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Moving Day Stage 1

category_bug_journal2.gif This move to Oregon takes place in two stages. Ollie the cat and I fly to the west coast next Tuesday, 18 May (stage two). Today (stage one), the moving van will be loaded, including the car, so that furniture and household stuff will arrive in Lake Oswego at approximately the same time we do.

Meanwhile, we are renting a car and moving into a hotel until the closing on the Maine sale happens on 17 May.

In this series of posts about the move, many of you, dear readers, have commented about how organized I am. Well, not so much. Last weekend, an email from my brother included this note:

It sounds like you are moving into the camping out phase of moving out: “Now, damnit, why would I pack the can opener already.”

No kidding. It's happened to me with about a dozen items I packed too soon – even, sometimes, when I had made a mental note to leave them out until moving van day. New note to self:

  1. You are old.
  2. Your short-term memory is shot.
  3. Do not rely on mental notes.
  4. Write it down.

I suppose I should write down that note somewhere too.

The biggest mistake is that I have misplaced, lost or packed Ollie's sedative for the plane ride. And it's not even that I have much to remember for that day. I'm shipping everything else from the hotel by overnight express, so there is only me, Ollie and the laptop to keep track of.

I can live without a can opener; Ollie on a 12-hour trip at full consciousness is not something I want to experience – nor, I'm guessing, would other passengers be happy about it. So, another stop by the veterinarian will be squeezed onto the written to-do list.

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I wish you and Ollie the very best of luck in your camping out phase! Not to mention a peaceful and restful flight!

Good luck to you. This is an adventure that I'm enjoying reading about.

Even young people forget important things in the midst of big changes and being outside their comfort zone. Once the sedative kicks in (cat, or your's :-) ), you will be fine. You have shown us that, so don't be hard on yourself! Happy Move, enjoy it.

Moving is no time for a person to hold herself to the highest standards possible, or to measure her performance to those standards--or any standards!

As I'm sure you know, moving is one of the all time stressors in life. Right up there with death and divorce. Doesn't matter if it is a positive move or not, it is still stress. Please don't beat yourself up about a few misplaced items. Heck, I've lost or forgotten much more and I'm 50 with no major stress in my life!!

Will be sending lots of positive energy on your big fly day with Ollie!

Basically you have it all covered Ronni! All will fall into place as the days unfold and you will be in your new abode! Get connected fast so we know you have arrived! Any going away parties? Best of everything in your new adventure!

It's a really big move. You do seem very well organized.

I should write stuff down also, thanks for reminding me. Now, where is that pen? I didn't pack it, did I?
Oh, wait. I'm not going anywhere, am I?

Believe me, Ronni, we have all packed things too soon that we will need . Sometimes we are too efficient. ;-).

My short term memory has become so bad that I write notes to remind me where the notes are; then I lose them too.

And when you have the new sedative, pop it in your purse. We all understand.

G and I are taking a short road trip. Can I remember anything? now I have a long list sitting here next to my computer that includes things like, "call your children." Pretty bad. LOL


In my many moves, I walked around with a Sharpie on a lanyard around my neck and I left sheets of packing paper taped to cabinet doors and made notes as I remembered things. Some things were written twice.... who said I needed to remember that I'd remembered to remind myself......

You are doing great!!!!! I need to make a needle point sampler of those rules for both of us to hang somewhere! I'll let you know when yours is ready!!!!

Good luck! When we moved from VA to NC, the movers packed our car keys, and we had to open several boxes to find them. I didn't have the excuse of age then; I was only 28.

I was going to add something here, but I forgot what I was going to say.
Anyway, I'm so glad you are moving, and I hope to meet you in person some day. I'll be in the Seattle area quite a bit over summer and fall and will probably get to Portland at least once.

Could it be that you took Ollie's sedative by mistake? ;)

Once I bought the book "Getting Organized" ---then I misplaced the book ;)

Bon voyage.

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