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A New Home in Lake Oswego

category_bug_journal2.gif Last week, I mentioned that with my move to Portland, Oregon, I am returning to my home town, the place where I was born and where I lived until I was 15. It is now more so than I had in mind that day.

Although my family lived several places within Portland when I was a kid, home for a number of years and the place where I attended school for my first few years was Lake Grove, a kind of suburb of Lake Oswego which has long since been incorporated into Lake Oswego. Talk about completing the circle.

The condominium complex is a collection of eight or 10 two-story buildings with eight apartments each in a wooded area with paths among them. Mine is on the first floor, so it won't be as light and airy as my Maine home, but it is level and there are no stairs.


My only private outdoor space is the entry patio and with a deck above me, I won't be growing veggies. My bedroom is in the back with its own dressing area and bathroom. It is large enough to create a sitting area with my white wicker chaise longue I've used on the deck here.


There is a good-size living room with a working fireplace. Those window blinds are quite nifty. They can be raised from the bottom so that light comes in above, but people walking by can't see in.

Living Room

A sort of alcove off the living room will be a good place for my office. In another apartment in this group of homes, the alcove was a small, third bedroom, but I much prefer this. Where the current owners have a media center against the wall is the perfect place for my large desk.


My beautiful sideboard, made for me by a friend, will fit nicely against the the back wall of the dining area and my round, oak table will be just right.


All the kitchen appliances were new in 2008, so they should last for the rest of my life. I like the kitchen a lot.


What's missing is space for bookshelves. Perhaps there is a way to do that in the office, but I won't know until I've lived there for awhile. Otherwise, I suppose they will be scattered all over the house. It is nice to have a second full bath that overnight guests can have to themselves.

What fun it was to read all your encouraging comments on my rather negative post last Friday, and I thank you. I wanted so much to live in the Northwest district of Portland where, like Greenwich Village, I would never tire of walking. But, it's beyond my means and so I return quite literally to the first home town I remember in life.

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That is amazing about Lake Grove! I have never heard of it because of its incorporation into Lake Oswego before I moved to Oregon. The first home town you remember in life. O, wow. Talk about the way of the salmon...this is mystical.

You had me worried in your previous post about your new condo. These pictures are so much more than what you first depicted. This is a glorious condo, Ronni. I think you did a marvelous job of finding a beautiful Oregon home.

This is lovely. Lots of light and space. Your books will find a home.

I hope you will be able to share some "after" pictures down the road.

I think it looks very nice, all those windows are great. My experience of west coast living is that you definitely need the windows. These days, everything being so expensive, you are bound to have to compromise on some of your wish list, I hope this compromise works for you.

Wow, Ronni, your new digs look very, very nice......rather spacious & with lovely light. You did good. Looking forward to seeing all your stuff & your books in place. Dee

Kindle! My husband and I were just talking about it this morning, your lovely wall of bookshelves and our more scattered ones. I finally came up with a system of keeping only about 300, the classics and the ones I hadn't read yet, and recycling each newly read book that wasn't a 10 on a very strict scale. I said that old bibliophiles love their bound books; we'd need strong incentive to move over to the digital ones. What do you think? Are you incentivized? And, this is a great condo; we would have jumped on it.

Agree with the others here, Ronni, who mention the windows and light. You have a lovely new home with lots of greenery outside. I envy you...but in a good way. ;)

I am impressed with your full circle, coming back to the first home (town) you remembered. Some moves are just right!
Love the blinds that allow light and privacy, a very important combination. Looking forward to pictures all your things in place.

I agree -- I was struck by the light and the windows.It's beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures, too; I'm terrible at imagining my own stuff in a home I'm buying. Maybe the alcove has possibilities for some of that charm?

I've thought so much about your moving. I remember your first thought was a single home, and you (apparently) changed your mind for the practicalities of a condo. I'd like to hear more about that. I love my home, but I can imagine a time when the work of caring for the outside--and the time the work demands--may become more than I want to do, even if I can.

Your whole description of this process is really helpful for me. I'll be 59 this year, and these posts really live up to your tag line, "What it's really like to get older." Thank you!

I was away from my computer for a week, and didn't read until this a.m. that you had left on your trip. So a belated welcome back. The interior layout of your new digs looks a lot like mine, in fact the kitchens are almost identical twins. (There must be a standard pattern they use for condo designs.) Anyway, congratulations.


I think the pictures show that you made a very wise choice when you bought this condo. I love it!

Hope you and Ollie will be happy there.....

The pictures of your new home are great Ronni. I look forward to seeing more pictures once you’re settled.

Can’t wait to hear about Ollie’s take on all of this.

The condo looks lovely and I think you will very much enjoy the environment around Lake Oswego. It offers so much in so many ways and is quite convenient to downtown Portland too.

It looks like a fine place Ronni. I checked out Lake Oswego on Google maps. It looks like it will be beautiful, and the trolley line runs right through it! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Wow Ronni

"You done good"

I like it !
Ollie will love it. I can just see Ollie enjoying himself on the back of your sofa in the living room at the window. He will have a ringside seat on the birdies.

(PS) Get our your paint brush and cover up the green 4th wall in the bedroom.:)

I agree with Chancy, you really did good. The place is charming from the outside and the rooms seem very well cut. I love the idea of the alcove with the wall window. Very light. Excellent. It's a shame that it is not in the neighbourhood you wanted, but with good walking paths and public transportation into town, it should suit you just fine. Can't wait to see photos when you've made the move.

