoming day since – oh, maybe high school years.

Before I decided to sell this apartment and move to Oregon, there had been a leak in my bedroom. Ned Merrick, founder and owner of Harraseeket Woodwrights, who is the talented young man who built the bookshelves throughout my home, tried just about everything to find the leak before we gave in and tore out the wall. It was painful to see.


The leak wasn't fixed until I had decided to sell, so rebuilding that wall took place while other, minor, repairs and painting were being done too. Here is one of Ned's colleagues, Ed, working on the new bedroom wall.


Other of Ned's colleagues painted the laundry room and living room. You can't improve anything in a house without making a horrible mess.


The two weeks of repairs, painting and cleaning felt like two months when at last, the apartment was ready. I finished the final spit-and-polish touch-up Friday morning without any power (so much for a final vacuuming) following an outage resulting from our Thursday night storm. Here's a shot I took myself just before the agent arrived Friday afternoon for the photo session.


I'll post an update with a link to the MLS page with more photos as soon as it goes live online. Listing is here.

A neighbor introduced me to a local second-hand bookseller. She will be here on Wednesday morning when we will begin going through the shelves to see what she wants to buy and what I can stand to sell without too much agony. I would like to leave with about half the books that are here now; that will save some moving costs.

One of the hardest parts of selling is the need to continue living day-to-day while keeping the apartment neat, clean and tidy for showings over a period of weeks or (god forbid) months. But there is nothing to do but work at it. No matter how much I try, I cannot convince Ollie the cat to put his toys away when he's done playing.

Speaking of Ollie, here he is on the day after the bedroom was finished, happy to reclaim a favorite snoozing place after camping out with me in the guest room during repairs.


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Gosh, Ronni, from your pics I can see why you're going to miss this place. It is really lovely & you've done a great job getting things into shape. Like Kay, could you spare any extra energy :)Dee

It IS a lovely place, but I can understand your need to get away from an area where the snowfall is so great and cold weather rules. I have wondered how Ollie was taking all the interruptions, but he looks pretty serene now!

I wish you all the best including a quick and lucrative sale.

Good luck on your next big adventure!

A lot of work accomplished and it looks fabulous. Hope it all pays off with a quick sale!

Everything looks ship shape and Bristol fashion, Ronni. And Ollie is looking very handsome these days.

Best of luck with a quick sale. Your home looks delightful and being close to the water should make it a very tempting purchase for some lucky person.

Well, I can certainly see why you hate to leave your home, it is truly lovely and so light filled! I hope you can find something as lovely in the other Portland.

I was also wondering how Ollie took to all the commotion, but he looks to have weathered it well.

Your home looks fantastic and Ollie even more so!


In regard to strangers and particularly any unfamiliar noise (even what I sometimes cause), Ollie is a fraidy cat. He hid under the bed covers in the guest room whenever the workmen were here.

But as soon as they leave, he's back to his usual self.

I just checked the listing and I am sure it will sell quickly. It is a lovely home and is in tip-top shape.

It is really difficult to keep a house in apple pie order when you have to live in it while it is being sold. Fortunately, Ollie, being a fraidy-cat will not be underfoot. He seems to be weathering the confusion very well.

The photos look fabulous. My sister and her partner had to remove about half of their stuff and store it in their mobile home while the house was up for sale. In the end, it all worked out well and they sold their home for a good price. So, I do hope the same for you and Ollie.

Lovely, lovely. Nice tones and values. How about a nice big gathering of red flowers on the kitchen counter. :)

Your place looks just beautiful Ronni. I can't imagine you would have much trouble selling it...it's got a lot of pluses. Getting ready to move is always such an ordeal...one that I can't fathom for myself. I can only tell you how much I admire how you've pulled everything together so wonderfully. Once you make your mind up....you are one determined lady. I wish you so much success in selling your lovely home quickly and moving on to the next stage in your life Ronni. I hope you haven't totally wiped yourself out with all the house preparations and moving logistics you've been going through. Is it too late to say...'Pace Yourself?' Bless your beautiful and amazing heart.... ~Joy xo

It truly does look wonderful, Ronni. Can you really see the ocean from it? * and, thanks so much for sharing this. It's an inspiration to see all you do, and it makes me less scared of getting older. (Alas, I don't share your enthusiasm for the process!)
Anyway, I hope you have a buyers' bidding war!

Mary Jamison...

That pointy roof on the garage behind my deck would seem to be the problem with an ocean view, but even if it were not there, houses on the next street would block it.

There is one small area on the left of the deck where the ocean is visible between the houses. But you can't really call it an ocean view.

On the other hand, the deck is a terrific vantage point for Fourth of July fireworks and I've spent many a summer thunderstorm on the deck enjoying Mother Nature's fury, particularly at night.

What a lovely apartment! It just glows. I'd want to transplant it, too.

Plus, it's a joy to see Ollie looking so serene. His upcoming three-thousand mile car ride in a cat carrier? Not so much.

Seriously, how does Ollie feel about travel?

Your sense of design is perfect and your place looks wonderful. But I know you will find what you want in Portland and the milder climate will be a godsend for you.

It's a beautiful place that shows the love you have for where you live. I hope you'll find something wonderful in Oregon and that this sells quickly. It's pristine and inviting! Best of luck!

Ronni, just lovely...hope you sell quickly. I have to tell you I watched on Frontline "Suicide Tourist" and thought I would share it with you and your readers. It was so poignant and interesting and "food for thought." What courage it takes to die, just as the courage it takes to change many things in life.
All the best, Ronni!!!

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