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category_bug_journal2.gif This is the dread extraction day on my journey to a denture. It's an early appointment – 8AM – so by the time most of you read this, it will be over and, I assume, I'll be napping.

One of the things we tend to forget about surgical procedures is that the body can't tell the difference between a tidy incision (or teeth pulling) by a professional and a messy stabbing by a mugger. It's all the same to a body which goes into defense mode to heal the rift. That takes a lot of internal energy so rest is in order to give the body all possible resources to do its magical work.

I intend to take as much rest as necessary, but not too much because (drum roll)

Take a gander at the Condo For Sale badge in the right sidebar. That's right. My apartment sold yesterday and there is a signed contract.

Woo hoo! Five showings in two weeks on the market and it's done. Well, there are the inspections and such, but I know the place is in excellent shape so I don't expect any surprises. The closing is set for 17 May and I'll be in Oregon for summer.

It has taken me by surprise. I'd been half-assed thinking that maybe I'd clear out some closets in the next few weeks, but I didn't feel any urgency about it. Now I need to get organized, make lists, sort the house, start packing not to mention, find a place to live on that other coast.

I'm pretty sure the sale will take the edge off recuperating from dental surgery but for the short term - today - it feels like a lot going on all at once.

A denture is a big-deal milestone in getting old, one that younger people, due to advances in dental care and techniques, will endure in fewer numbers than our generation. How will it feel? What adjustments will there be in eating and speaking? How long will it take to become accustomed to it?

For the longer term, I think moving 3,000 miles wins the lifetime milestones category. I had no expectation, in the current housing market, that my apartment would sell so quickly at such a good price. If that had not happened, Denture Day would have greater impact for me; now, the extractions feel more like an annoyance, a delay in moving forward with the main event. Nevertheless, what a way to celebrate the sale.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Walt Grant: Consorting with the Enemy


Congratulations on your sale. As for the denture, I lost the last of my teeth about 15 years ago but they went one or two at a time over a period of around ten years so I gradually got used to dentures (started with one tooth and worked up). Now I love them because I can eat stuff I hadn't eaten for years with wobbly teeth and I need never go to the dentist again, insallah. Takes some getting used to but you'll be fine.

Sold! Fantastic!!
Dentist - rest & recuperate...

Saying goodbye to your home and your teeth at the same time is a lot to swallow. Take some time to mourn.

First, heal quickly. Second, congratulations - I am so happy for you.
I can feel you smiling - whatever is happening at the moment.
Your area must be different then the Nashville area. My home has been on the market for almost a year. It will happen!!!!

Grand news! Faster had to be better. You are living evidence that getting older needn't mean we lose a certain emotional and mental agility!

And you are so right about the body experiencing surgery as an assault. Hope you can give yourself a little space to just let yourself resettle after that physical trauma.

Ronni, the move has been surreal until now. With the sale, it becomes definitive. I think it is time to plan for an Northeast gathering of folks before you head so far away!

Great news about the condo. May the rest of your move go so well.

And your move to dentures too.

Congratulations, Ronni -- I'm happy for you that your condo sold so quickly. I hope the surgery goes well with not too much discomfort. My guess is that you should give yourself ample time to recover, though. No surgery is easy on the body and you have a lot going on right now. But life isn't dull these days, is it!

Wow, such a lot happening all at once!
Congratulations on the sale, Ronni, and a bravery award for the dentistry part of it.
The apartment selling so well and so quickly is a sure sign that you are on the right track. So it's green lights all the way. I'll bet you'll find just the right place waiting for you in the other Portland. And as a cash buyer, you have a huge advantage.
Onward and westward!!

Congratulations, Ronni, on the swift sale. I hope that you suffer no ill effects from the extractions and can get on with your moving preparations.

Five showing in two weeks = sold? I don't get it. Aren't you waiting for the second shoe to fall? Anyway, congratulations. And: where in the TGB archives can I find your reasons for making this move? I am fairly new to your wonderful site.

The sale was wonderfully fast. That is one very big worry out of the way. So very much better than having months go by and wondering if you are ever going to sell. Been there, done that.

Congratulations on such a quick sale. It is a lovely space, it practically sold itself (after all your hard work of spiffing it up).