Looks like a home! And you'll make it your own as time goes on. Being in the "everything still crammed in" with 20 years accumulation, I marvel at your repeated ability to "go lite" as the backpackers say. You are teaching us younger ones how to get older ...Thanks as usual.

Wow, you don't waste any time.

Awww,I think you done good, kid!

Onward to new place, people and fun, you lucky duck!

I agree with everyone. This is a great place and seems really light and airy.
I love that it is so woodsy and close to nature. Congratulations on your new home and returning to your roots.

Looks great!!!! There's always room for books!!!

So it is settled then! I'm sorry but I must say it: "Well, there goes the neighborhood!" (referring to the Pacific Northwest, of course!) :-D

What a beautiful place! You are gonna be lovin' that covered entrance over your doorway come time to tote things inside when it's raining! A brilliant and lovely home-to-be, Ronni! May the rest of the move go as smoothly as the finding of the digs and may your neighbors be sweet and accommodating.

I love your new condo. The kitchen is 'to die for.' Hey, how did you get my stove? I had to check my kitchen to see if mine was still there. ;-)

I would bet that part of your first disenchantment was having to give up a home that you had created just the way you wanted it with new bookshelves, windows, etc. I know it was that way for me. Now, my new place is my home after investing a lot of time and money making it just the way I want it.

Making a home yours is half the fun of moving. Ollie will love the green instead of snow and I'll be you will too.

Small bookshelves can be in every room instead of just on one wall. That way they do double duty with a counter top to place things on. Indoor plants, perhaps?

It all sounds and looks lovely and I think you did a great job. Especially so, considering the time frame.


Love the place! Good job.

I recognized the tone of last week's post as normal "long-distance move fatigue," and having seen the new condo, I now know I was right.

As for the bookshelves, Portland now has an Ikea. And you have a PT Cruiser. So, you can have bookshelves at the right price. This will totally work out.

Beautiful. Is that Oswego Pointe? You sounded so down I called my Dad and best friend in Lake Oswego....Dad wants to take you to lunch when you get settled and my girlfriend wants to come over and bring you something. People are excited. Ronni Bennett's coming to L.O.!

That's a beautiful place in a lovely setting. I'll take it if you don't want it! WOW.
Regarding growing vegetables, check and see if there isn't a community garden somewhere nearby where you can get a small plot. I had one in Fairfax right next to my condo and it was great.

Wow, that kitchen looks amazingly like mine and we have that same mission style recliner! Those people had good taste! ;^)

Congrats on the nice new place!

You did a good job in a short time. The condo and building look great. Your kitchen is terrific--so many cabinets. One can never have too much storage! Darlene is right--bet you'll love all that green instead of snow and ice. If not veggies, plenty of flowers will gladly grow on a shady patio.

Your home reminds me of my son's
rental lodge near Port Angeles, Washington. You can google it by going to www.olympicfoothillslodge.com.
There are five acres with a great trail going through it, an outdoor firepit
and beds to sleep 12 to 15 for families or business groups.

I often get a chance to retreat with the family there to play our family game of pinochle, do jig saw puzzles or play the piano for singing or just sit and contemplate my navel.

It is like going back to my home of origin in Chehalis, Washington which is no longer in the family after flooding
in that area left it damaged and in need of refurbishing.

love the pics, you did good!

Gosh, Ronnie, it looks like a really nice place!! I had the feeling, from your last post about it, that it was rather shabby. But I should be so lucky as to live in a nice place like that in a similar situation!! Can't wait to see it once you've moved in and unpacked and settled in!

To satisfy the need to garden and grow your own fruit, flowers, and vegetables, look into into community gardens in your area.


Ronni - looks beautiful....ENJOY!!!

...and more encouraging comments. We have that stove, and we now have a white top on it. Brightens up the whole room. :) Ground floor: Wonderful! Bookcases...yes, we have them everywhere including as the headboard on our bed...which is on rollers. There is no life without the books.

This is charming, and you will be able to do a lot with it. :)

It looks lovely and will be SO much better when your own stuff is there. Sounds like it was meant to be.

Everything looks beautiful. I think you will find when you get there that there may just be a perfect spot for some vegetables and garden.

I agree with everyone else about the condo and the scenary around the condo looks nice also.

enjoy Ronni, you deserve it

Ronni...I honestly have to say...your new place is just beautiful. I love it. It looks so spacious and open...great windows and the rooms all look wonderful. Your kitchen is beautiful. I think you really did well...and your books will find their little niche, I have no doubt. Congrats! Love, Joy

Ronni, I have a very good feeling about this new place. I am glad there are no stairs and like the idea of the blinds. Also, the facts that there is public transportation and that it's an area where you can take walks are wonderful.
I am sure that Ollie will like it because of bird-watching, and that in no time, it'll be YOUR place.
There's a little something for you at my site, since I am posting this in the morning, which is the middle of the night for you.

Lovely! Sounds like you're pretty well set for living in place. Seems like a much greater number of people welcoming you to Oregon than when you moved to Maine. Bodes well -- think you're going to love your new place and environment more than you may realize.

It took me a while to sort out the difference between Portland (Oregon or Maine) - but enjoyed finding out about them online. Your new nest looks great. Every Blessin

I was running along the river there yesterday-after a day in the Marylhurst Library...My favorite spot on the planet!

Patrick Roden (native ore)

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