Off to Portland, Oregon Today
Oregon Day 3


I hate jet lag!!! Hope you adjust quickly. Happy Hunting!!!!

I live in a condo about 20 min South of Portland. The condo prices in Portland have dropped considerably, but the taxes will still be at the high level they were before. Wishing you luck.


As you well know, buying a new home is a highly charged,emotional experience.

Be sure to wait for the condo that you want to mentally decorate the moment you enter and, more important, the one that says to you," Ronni, you and Ollie can be happy here."

Hi Ronni,
Enjoy some rest and get ready for the fun of finding a great place to live in a great neighborhood. I lived in PDX for 4 years in the 80s and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Ronni, get lots of rest so you can be at your most alert when choosing your home.

Jet lag from East to West is the worst. Take your time and enjoy finding your new home. We are all rooting for you that the right place appears quickly.


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