What great news.....sold! After the denture ordeal, the rest should be a piece of cake.......or pudding? :) Anyway, I'm really happy for you & your awaiting adventure. Dee

Congratulations on selling your place so fast!! That's the biggest piece taken care of...the rest will fall into place and hopefully you'll find a great place in Oregon with as much ease. I wish you and Ollie happy trails as you pack and get ready to leave and will look forward to hearing more about it all!

Mazel tov. Hope your denture venture goes as smoothly as the dwelling selling.

Good news for the economy if house and condos are selling your area. You must be greatly relieve.

God, that is so *life*! Good news, crazy news, losing teeth...all at once. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to all the details of the move.

Wow! Great news on your condo! It is such a gorgeous place that I had no doubt it would sell soon, but this soon!! Wow...

Yes, I'm reading this at almost 10:00 am and hope you are snuggled up with Ollie recuperating.



You made all the right moves in the selling of your home. Over the past few weeks you have been telling us about clearing out books and painting,etc. and you see that it all paid off for you.

If you had the typical attitude "I'm not doing anything. I know the place is a mess. Let them make me an offer." your condo would have been on the market for a year.

Good for you for selling so quickly;now you can get on with the rest of your plans.

We don't even have to be sad about you moving because through the magic of the computer we will still "see" you every day no matter where you are....

Take it easy with the sore mouth! I lost a tooth just before Christmas. First ever non-orthodontic extraction. It was not fun and I felt bad about it.

I'm SO pleased you sold the place so quickly! At least you don't have to keep all your possessions hidden now. You can relax before the movers come. :-)

Congrats on the quick sale. Now get some rest and eat some soup ... (my advice for practically everything).

Congrats on selling so quickly! Wow.

Wow, fantastic on selling so quickly. It sounds like you were doing the right thing at the right time and did the prep work to make your place go as it did. Congratulations.

And you're right on the extractions. Rest and give your body time on that one. My folks both had dentures and seemed to get along just fine with them. I imagine it has improved since then.

Great news on the sale of your condo!
You're smart and it works!

Please keep us updated on the move and the teeth.

Add my congratulations to these and all those still to come! Wonderful timing; how great to be in the other Portland by summer. Every single person I know who has been or lived there just loves it.

And of course, you're right about how to heal from the dental work. May your dreams be sweet.

I may be able to commiserate with you tomorrow. I have an infection in the root of a tooth, am on anti-biotic and will probably need to have it extracted tomorrow. I don't think I am half as courageous about the ordeal as you seem to be.

I know it will be hard to rest with all the turmoil of moving, but it's important to do so and I know that you, being the intelligent woman you are, will follow doctor's orders.

I am happily amazed at how quickly your place sold in this economy. It just shows that good property doesn't last long. Town houses in my complex sell quickly and for a good price even though we are in a housing downturn. Congratulations!!

Now we are looking forward to your next adventure as you find your new home.

Wonderful news! With the condo off your mind you can rest and heal.
Best wishes with the dentures. I am well on that road myself. Do you think improved nutrition as well as improved dental care has made the dental health of the younger generation better? I know my Mother's nutrition was poor when she was pregnant with me what with the depression and being "dirt poor". My own nutrition was poor the first dozen years too which of course included tooth forming time.


I personally know the weight of the world has been lifted with the sale of the condo....
Rest yourself so you will have all the energy you need for the move...

Great news on the sale of your condo! With that worry off the list, you can save the energy for a speedy recovery from the dental procedure.

Out with the old; in with the new! Life rocks on at the same full-tilt pace regardless of our age. I often wish it would slow down for me as I slow down, but it never seems to. Thrilled that your condo sold...there's encouragement for all of us! And I love your image of our bodies reacting to either surgery or mugging with the same curl-up-and-recoup response; that feels absolutely true.

What great news! It's funny how quickly things that are meant to be fall into place.

And you have both my empathy and my sympathy about your dental procedure. I know it is not just tough on your body physically but it is also tough on you body emotionally.

Congrats on the condo sale! I recently sold my house within a month, was surprised it went quick.

I think dentures might actually benefit you as you age. I once saw a woman in her late 80s having an extraction at an oral surgeon, and the doc said it was a very risky deal at her age. Don't think some of us will be lucky enough to keep all our teeth, even if we have been good at seeing the dentist regular.

Congratulations on the sale of your condo. The work you did getting it ready for sale sure paid off.
I've had an upper plate since I was 20. We always blamed the soft water in Portland, OR for my bad teeth. I know I had good nutrition as my Mother had a degree in Home Economics and was very knowledgeable about healthy meals.
Now I'm trying to save the remaining teeth. The dentist had to cut the gums to prepare my teeth for crowns and a bridge. I find that the Biotene mouthwash really helped my healing. The mouthwash helps restore the healthy enzymes to the mouth.

Great news, Ronni!!!!!

As to your dentures, it really isn't that bad. I didn't sleep much when I got mine.

Oh dear, I do hope that all goes well with the teeth. Congratulations on selling your place! Fantastic! Can't wait to follow your search for a new home.

Bing Bang! It's done. Way to showcase and sell your condo. Even though it's work, you are moving forward to a whole new experience, near your bro. Great news.

I hope you find a comfy place to live, near everything you love to do.

Wish I could shadow you as you look at new homes.

Keep us posted.

Take care.

This is wonderful! Already sold! Hope your healing is speedy. There is a lot going on here at once! Get help!

Congratulations.......hurrah, we are delighted to read that you will soon be on this coast. Please heal and don't worry about the closets. Yes, this has just zipped by, but you and himself will love the decision you have made.

Hugs...hope you feel ok.

What wonderful amazing news!! You sold your condo in two weeks!! Congratulations!!

I know your birthday is coming up in a few weeks - what a wonderful gift you received. Couldn't be a better one.

Hope your healing goes as well as your condo sale!!

I am so happy for you! What a weight off your mind. Now you can rest up and heal. Ollie will cuddle with you and help as much as he can.

That's great about your condo--especially in today's (slowly-recovering) real estate market. So, you're bound for the Great Northwest. I'm a relocated Californian and have lived in Western Washington State for the past 40 years. I think you'll like it. It rains but the summers are usually pretty nice.

I met and married a wonderful man (native-born Washingtonian) in 1975 and since then never looked back. I also thought I was leaving "earthquake country" behind, but unfortunately that wasn't true, although they aren't as frequent.

Best wishes for a fast recovery from your dental procedure. I'm a total dental coward so it's a heartfelt wish.

Hooray, good job. Br glad to have you on the west coast. My house sold three days after it went up for sale and all went smoothly when I moved last time. Here's a St. Pat's toast for the same for you!

Wonderful, invigorating news about your sale! You deserved an antidote to the dental challenge. Be well, rest up for the big push ahead. I'll try to influence the recent lovely weather to hang in for your arrival.

congrats on the sale, speedy recovery with the dental stuff. i second steve's idea for a rite coast get-to gether.

MAZEL TOV ON THE SALE, RONNI!!!! Sorry about your teeth...hope all goes well with the dentures...AS RONNI TURNS will continue after this brief commecial - called rest.

Ronni I've been absent from reading for quite a bit and now catching up on your posts I'm amazed at all your news!

Congrats on your decision to relocate and the sale of your condo, your new smile, and your (soon to be found) new home. Talk about multi-tasking, lol wow...

Take it easy on yourself post extraction. I imagine your mind is racing with 'all you need to be doing'. How could it not be? Still, try to balance the doing with sitting on your duff (lol) enough to let your body heal and prepare for the next phase of your adventure/move.

I'll be following along (as always) and sending good wishes your way on all fronts!


Oh Happy Day!!! Congrats!

Congratulations! Hope you heal quickly and enjoy the excitement of your move!

Congratulations on the sale. I hope you are feeling all better and recovering well from the dental ordeal.

I have been browsing your blog and I found this site wonderful. During my younger years (now I am a senior), I have intended to write. My first love is writing, but I have not had the chance to pursue it like you. It was such a crack, sudden change of path I guess. But I am glad I find one great elderblogger here. Congrats to your condo being sold. And I hope by this time you have read my comment, you had rest pretty well.

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